About: Me

Hello and welcome to my blog, ‘Racing to Profit’

This is a growing community of racing enthusiasts and I thank you for taking the time check out what is going on. Hopefully you enjoy what you find.

It may help if I introduce myself…


My name is Josh Wright and as I talk to you now (August 2019) I’ve just turned 30. I believe the ‘30s’ are the new ‘20s’. Well, that’s what I keep telling myself!

Time is going far too quickly for my liking. (oh please, I can hear some of you say!)

I grew up in a town called Mildenhall in Suffolk, which isn’t too far from Newmarket.

Aged 18 I travelled north to Liverpool, where I studied History and Politics (one of those useful degrees), dabbled in a bit of student politics (the good students of Liverpool Uni elected me as their President) and worked for the Vice-Chancellor for a couple of years as an ‘Executive Support Office’ – which sounds more glamorous than it was. But it had its moments.

Why Liverpool? Well as a Liverpool FC fan I thought I would see what the City was like. It didn’t take long to feel at home and I haven’t left yet. It’s now approaching 13 years since I first visited. (banter from Man United fans, or Evertonians, is always welcome here!)


The horses…

I wasn’t really into horse racing until I went to University. It was very much a first trip to Aintree that did it for me. It was their October meeting and the likes of Monet’s Garden were the headliners. Over time I became fascinated with the sport and the animals, particularly National Hunt Racing. But before that…

I lost a lot of money.

It was my first year at University and following a quick google search I signed up to a text tipping service. Driven by greed I suppose, I spent the next 8 months or so losing close to £2600. Ouch.

It wasn’t enjoyable but I learnt plenty and importantly I know what that pain feels like.


From there I threw myself into ‘studying’ the sport and trying to learn more about it. Of course, you never stop learning in this game and can always improve.

A few services and people I now trust in this game helped me on my way. Gavin Priestley, Ben Aitken, Matt Bisogno to name but three.

After a few years ‘swotting up’ I thought I would start this blog. From humble beginnings its reach is increasing.

I was lucky enough to be mentored by Matt Bisogno of Geegeez.co.uk  fame and he’ss helped me find my way in this online jungle of ours.

What started out as a hobby has now become my life I suppose. I left my University job after two years to see if I could make an income from my passion. Thanks to the generosity of many who read this blog, and have joined my Members’ Club, so far so good.


So, that’s a bit about me. I enjoy the puzzle, the excitement, the adrenalin and talking to you good racing fans.

Nothing is hidden on these pages. I pride myself on my honesty, integrity, openness and transparency. I welcome reasoned, polite criticism and questions.

I’m here for the long haul, and I hope you enjoy what you find.

It is you readers who make this blog what it is today, and long may that continue.

Happy Punting,