Free Daily Post: 28/01/18 (complete)

Just a micro today…

Just a micro today…



Trainer/Jockey Combo – Live Test

3.10 Sedge – Never Up (12/1<)



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  1. Another good day….maybe the gods are turning….
    Forged ahead again Ian…so have pulled back any losses, not that i had the slightest doubt and as we used to say…If you can’t take a laugh….you shouldn’t have joined….

    Ian…sorry about my rant on Friday in reply to your post….. No harm meant…
    Likewise to Josh too..i know the blog is not for that.

    Tony Mc.

    1. It wasn`t a rant Tony, it was stating facts!! I served also and the way all the armed forces have been “sold down the river”, is disgusting. Maybe Josh`s blog is not for bumping our gums, but, when all your armed forces together can only just fill Wembley stadium, it`s a sad state of affairs!
      As for the tipping, Ian @sp2a is top notch and alongside Josh, their in depth approach to things is the reason i have fallen back in love with the sport.. Long live the Kings of tipping!!

    2. No need to apologise to me Tony; I agree with Stewart 100%.

      I have mailed you about my experience that day and how I saw loyal soldiers in tears.

      Take Care…

  2. Dear Ian @ SP2A, i blame you for me having yet another account restricted after fridays 11-1 & 7-1 winners i got this email yesterday from Betbright – Hi martin,

    We have made a commercial decision to restrict your account from being awarded the following: Free Bets, Guaranteed Prices, Enhanced odds and any other special offer across all our platforms. This decision was made after careful consideration and is final.

    You will continue to see offers on our site(s), you will still be able to opt-in to offers and may get notification of an offer from time to time via email or SMS. We will do our utmost to make sure you don’t receive contact. You will not in all cases receive an offer, even after placing a qualifying bet or Opting in.

    We would like to take this opportunity to clarify that this decision was taken in accordance with our Terms and Conditions section 12.2 and 15.1, which all customers need to agree to when creating their account. We reserve the right, at our sole discretion and without any requirement to give reasons, to restrict who may enter into promotions for any reason and to exclude any customer from receiving such incentives. For your convenience, we are including in this email the link to the relevant terms:

    Please note that this doesn’t affect your ability to place bets on our sportsbook and casino.

    Kind regards,

    BetBright Support

    anyone would think they didn’t want my business

    restricted to £2-50ew yesterday today just tried placing bets now restricted to 89 pence on 28-1 shot and £1-79 on 14-1 can you please stop tipping winners before i run out of bookies 🙂

    1. LOL sorry Martin; if I’d known the buggers were going to do that I would have tried to find on at 50/1..

      I’m hoping that the series of notes from our ProPunter Member will help you to find ways around these issues.

      Good luck today!

  3. I sent you an e-mail in early December telling you I no longer wished to use the service.You sent me a link in which I unsubscribed and have not visited the site in two months since.Now I find you have taken a further 3 months payment from me. Please e-mail me and explain why and arrange an immediate refund.

    1. Hi Simon,
      It will be an honest error and something has clearly gone wrong my end. If your subscription was cancelled properly you would not have been recharged. It will be cancelled and refunded in the next few minutes,I operate a no questions asked refund policy and even more so if you have paid when you didn’t want to/thought it had been cancelled. let me just take a look in PayPal now..

      1. Hi Simon, that has been cancelled with immediate effect and your £37 payment for next 3 months has been refunded in full. Any further problems or anything untoward you can email me
        Sorry for the error, all sorted now 🙂

  4. Was reading messages yesterday and came across the majestic winning tweet from josh win and forecast ………. i don’t currently have a twitter account (probably only person left in UK who hasn’t :o) ) is this part of the r2p family or was this just a private mates tweet ? …… so to conclude not all tips/suggestions are put on these pages or more so just wondering why the tip wasn’t put up on the message board …. or was it ?? and i am just a complete no hoper newbie :o( ??

    and well done to whoever put those golf tips up last week … i look to be collecting on all bets so far 🙂

    1. Hi Brian,
      I have a members club as well as these free posts

      The ‘only’ ‘official’ tips on the free posts are in 3m+ handicap chases, and they always will be. That is what I first started blogging about/tipping in and will continue to do so.

