Members Daily Post: 12/10/17 (complete)

Section 1,+ important update + notes + VIDEO preview/Worc

1.All Qualifiers Against Stats Pack/Ratings Pointers

2.Any ‘Notes’ (‘bet of the day’ + any other notes)

3.Micro System Test Zone

4.Any general messages/updates etc


1.All Qualifiers Against Stats Pack/Ratings Pointers




2.30 – Royal Holiday (3yo+) 25/1  UP

3.35 – Royal Duchess (3yo+) ES I3 G3  14 12/1 UP 

4.40- New Youmzain (3yo+) ES  14 25/1 UP 50/1 


She’s Pukka (micro class) H1 9/2

Spes Nostra (micro class) I1 25/1 UP 33/1 




2.55 –

Lisdoonvarnalad (NHF) 16/1

Supakalanistic (NHF) 14,30  11/1

3.25 – Some Ambition (NHF) 8/1

5.00 – Many Owens (micro hncp h debut) 6/1 UP 12/1




3.15 – Trans Express (micro TJC/runs) ES+  (Note the +  more below…) 14/1 WON 14/1>7/1 

3.45 – Mr Medic (all hncps + hncp chase) ES G3  7/2  WON 7/2> 5/2 




H1/H3 = HorseRaceBase Top Rated or Top 3 Rated (at time of posting)

G1/G3 = Geegeez Gold Speed Ratings (Dr Peter May) Top Rated or Top 3 Rated

I1/I3 =  Inform Racing Speed Ratings – Top Rated or Top 3

14,30 = Geegeez Gold ‘trainer form’ indicators. 14 – 5+ runs last 14 days, 20% win sr OR 51%+ place (inc wins) sr. 30 – 10+ runs last 30 days, 20% win sr OR 51%+ place (inc wins) sr

ES – ‘Elite Squad’ qualifiers from the report HERE

ES + – Elite Squad ‘Plus’ +  :  Minimum 10 winners, 25% or bigger win strike rate

‘Advised Flat Strategies‘: Flat 2017 Read HERE>>>   (updated 8th Oct)

‘Advised Jumps Strategies’: Jumps 2017/18 Read HERE>>>  (updated 8th Oct)

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Contact: email:  –  … or failing that… 


2.Any ‘Notes’ (‘bet of the day’ + any other notes)

Test/trial : Bet of The Day…  (Flat: 7/75,27p, -6.1) (Jumps: 9/66, +23.5) (total: 17/148, +17.6)  ‘NOTES’  (01/09/17-) (18/87, +79.5)


No ‘bet of the day’, no lightly raced/unexposed/doing something different at a price.. but some…

NOTES (counted in test/trial running total) 

Many Owens… UP he does look interesting enough and I suppose I talked myself out of ‘tipping’ him because while unexposed in this code he isn’t unexposed in terms of having fresh/young legs, having raced on the flat for a while… and also bar a fall I would think the favourite here hacks up… and in that context I actually want a bigger price than the 6s generally available.. if he goes to 8s,10s +, then I will throw £5 at that price will allow the play in my own head. He may make 6/1 look big of course. He had four novice hurdle runs where he didn’t do much- probably wasn’t meant to in fairness,as the odds would suggest. He was outpaced at times which suggests this step up to 20f may suit. He may not stay of course, hard to know with these ex flat horses. And another reason you want  a price. But, he does at least come here fit after two spins on the level where he ran ok. I’m also guessing a bit as to whether he is well handicapped. Coleman rides, always a positive, and like I said if he gets a couple of points bigger I will pay to find out.

Royal Holiday... UP maybe I haven’t had enough coffee as yet and my mind isn’t functioning properly… likely.. but I can’t resist a little nibble at the old boy… looking through his profile, if I look at all flat handicap runs on soft through to heavy, 7-8.5f…i get… U (unplaced),U,1,1,4,4,U,U,U,U,1,4,1,3,2 … 4/15,9p… he definitely handles heavy and they had an inspection here which suggests it must be on the heavier side of heavy. And on the hurdles track which may be more testing. His last run in conditions was that neck second at Hamilton, in a C5, off 68 in September last year. He is off 55 here. He drops 2f from his last run- he ran ok, to a point. He will also try and lead/race prominently and is drawn to attack- well, he has only ever won when using forceful tactics. The horse in stall 2 also likes to get on with it. So, there was enough there at the price. There is some logic at least and at this price I don’t want to be thinking about recent ‘form’ too much. It may well be he has just regressed fully now, aged 10. The legs could be tired and slow and he deserves a long,happy retirement. But he could out-run his odds, here, and I wouldn’t be shocked if he placed. Plenty of these may flounder in the mud. Fife is 2/109 with her flat handicappers in the 22/1-40/1 SP range, so I would like him to be nibbled at.We shall see!

