Trends Thursday: Weekend Pointers


The Weekend’s Big Race Trends

The usual Thursday post/report, with a look ahead to the weekend… just the one race in focus this Saturday, The International Stakes from Ascot. Plus The Skybet Dash from York on Sunday. There’s a few more interesting C2s/3s on Sunday that I may try and find a few pointers for. For now, the two big C2 handicaps of the weekend…


As always, in Friday’s post, i’ll use the above to try and form a ‘trends’ shortlist, as well as listing runners for trainers who’ve previously won said races.


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  • Wow

    I literally came in here to see if thesewere posted and they are!!

    Thanks for all the hard work

    Richard 23/07/20 2:29 PM Reply

    • No worries, here to serve.
      i’d like to think Micro Monday, Tracker Tuesday and Trends Thursday are well named! – so, IF there is such a post you roughly know when to stop by. :)(rare there isn’t a Trends Thursday, the other two can depend how busy – doubt will be either next week for example)

      Those two are probably the ‘best’ trends flat handicaps all season against my approach, a few strong pointers , we shall see if they work this year. The York crowd/market usually get the SkyBet spot on, 12/1< SP, given no crowd/on course, may be a year to use as even more of a guide than usual, but historically in that race it's been a case of not trying to be overly clever. Whereas the International can throw up monster winners. Good to have one monster onside in that I think. But i'm yet to look. enjoy Josh

      Josh 23/07/20 2:37 PM Reply

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