Saturday’s Ascot Pointers (part 1,2,3 inc Video)

Trends, stats and trainer pointers for Ascot’s two big handicaps on Saturday…
A look at the 3.05 Ascot (first 15 mins) and the 3.40 Ascot (final 15 mins) If you want to be first to hear about my members club when it launches on Sunday, join my free email list here…


Trends, stats and trainer pointers for Ascot’s two big handicaps on Saturday…



3.05 – Sodexo Handicap Hurdle

12/150, 36p

12/12 aged 4-6 (7+ : 0/37, 2p)

12/12 sent off 12/1 or shorter SP (bigger: 0/69, 6p)

12/12 had 0-3 runs this season (4+ : 0/25, 1p)

11/12 had 0-1 run in prev 90 days (2+: 1/39, 2p)

6/12 ran in a C1 race LTO (6/48, 18p)


  • Wore a tongue tie: 0/27,1p
  • Ran within last 15 days: 0/35, 4p

Trainer (12 years)

  • A King: 3/11, 4p
  • P Hobbs: 2/10,3p
  • N Henderson: 2/13, 4p
  • X1: P Nicholls, E Lavelle
  • G Moore: 0/10,2p


3.40 – Sodexo Gold Cup

12/171, 41p

12/12 had 3-6 career wins (1-2: 0/12,3p ; 7+ : 0/34, 6p)

12/12 had 0-3 handicap wins (4+ : 0/34, 1p)

12/12 had 0-3 handicap chase wins (4+ : 0/25, 0p)

12/12 had 1-3 chase wins (0: 0/2,0p ; 4+ ; 0/46, 7p)

12/12 had 0-5 places in handicaps (inc wins) (6+ : 0/56, 5p)

11/12 sent off 12/1 or shorter SP (bigger: 1/83, 10p)

11/12 had 0-1 runs this season (2+ : 1/40, 6p)

8/12 had run at Ascot previously (had not: 3/70, 14p)

8/12 had 3-10 chase runs (11+ : 4/81, 14p)

6/12 ran in a non-handicap LTO (6/44 runners, 19p, +42)


  • Origin of horse: GB  – 0/32, 3p
  • Handicap chase debut: 4/17 runners, 10p, +51
  • 1 win this season: 4/20, 5p, +46
  • Ran within last 20 days: 0/34, 5p

Trainers (12 years)

  • G Moore: 2/6, 2p
  • X1: K Bailey/ D Skelton/ V Williams/ C Longsdon/ V Dartnall/ N Henderson/ D Pipe/ Jonjo O’Neill
  • C Tizzard: 0/8, 0p
  • NTD: 0/9, 3p
  • P Nicholls: 0/18, 8p
  • P Hobbs: 0/10,2p




Looking at those aged 4-6 with 0-3 runs this season, that covers all winners in last 12 years, we shall see if it holds… that would help cut the field in half, ‘shortlist’ of five…

Kid Commando/ Malaya / Sebastopol/ Hang In There/ Scaramanga

Kid C ran in a C1 LTO which is a positive, rather than being a negative for the others

Trainers (to have won race 12 years/with runners)

  • Countister
  • Malaya / Scaramanga
  • Hang In There



Looking at the 12/12 stats, ‘removes’ just 6, leaving 8…

Commanche Red/ Whatmore/ Valtor/ Adrien Du Pont/ Mister Malarkey / Townshend/ Flying Angel / Django Django

Those with 3-10 chase runs a positive – Commanche Red / Whatmore/ Valtor/ Django Django

Running in a non-hncp LTO a positive – Commanche Red / Django Django

Bing GB ‘bred’ (origin, so born) is a negative, although some caution with such stats… the GBs… Whatmore/ Mister Malarkey / Militarian/ Blacklion

Trainers (to have won race 12 years/with runners)

  • Valtor / Might Bite
  • Django Django
  • Blacklion


That’s all for this post. Any of my tips/write ups will follow in Saturday’s post.


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