My Medic WON 7/2>5/2  looks solid at 7/2, and you know my struggles with working out if something under 5/1 or so is a decent price or not! I suspect he will run a very good race and go close here. 7/2 may just be fare. Gulp. He is unexposed in this sphere and ran as if needing the run LTO. He should be spot on here and there are questions about many of the others also- the Longsdon horse can be inconsistent, clearly no shock winner. This may be a point too big for Mr Medic, we shall see. I have seen worse 7/2 shots, and it may be another rare dart to this end- sometimes goes well,sometimes disaster.



Trans Express… has been backed by myself as is an ES (now ES+), not overly confident mind..but… a repeat of those two runs in December would be good enough to put him in the mix I think, and that Sandown run came after a similar break, and it wasn’t fitness that beat him, going forwards at the line. The market will guide with this one… we will know out fate before the race.. connections are tricky to second guess as they can land some right punts.. but those handicap hurdlers sent off 14/1+ since 2014 are 0/56,2p… 14/1-22/1 are 3/110,15p since 1997. Coincidentally those sent off 9/2-6/1 are 22/68,33p,+69. So, we shall see, but given the ES qual, there is no real reason not to have some sort of go at that price.

While I try and stay away from negatives, I do take note of certain stats.. Lucy Normile is now 0/84,9p with all flat handicappers sent off 14/1 + SP. Use/absorb/ignore as you please! She will fire in a biggie one day, and having mentioned those stats again, maybe it is today…



VIDEO… a quick… 12 minute (as quick as I can do them!) run through of Worcester’s card… just so Linda and her husband know what to avoid track side 🙂

(or as the vid title below says, a trip to Wrocester…no idea how to edit that bit…)



Notes.. horses that caught the eye..IF going racing!… (reasoning in video)

1.50 – Dusky Legend

2.20 – Lambeau Field

2.55 – Deyrann De Carjac / Supakalanistic

3.25 – Mahlermade / The Go Tou Man

3.55 – Holryale (EW) / pick a horse to chase home FAV in a FC?

4.30 – hmmm. One of top two should ake this, FC options, or go to the bar! NTDs is 11/4 vs 5/6..

5.00- Manny Owens (EW) , Fav bolts up I suspect. FC options again… St Andrews (missed in vid…trainer in red hot form, horse unexp in handicap h)

5.30 – Stonemadforspeed (EW)


Doesn’t look a day to go mad in truth but if you follow any of those above with any luck some may run well. I may not have mentioned a winner.. that can happen when you spend 12 mins on an entire card,this game isn’t that easy…



Some more fun for those of you who take a closer look at any strategy qualifiers…

[poll id=”19″]


3.Micro System Test Zone


2.55 Worc – Supakalanistic (m1/2)

4.30 Worc – One Forty Seven (m1/2)


4.Any general messages/updates etc


ES + :  For the jumps I have added in an ‘Elite Squad Plus or + ‘ … that denotes any qualifier that hits an angle that has at least 10 winners and a minimum 25% win SR. These would have usually qualified with an ES anyway (albeit I have dropped the +15 BFSP ‘rule’- most way above that anyway) but it may bring more focus and I suppose I’m intrigued to see how they get on, and how they compare to the ES results over time. For now I wouldn’t treat them any differently to the usual ES quals, if you back them systematically. That info may also be useful in any further analysis you may do of said qualifiers.



1 – The main guide for Jumps 2017/18 is complete and I will post up a link at some point tomorrow. Just a few pieces to tidy up etc. I will also be pulling out the ‘Elite Squad/Elite Squad+’ into a separate document. I know some of you like flicking through and they will be there to use as you please. I used to charge extra for these but I can’t really see the point – it would simply be greed. Albeit there will be a ‘donations’ link, in case you leave but still end up using the stats 🙂 (you’ll have to find them yourself of course, no ratings pointers, etc etc)

2- I will get a short video up tomorrow at some point also, touching on the jumps strategies, win %, losing runs, betting banks and anything else useful I can think of.



