Your 3 Month Trial Awaits (Closes Today)

Ian/SP2A have opened their doors again, just for you…


‘Your last chance to be a profitable punter’ …. 

I’m hoping that line is nonsense and that you’re already a profitable punter. This is your chance to become even more profitable! 

With any luck you’ve backed the last two winners I emailed you at around 9/1 + 8/1. And now I have something for you to invest those winnings on 🙂 

Seriously, don’t switch off now. This is worth your time and will be a game-changer for some of you. What I am about to discuss is the best service of it’s kind I have ever come across…already most of you know what I am talking about…


+£2129 in three months (to £10 bets) 

This is your chance to join the best all-round tipping service I have ever seen, and you really shouldn’t miss out this time. You’d be foolish not to give these guys a try… 

What am I talking about? 

Ian, over at SP2A Towers, has kindly agreed to offer just 75 of you the chance to try his full service for 3 months. (including the Cheltenham Festival) It’s exactly the same offer as the first ever trial we did at the start of October, and it’s exclusive just to you. 

If you didn’t bother signing up the last time, I don’t think you should make the same mistake again 🙂 

You can give them a try HERE>>>

Why should you join today? 

The first trial was crazy. 155 of you took the plunge and trusted me when I said they were the best I had seen. I had waited 3 years and 7 months to find a service like this to encourage you to join. It was the first ‘daily’ tipping service I had ever talked to you about. 

It wasn’t just about the quality of the product though, I have to like the people behind it. Thankfully Ian shares my ethos when it comes to customer service/accessibility/blunt honesty etc.  Many of you have engaged in chats with him on the free posts. 

I am very picky when it comes to who I work with and the sort of services I think you should try. And I’m even more picky about the shape of any initial trial offer- the less risk for you the better. 

My drive is simple… I want to find services that will add to your enjoyment of racing and win you some extra cash over time to reasonable stakes (£5/£10), to spend as you please. SP2A are at the top of the pile. (and for those of you who have no interest in such things, to offer you some decent freebies every now and then) 


As I type, 104 of those original trialists have stayed with SP2A and signed up for longer. 

That says it all. 

You don’t need to take my word for it. Real people, just like you, have voted with their feet. Many of them have been reading my blog since the beginning and they are a very tough bunch to please. 

They have put their trust in Ian and his crack team. Now it’s your turn. 


You can sign up HERE>>>


The Results? 

+£2129 in three months (to £10 bets)

If you had joined the original trial you’d have made approximately +212.9 points profit in the 3 months, to advised stakes and advised prices. 

That’s +£2129 to £10 per point, and a 59% return on investment. 

Over a year that could be +851.5 points 

Or, +£4258 to just £5 bets , +£8516 to £10 bets

Incredible. I did say they were good. The best I’ve seen. 

(they made over +100 points to industry starting price as well! Even if you could only take starting price or use Betfair SP, you’d have still done bloody well) 

Sign up right now, HERE>>>

Some of the trialists ignored the official staking advice (a mix of ¼ point EW through to 1 point EW,mainly ½ point EW) and backed everything to 1 point EW. 

The ROI was similar to that above, but they won around +349.85 points. 
+£ 3,498.50 to £10 per point bets. In three months! 

No wonder so many have stayed after their initial trial. 🙂 


Whatever approach they took, and whatever prices they obtained, they all came out with stonking profits that the majority were delighted with. 


How exciting. So…

What’s The Deal?

  • For just £67 (that’s 50% off, just for you), you get to try the full service for three months, through to Tuesday 10th April. 
  • You get a daily email and access to the members’ paddock on their website. 
  • Full Money Back Guarantee… if Ian and his team fail to make a profit in that period to starting price, you’ll be entitled to request a full refund. You can’t ask fairer than that. (they have never had a 3 month losing period in the 6+ years they’ve been operating) 

This offer is for those of you who have been searching for a service to follow. 

For those of you who are serious about making your racing pay in the long term.  

It’s a no brainer in my mind, but then I suppose I would say that. 

In three months time you ‘could’ have won +£1064.50 to just £5 bets. 


I’m sure you can think of something you’d like to spend that on. A nice summer holiday maybe. (that’s what i’m saving my winnings for…my friends are starting to turn 30 now, god help us all, and there is talk of a trip to Vegas!) 

Put Ian and his team to the test, for 3 months, right HERE >>>>
Don’t Delay… Your Last Chance??

Ian took a bit of convincing to open up this trial again, mainly because he’s keen to ensure he can support the subscribers they have and there are no adverse effects on the quality of service they provide. Fair enough. 

He agreed to let just 75 of you take up this offer. 

(and remember, this is exclusive just for you. Ian doesn’t advertise, and this offer is only available to those of you on this email list/who read my blog)

Over 1500 of you will be reading this email/post right now. Based on the success of the first trial period we did i’d like to think those spaces will fill up fast. 

Many of you won’t look back if you take up this offer. If you want to follow one ‘tipping’ service, you can’t do much better than join SP2A

But, that is the point of the trial, so you can see for yourself. 


