Race Review: 12.45 Yarmouth

a 15 minute race review, using Sectional Times…


Yarmouth Review 

As I continue my journey into the world of Sectional Times, and using them to help in post race reviews, I thought i’d record another video…. this one is super short for me, just shy of 15 minutes. I can hear the relief. I’ve focused on one race, the 12.45 from Yarmouth on the 3rd June. And, having now got to grips with them (to some degree), I’m using Geegeez Gold’s results tools.

With any luck you find this video informative for the future… time will tell whether this race works out well, but there’s some indication it could, and the front 6 in particular may be worth keeping onside…

(you can find my first video, HERE>>>)



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7 Responses

  1. Hi Josh,
    Many thanks for doing this video,I found it most interesting and educational.
    A couple more would be helpful for me to decide whether to invest in Gee Geez Gold or not.
    Cheers friend
    Andy Ness

    1. GG’s gold is only really worth it if you have plenty of time most days in my opinion. If you’re looking for something to throw selections at you each day I’d argue there are equally good sites that are cheaper elsewhere. It’s bloody good though unfortunately I don’t have enough time to use it enough to make it worthwhile for me anymore. Good luck.

      1. yep true, I mean there’s HRB for £10 per month say, which I use for various things – but very much depends on purpose etc.
        But with those links above there is a 30 day trial for a £1, which may be worth taking up once the flat settles down a bit in a few weeks – the best way to see if it’s for you, like any set of tools, is to give it a go. But i’ll keep recording various videos.

        1. Thanks Josh,appreciated.
          I think Chris may be right with the time available aspect,I do work full time and it would probably only be on my days off when I could do it justice,but sectional timings have sparked my interest.
          Andy Ness

  2. HRB pricing is £25 p/m for a recreational account (saves up to 36 systems) and £35 p/m for an enhanced account (saves up to 100 systems). GG’s gold £36 p/m so HRB not so cheap after all these days but still good value to new members I think.

    1. Blimey, that’s quite the rise. Thanks for the update, I had no idea.
      GG annual option usually a bit cheaper than the monthly, and always worth moving to after a few months once made a decision etc.

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