Oh, and well done to Jack who thought he’d casually pluck out a 20/1 winner in the 5.30 Gowran for us all in the Members’ comments. Top work… clearly I don’t praise everyone after picking out winners (you do find plenty between you,and long may it continue) but 20/1+ shots deserve some recognition, they don’t come along everyday. Bloody good write up as well. 


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56 Responses

  1. First off, a thankyou to Colin. more than covered my lossses over the last few days. Had forgotten to make a note when placing the bet @ 33’s so a welcome bonus.

    Not surprisingly Josh’s head is all over the place at the moment and he’ll have written these down and missed putting them to print.

    A 2.30 – Royal Holiday (3yo+)


    W 2.55 – Supakalanistic (NHF)

    W 3.25 – Some Ambition (NHF)

    W 5.00 – Manny Owens (HcH deb)


    1. Thanks Mike. Nope I dont think they are written down! I know whats happened with the NHF… my head was on the new guide which I changed NHF to just first career run. I’ve just missed the other two.

      Ayr qual is an ES.

      Will update when back in ‘the office’

  2. The majority of the jump stuff in England tomorrow looks like watch and learn stuff to me. You’d need to have attended plenty of PtPs to know what a lot of the runners are like…or subscribe to the Irish ptp site for the clips of the races ( you don’t even get to watch the whole races which is crazy!) If you want the full replay i believe it is very expensive indeed!

    Over in Ire, Thurles, the racing is pretty poor, with a couple of interesting maiden chases/hurdles earlier in the card. You’d need to know your FR racing for them though!

    I have a horse in my tracker for the bumper, The Grandson. He opened, 7/2 and is now 2/1….so not really a betting proposition. He is quite interesting as he ran in a pretty good maiden hurdle at Gowran, well beaten by West Coast Time (8 or so Ls) but in finishing 4th he finished 20Ls ahead of 5th..Reverting back to bumpers with Codd on board makes him appealing to a lot i am sure. I have to admit, reverting to bumpers from hurdles is something i find quite strange, but it seems to work quite well for some trainers.

    This horse was with the now retired Sandra Hughes…and we saw the improvement in Total Recall! Now trained by Denis Hogan, he has only had 2 bumper winners in 75 runners since April 13. Hardly stats that would excite especially at 2/1 (interestingly 1 of those those wins came at Thurles). At 2/1 though, i am not a backer….but i will be watching him with interest along with the rest of the p2ps and french imports….

  3. I think the ES+ squad could get off to a flyer with Trans Express tomorrow Josh.
    His last win was over c&d last December, since when he has been campaigned over 2m4-3m which is too far. He was off 106 that day when winning a c3. Tomorrow he is off 105 in a c4 and has bottom weight.
    His best 2 career runs were his first 2 last season, he goes well fresh therefore.
    Sue Gardner has sent out 21 runners last 30 days, 5 winners, 8 placed, which is very good for a small yard.
    Looking closer at that c&d win last December-
    2nd off 127 was Rocklander, now rated 139
    3rd Lord Of The Island off 125 won a G3 at Sandown off 129 and now rated 138
    4th Space Oddity raced off 118 was beaten 18.25 lengths, won c&d next time out by 9 lengths (raced worked out well), now rated 136
    6th Lithic beaten 32 lengths off 114 won next time and won again since, now rated 125
    7th Paddy’s Return beaten 37 lengths won next time out.
    Fair to say that was a strong race and TE won it very well. Off a pound lower tomorrow, down from c3 to c4, for an in form yard at a track where they do well with handicappers. 16/1 looks too good to ignore!

    1. I too agree ,small yard doing so well ,if it was one of the big boys Trans Express would be going off much shorter. If it get`s a place were all still laughing at that price. Remember prices win prizes even down to 4th place on Betfair exchange ,although, i`ll take the 16/1 i got this morning for 3 places.

  4. Well played JACK , smashing winner yesterday (missed it myself ) some great additional stuff from the members ,,, Colin popping up with the golf as well .
    Jack mentioned a Tracker horse earlier so thought i would throw one of mine out there …. Lambeau Field 2.20 Worc , i popped this into my tracker following its last run in a novice chase , today he gets the 10lb age allowance and ive backed it on the exchange with the intention of putting in a Lay bet in running as i expect this to be bang on the pace from the start .
    Good Luck All

    1. GL Tony, yep I thought he looked interesting enough.. will attempt to make all I think… The Yank may have something to say about that but younger legs should prevail you’d hope.. unless JJ approaches the first too quickly and tips up! An interesting profile at least, no idea if good enough to stay there but in theory he should be a shorter price in running.

