Micro Monday: Straight Track Pointers

Straight Track Trainer/Jockey pointers…


Straight Track Pointers

Following Saturday’s blog success of Jawwaal I thought I’d dig out some trainer/jockey pointers for flat handicappers running on straight tracks. Doing so has been in my mind since Royal Ascot also, given the unique nature of those contests.  Running gun barrel straight in these competitive races is arguably a specialism, for both trainer, jockey, and horse. In general, a tough, strong, powerful traveller is required. There’s no hiding place. You want a horse who can also kick and/or sustain a challenge late into the race, depending on the pace set up. (look at Sir Busker at Royal Ascot /Newmarket, for example – he’d be less effective in a tactical affair- but give him a big field /strong pace and he’s a different beast)  The ability of the jockey to settle their mount, be in the right spot and to time their challenge to perfection is also key. Of course, the draw/pace can give them little chance, depending on conditions.

My starting point has been ‘straight track handicaps’ since the start of 2015 and classes 2 & 3.

I have saved the various angles that follow, and I’ll post any ‘qualifiers’ in section 3 of the daily blog posts. There won’t be many qualifiers, but they could be worth keeping an eye on when one pops up.

Enjoy, Josh



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  1. Gosh, you’ve thrown up some interesting material there, Josh.
    The Walker/Atzeni angle had pricked my interest, as had Beasley – and glad to see Stotty gets a mention ;).
    But Dascombe I never would have guessed.
    The refinement of Hannon’s ideas should help us all as his plays are always foggy (to me, at least).

  2. Cheers Chris, yep some interesting pointers there- didn’t really know what i’d find. Did look for any sire angles etc but nothing much of note. You’d think Stotty will have more hitting that angle from now on but he’s clearly a find judge in such conditions. Shouldn’t be that many quals but a few will fly in at prices, so interesting to see how they go. Will be useful for any ‘tipping’ I do in such races anyway.
    Hannon is very hard to read- I don’t think deliberately as such, maybe nature of their training operation/size of string/the types they have etc. But, Newbury is one of those tracks where his can go in at a price.

  3. My brain is struggling with this one.

    I can understand a horse having a preference for a straight track as opposed to running around bends. But a trainer? Why would this be? Do they train their horses on a straight gallop so that the horses are more familiar with not going around bends?

    I cannot see the logic of this.

    Confused of Maidstone.

    1. It’s not about preference as such, nor how they train – more so placement of horses / knowing what is needed for X type of race conditions/set up etc – identifying right horse for such conditions is one thing, esp when thinking about 16+ runner say, and prepping them is another- it is a unique challenge when it comes to relentless galloping/sustained pace / maturity of horse to go through gaps etc.
      in my head there’s a reason why some may do better than others with all those things, and also why certain trainers, when they’ve won certain races at track X, would a) know what type of horse is needed and b) try and target similar races with similar types in future.
      I’d argue that now, for example, the likes of Ed Walker knows what sort is needed for those Ascot straight track races to do well.

      I’m sure after Jawwaal won at Donny the Dodds team would have had conversations about how well he travelled, how he’s strengthened, and that a relentless gallop/ wide expanse/track where you can come off pace would suit next – and no shock then that he then turned up at Ascot imo.


  4. humans and horses are not machines as such have feelings and preferences ……… horse for courses an all that jazz ….. some like it straight others prefer going around a bend ………. i prefer the latter for example 😉
    Another brilliant angle form the maestro himself and another one to add into my overloaded hrb angles 🙂
    Thanks josh as always
    p.s. Mares and Rigs are no good on this recipe for me 😉

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