York Dante Day 2 : Stats & Trends

Day 2 trends/trainers/shortlists and micro qualifiers

Below you can find stats, trends and trainer pointer for the two Class 2 handicaps on Day 2, including my own ‘application’ of the trends, with shortlists. Following that you can find the ‘qualifiers’ against the micro angles previously detailed HERE>>>

I have also added Horse Race Base (H1,H2, H3) Top 3 ratings and Geegeez Speed (G1, G2, G3) Top 3 ratings, where applicable. This is just added info to use as you please, and is some indication that on what the horse has done recently, against such ratings, they’re top 3 in today’s race – but of course there will be horses open to improvement also etc. Just a guide.

As always hopefully this info helps you land on a winner or two.


York Day 2

Big Race Trends & Trainer Pointers

1.40 – 5f C2 Handicap

12/193, 43p

12/12 had 25+ career runs (24< : 0/85, 15p)

11/12 placed at least once last four starts (did not: 1/52, 7p)

11/12 had 4+ career wins (0-3: 1/67, 12p)

11/12 had 5+ places in handicaps (inc wins) (0-4: 1/56, 10p)

10/12 had 4+ handicap wins (10/92, 26p)

10/12 Top 5 LTO (10/91, 23p)

9/12 Top 2 at least once last three starts (9/100, 29p)

9/12 ran on a left handed track LTO (9/48, 16p)

8/12 had 2+ runs over the Course & Distance (8/80, 18p, inc last four winners)

6/12 ran within the previous 10 days (6/32, 11p)

5/12 ran at Chester LTO (5/21, 9p, +68 BFSP)


  • Official rating 86< : 0/35, 3p
  • 0 previous runs at York: 0/35, 7p
  • Horse had 0 handicap wins: 0/21, 3p
  • Ran in class 4 LTO: 0/16,1p

Trainers (12 years)

  • D Griffiths: 2/2
  • M Easterby: 2/7,3p
  • X1: R Harris, S Parr, T Easterby, JJ Quinn, D O’Meara, R Fahey, P Midgley

Applying the trends…

IF and it may be a big if, the 25+ career run stat upholds (and the place numbers for 24< are not too bad) that would point to six horses in this race…

Copper Knight, Autumn Flight, Count Dorsay G1 H2, Muscika, Venturous, Indian Sounds G3

Ignoring that pointer and looking at those who placed at least once last four starts, 4+ career wins, 4+ handicap wins, top 5 LTO would point to… 8/12, 8/41 runners, 15p…

Copper Knight, Autumn Flight, Count Dorsay G1 H2, Venturous, Kind Review (only one not above), Indian Sounds G3

Those horses with 2+ runs over CD…

Copper Knight, Count Dorsay G1 , Muscika, Illusionist G3, Venturous, Queens Order

Trainers (to have won race prev 12/with runners)

  • Copper Knight, Count Dorsay G1 H2, Sunday Sovereign
  • Muscika
  • Mid Winster, Indian Sounds G3


2.40 – 1m C2 Handicap

12/164, 39p

11/12 had 1+ win over the distance (0: 1/41, 10p)

10/12 carried 9-0 to 9-5 exc claims (10/56, 18p)

10/12 top 5 in the weights (10/64, 17p) (other two winners were bottom weight)

9/12 top 2 at least once last three runs

Trainer (12 years)

  • Saeed Bin Suroor: 2/3,2p
  • X1: W Haggas, D Dwyer, C Hills, A Balding, E Dunlop, K Dalgelish
  • D O’Meara: 0/19,3p; R Fahey 0/15,2p

Applying the trends…

Not the strongest of trends races for all that being Top 5 in the weights has been a positive…

Matthew Flinders G2, Brunch, Johan, Whats The Story H2, Kynren G1

Of those, carrying 9-0 to 9-5… Matthew Flinders G2, Brunch H3, Kynren G1

Is is that simple? Maybe. All four of those have won over the distance at least once. And all four have finished in the top 2 at least once last three runs.


Trainers (to have won race prev 12 years/with runners)

  • Johan
  • Whats The Story H2, Volatile Analyst



Day 2 : Micro Angle Qualifiers


  • Copper Knight (M2)
  • Count Dorsay (M2) G1 H2


  • Queen Power (M1) H2


  • Kynren (M2) G1


  • Alenquer (trainer; WH) G3 H2
  • Royal Champion (trainer/jockey; RV/AA)
  • Uncle Bryn (trainer/jockey; JG/Frankie) G1
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