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2.Jumps Profiles 20/21: Report >>>

3.Monthly Trainers (Jumps)

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2.Jumps Profiles 20/21

(All ‘any odds’) (7/49,19p, -7.2) 

1.58 NA – Silent Assistant (11/1< best) H2 ♦ 

2.06 Strat – Dustin Des Mottes ♦ 5/1 UP -1

2.06 Strat – Town Parks (12/1< best) ♦ 9/1 2nd 12/1 -1

3.28 NA – Killer Clown (11/1< best) ♦ ♦ 10/3

3.36 Strat – Summit Like Herbie H1 ♦ ♦ 5/2 UP -1

3.58 NA – Jurys Out ♦ ♦ 3/1 2nd -1


3.Monthly Trainers (Jumps)


(3/39, 8p, -23.2)

2.06 Strat – Templehills (any, 10/1< best) H3 4/1 3rd, -1

2.36 Strat – George Naunton (20/1<) 11/1 UP 28/1 -1

3.36 Strat – Summit Like Herbie (any, 10/1< best) H1 5/2 UP -1

E Lavelle

(2/14,6p, -5.25)

1.58 NA – Silent Assistant (14/1<) H2

3.28 NA – Killer Clown (14/1<) 10/3



Well, Nigel isn’t having a great time for us is he?! I suppose after 3/4/5/6 years of consistent profit/performance at this time of year he was due a dud one. Some are running well, many are not. I don’t know if they’re deliberately behind, the strategy has changed, plenty are just mediocre/badly handicapped or what really. We shall see how Thursday’s go but the sooner his month ends for us, maybe the better.


Don’t forget, various videos to flick though on Youtube HERE>>>


Members Club Update : For anyone wishing to join you don’t need to do anything as yet. The ‘Become A Member’ link in top right hand corner (or at the bottom if on mobile/keep scrolling) will be live from 9am Sunday. I won’t sit here and talk marketing/sales nonsense about ‘oh, be quick, all spaces may go’ – I will fall off my seat in shock if trial numbers get anywhere near a level where I need to consider pulling up stumps (next season they will!) , while I’m conscious of short term price impact esp when Adam Norman starts tipping (the plan is to post/update at 9am)

To avoid any problems, Sunday’s post will likely be ‘free to air’ and if you definitely wish to join i’d encourage you to do so at some point Sunday. (I’ve been having odd issue with the automated welcome emails, inc taking an age to be delivered and they inc passwords etc so that will no doubt give me nightmares) And then the ‘paywall’ will return Monday, with only those who’ve signed up to the 30 day trial able to read Members Posts, which will include everything you’ve seen from me in recent weeks over the sticks, (inc the video previews/reviews) and Adam’s expertise, inc his exclusive Notes from the North articles twice a month. Anyway, the ‘sales page’ and intro video will explain all so you can make a decision whether to dip your toe in.

I will be in contact with the handful of members who had 5/6+ months left on subscriptions when I had to pause/cancel them in lockdown. I’ll email you by close of play Saturday at the latest.



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  1. Karl Burke at Southwell (AW)
    6.15 Exalted Angel 9/4
    6.15 Astro Jakk 9/1

    First one is a bit short for me but might drift overnight.

  2. Two poor efforts at Kempton on Wednesday.

    Two at Stratford on Thursday, both 2 points win bets.

    1.06, Happy Go Lucky – chase debut, down 2 classes, trainer in good form, course winner, won in this class, won at this distance, should be prominent.
    2.06, Templehills – won well last time out despite being trained by Twister, up in class but has won in it, a course winner, 7LB claimer takes weight off, should be able to lead.

    Good luck Martin

  3. Really Super…

    Hmm, I still don’t know what to make of that (I haven’t heard from trackside as I write)… bar every time I’m fairly bullish, for me anyway, she doesn’t run great! 🙂 Maybe a lesson there, not that she was a great price but I thought she’d be the one to beat. A strange run – looking at it you would think she has just been out-sped in a race that turned into a bit of a dash – maybe, and maybe KS could have sent her on earlier, but SDS may not have allowed that without them going at it too early, I don’t know. But he did get after her before any other jock and to my eyes she didn’t pick up at all and didn’t really hit the line hard, i’m not sure if she’s strode out fully up straight – to my eyes she’s run flat again, finding nothing at all for pressure – if outpaced/sprint, i’d have expected a finishing effort even if the race was gone. She was tuned up for Aintree, maybe something in the plan B a few days later. But maybe i’ve read that wrong – she could just lack the speed for C4 AW, whatever the trip. Such was the pace, stamina shouldn’t have been an issue. Anyway, she’s off on her hols now and I doubt will run on the flat/AW much more next year after that , bar for a prep run maybe. Attacking fences on decent ground is clearly her game.

      1. Hmm, I don’t know – I don’t think she’s fully fired for whatever reason, for all that i’m not sure that mattered as things turned out. I won’t look for excuses, just not good enough on the day. But i’m not sure a stronger pace /more aggressive ride would have made much difference given her effort up the straight. A chance given training regime, for chasing etc, has just taken flat/aw speed edge off her, although you’d naturally lose a bit of speed as you’d get older, and this was a plan B. She’d have been tuned to the minute for the Saturday and some horses are hard to switch ‘on and off’ , esp mares. Maybe she doesn’t like racing after 6pm haha.

  4. pants yesterday 0/4 1 n/r 2pts down , just 1 today.
    Newton Abbot 3-58. Findusatgatcombe 8-1 1/2 pt ew

  5. Am i missing something or really thick, trying to log into skybet and all i keep getting is pokerstars sport, please somebody tell me wtf is going on.

    1. Hi Martin
      I logged in about same time as you with no problems, just logged off, and logged in again still no problems

    2. turned off my VPN and logged in fine, weird i have never had to do that before perhaps if it thinks you are outside the UK it redirects only thing i can think of. I’ll turn it back on and try again later and see what happens.

      1. I’ve found that using a VPN prevented me from logging into Bet365 and William Hill during the Summer, although I was in France. Other bookies were accessible.

  6. skybet works for me everytime, even with VPN and in France when there not like other bookies who stop me using themout of the UK

  7. after a work induced mini break. retail not a great place to be at the moment.
    todays c4+ aw list
    14-15 war glory / maxi boy / magical wish
    14-45 cloak of spirits / ummalnar / elegant night
    15-45 indefatigable / jane marple / tulip fields
    18-15 exalted angel / king of stars / thegreatestshowman
    18-00 dunkerron / harry love / beauty love
    18-30 melburnian / the city’s phantom / la dragontea
    my picks
    INDEFATIGABLE 25/1 E/W consitant horse been there or there abouts . steeping back in trip and may find one or two to quick. but she is a handy hurdler and at 25/1 could be a good place shout.

    as always good luck today 🙂

  8. Another blank day getting to be a habit so more concentration needed.

    Amadeus Grey……………..7/1
    Silver Sniper……………….20/1
    George Of Naunton….20/1
    14:28Newton Abbot
    Agent Of Fortune……..10/1
    Jack Ryan…………………….14/1

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