This offer WILL close when the 75 places fill up, or come close of play next Tuesday. 


Put your trust in Ian and his team and take action now, right HERE>>>

This could be the last time this trial is ever offered. 

It could be your last chance to join SP2A. Come April Ian may be content with the subscribers he has. I suspect we will offer it again but he is understandably cautious as to any impact on the service and there are no guarantees. He could say enough is enough. 


So, don’t let this opportunity pass you by. Not again. JOIN HERE>>>

All the best, 


p.s it’s more than just ‘tips’ – one of the reasons I like this service so much is the logic and the write ups. It’s been educational reading the daily emails and even if you don’t stay after the three months, you’ll be a better punter for the experience. And you may even win +£1064.50 or +£2129 in that time…

Don’t miss out this time, sign up right now, HERE>>>


p.p.s IMPORTANT: if you were an original trialist on the first ever offer we did (oct-dec) you are NOT eligible for this latest trial offer. I’d like to think the profit you made was a reward for your early adoption/endeavour 🙂


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13 Responses

    1. Fingers crossed! The first three months were a bit mad, i’d personally expect some sort of correction but even if they won half the profits it would still be bloody good going! Just start off at a sensible level, 5/10 PP and have an adequate bank, and much fun should be had. GL

  1. Hi Ian and josh , missed out on the last trial as out of country.but looking forward to being involved this time thanks Paul

    1. Good stuff Paul, well it will be fun if the next 3 months are like the last three! They have never had a 3 month losing period before so fingers crossed it’s a profitable time again for us all.
      GL Josh

  2. Hi Ian/Josh
    Just joined. Looking forward to some fun and especially Cheltenham. Thanks for yesterday. Pain my membership.

  3. A very big thank you for me for all who have so far joined this Phase 2 Special Offer.

    It has been an absolute pleasure to serve those who joined on the original Special offer and as Josh has mentioned, a significant number of those have renewed over the Christmas and New Year Period, although it is not possible to offer the £67.00 deal more than once to any individual, as it is cost prohibitive, but we have managed to find a nice further discount for renewals after the first 3 months, and who knows, in 3 months time for Phase 2, we would i am sure be able to do something similar for you new subscribers.

    I cannot guarantee winners; no tipping service can, what we can guarantee is that our customer service will be the best it possibly can be, every tip will come with a full explanation and logic for the tip and that we will offer “advised” prices that ARE available and attainable, when the morning e-mail is sent out. Our records indicate a consistent 20% ROI to SP, and above double that to Advised and our 7 year trends indicate that in any 12 month period, we have 8 winning; 2 break even and 2 losing months, and the kind of ROI Noted above.

    We will start the NEW TRIAL tomorrow with an example of our ELITE SERVICE it will cover the Welsh Grand national and then from Sunday and every day after that you will get all Daily Tips (max 3 per day sometimes less) and occasional Elite tips too.

    there is a lot of admin involved so please help us and check your inbox (and if not there spam box) by 10am and if mails are not there by 10.00am PLEASE alert us. In a few days we will set you up to access tips ONLINE too but that will likely be sometime after next Tuesday.

    I will pop up occasionally on this particular Free Members Page to answer any questions and to raise some discussions.

    THANKS AGAIN and the very best of luck over the coming 3 months.

    1. If anyone has any doubts, can I just add that this the best tipping service I have experienced in over 30 years of punting, and I’ve tried a few! The daily e-mails arrive promptly and in plenty of time to get the advised prices. The instructions are clear and the integrity of the service is very obvious. As for the results – well, my trial has just expired and I have joined for a year. Need I say more?

      Johnny B

  4. Hi Ian and Josh,

    Just join, I missed out on the last one and have been waiting to see if you’d offer it again, so glad you have looking forward to next 3 months.

    Gav 🙂

  5. Hi Ian/Josh
    I joined up yesterday for the offer, I received a confirmation email and was informed I would receive tips for today by 10.00am, I have checked my inbox and spam box, nothing has arrived as yet.
    Kind Regards

  6. To clarify and to apologise for a very small number of delayed mails.

    If you were told you were getting a mail today, they were sent at 7.22am. (Many subscribing after 6pm last night will have had mail saying tips commence tomorrow – they do, and you will still get 3 months + 2-3 days).

    As usual 3 letters strike a stake in the heart AOL – I can’t repeat what I call them! America On Line it stands for, just about sums it up.

    Unfortunately, any file with an AOL address in it, can be delayed, not just AOL I’m afraid, so I can send myself an email to gmail and copy in an AOL person and both get delayed.

    It seems to have affected 1 file this morning or a totally of 9 sent to old, current, new Members so PLEASE bear with me.

    I note that Josh uses Get Response mass mailing and we will transfer to that in the coming days. To remind too – your Members Paddock access will be sorted on Tuesday and details sent on Tuesday – as that is the day before the FULL 3 month trial period starts.

    Thank You for the overwhelming response and hopefully a few minor glitches (mostly AOL) can be sorted.

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