      I usually only tweet the thing that is mentioned on this blog somewhere. In the members post yesterday I gave a list of horses I would be interested in at Cheltenham, as I was going racing. They were not ‘official’ tips and will not be counted in any totals etc. I decided to tweet about two horses in the final race at Cheltenham, taken from my members ‘through the card’ notes, as I was quietly confident on them. Those in my members club may have read through the notes and decided to back them, and/or some of those who follow me on twitter may have done likewise. Really I should have mentioned the pair on the free post but alas I was in a rush and failed to do so.

      If you are online etc twitter is good for racing news… quite a lot of crap on there but it is a good way to access information and follow trainers/jockeys etc. A few of my readers/members follow me, and tweeting me/direct messaging me is just another option to get in touch if needed.


      1. well it just goes to show what a nugget i am 🙂
        i am a new member but must have only been in the non members room all day 🙂
        undeniably brilliant tipping going on ……… here just gotta be in the right place at the right time …story of my life 🙂
        best regards
        brian wannabe lord !

        1. Ah, yep each day there is a free post and a Members Post, hopefully they are clear enough… you need to be logged in and if you click ‘home’ you should see all blog posts in one free + members.
          ‘Members Daily Post’ is in each blog title line.

  5. Josh, interesting notes and stats in your comments about Twister horses.

    Interesting too that Fergal’s have had a downturn, they pretty much back to back stabling and gallops.

    I am sure Fergal’s have had jabs after Christmas based on his excellent Twitter feed so pretty safe to assume same vets do Twisters.

    I suppose there may be a bit of a bug but nor been reported but the other aspect to take in to account was that Gloucestershire had a double wallop of snow/ice over a 10 day period just after New Year so probable a significant number missed 2 good gallops and some cantering. I know from 2 yards I have very small shares in just up a bit in Worcestershire; that they had same 10 day snow/ice issues and also jabbed.

    At level most are Twisters are running at if you are 5% off then explains a lot.

    1. yep, something is amiss, many cruising along and then just cutting out very quickly. Would suggest an issue. Something to watch.

  6. Hello Josh
    My special offer membership ends today and I have decided not to renew it
    This is no reflection on your site, it is just that it has not been for me.

    I am beginning to find it hard to process all the advised stats and tips, although great for all youth dedicated members and contributors I am now 68 and finding it
    Difficult to take it all in, but keep up the good work and best of luck for 2018

    Kind regards
    Brian Cresswell

    1. Hi Brian,
      thanks for your comment. No problem at all. I hope you continue to read the free posts from time to time etc.
      The purpose of the extended trial period is to work out if my approach is for you and no hard feelings that it isn’t.
      I have always been more on the side of offering choice in hope you may plot a route to start with that you can cope wth…whether just following a couple of the strategies (s1/S4 say as discussed) or my notes horses, or whatever really. I am aware at the start it can feel at bit too much, and always things for me to work on to improve the experience of folk like yourself. Sorry I appear to have failed this time. And in truth it has been a bit of a struggle over the last couple of months. More trying to keep the head above water than pulling in masses of profits but that will come at some point this year.
      Best wishes with your punting moving forwards.

  7. Hi Tony Mc
    Just picked up your rant good on yer, rather tame if i may say so ha ha
    Served 9 years in the RAF 1975 to 1984 and still so proud of Queen and Country,it is not only the Regiments they are cutting back on,during the Falklands war 1982 i was stationed at RAF Saxa Vord Shetland Isles which was a early warning Radar unit and was closed down in 2006 by Labour’s Tony Blair,cannot publish what i would like to say about him other than he should be on the Hague awaiting trial.
    Good news is that Saxa Vord is reopening this year because of all the Russian activity in our air space,in 1982 after 10 months we had a party to celebrate 2000 interceptions of Russian planes,this is an indication of how serious that we have to have deterant’s against Russia and other countries.

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