  5. Top class stuff Jack…..makes the old heart lep a bit…lol…..I was banjaxed before before your notes. Yes Keane is your man, although Codd is a gud’n too.
    Who’s got Mouse’s old yard now Sandra has packed it in?

    Tony Mc.

    1. Tony- not sure on the yard part!

      Codd is great, did help that Elliot had his best figures in bumpers last year, and almost beating Mullins record! He is for me, better than Mullins as an all round rider. The Mullins one today is a bad one. Somehow, they found a buyer for it as it used to be in his wifes colours..As usual it was shorter than it shouldve been because of the trainer! Interesting that there’s a little bit of money for Elliot and Nina. wasn’t unbacked when debuting and running a shocker for Harty and Katie Walsh…

      1. I agree Jack..Elliot is better but his prices get smashed now…..It’s the old argument with Mullins…Money dominates the sales and therefore the races. It’s a shame, but is a fact of life now.
        I can remember horses coming over from Ireland to Aintree when the fences were bigger…Like big Cart horses…Fences?..They’d plough through them..and win.
        hard old days. But great memories.

        Tony Mc.

  6. Jay kay 3.35 ayr. (tracker)
    A horse we have been here before with and won nicely last time out.
    He won a c3 that day and it’s a c4 today. Previous forms might suggest he has reached his limit today. But given the ground (he likes heavy) and only a small rise in the weights plus the weaker competition than last time he may steel the lead once again with just enough to get him home.

    1. Good spot again Warren, in he goes, as easy as you like! Well done. Was 9/2 this morning wasn’t he? Decent enough given all the positives.

      1. Not watched the race but I had a feeling they were trying to squeeze one more out of him before the handicapper clobbered him again.

        1. Hosed in really, it was never in doubt! Could bring up the hat-trick you feel, given same conditions, easy lead- travelled like a horse who was loving life again.

          1. Only in my tracker down to you. So you take the credit for originally for flagging the horse up.
            Well We
            have to see if they get him out again fairly soon

    1. Hi Tim, if you click on the ES report, with the actual stats in.. the first purple ES in the Key.. you will see the criteria I used initially for ES…
      I suppose the +15 was a bit crude..still there for ES, and in reality doesn’t exclude many.. BUT..idea was at least +5 BFSP per full year of stats (stats cover 3 full years + current at time of researching.. for flat it is just 3 complete years as season is within calendar year) .. or to think of it as… given min 5 winners, a crude minimum +3 per winner.. in reality it is always a higher average than that obviously, as you have all the losers- but it was a crude way of trying to focus on those angles that still offered some value/an indication that all said qualifiers/angles were not being punted off the boards to silly prices.
      I could probably think of something more scientific.. I suppose the min 20 bets, 5 winners… 20% /50% win|place, or 25% win, is most important. But I didn’t want to focus on angles/trainers in ES that may just continually throw up horses at a short price, if that makes sense! And i settled on the +15 as some sort of measure/guide, for that.

      1. I understand. It’s always difficult when your researching new angles to know where to draw the line so to speak, particularly with angles such as these that use data derived from trainer stats as you know that an inordinate proportion of them will be backed off of the boards and end up stripped of any value.

        I usually check to see if the trainer can land them even when the market least expects. If he/she cannot, then I just ignore them as they are unlikely to come in at the kind of odds you would need to see so as to return a profit in the long term. Sometimes you can score a value bet opposing them if the media has hyped the system bet as the days best banker bet.

        Don’t you just love tipsters? 😉

        1. You referring to Trans Express? one of you emailed to say he had been ‘tipped’ by Timeform.. hence his price now…if that is nothing to do with the yard then it may mean sod all! We shall see what his price does pre race.
          Yep, always tricky.. luckily we have a few decent odds strategies etc- and our little world isn’t impacting the markets in any way, thankfully. Seems like someone may fancy Royal Holiday also- we shall see!

  7. Cheers for the heads up Jack….
    At Thurles today..i find Charlotte’s Chum in the 1.35 interesting, although it’s drifting. At one point had a very good 3rd to Valyssa Monterg. but there’s something there. I wonder if the claimer is the son of Conor Ring…or brother lol
    In the 2.35 i like Thomas O’Malley….Trainer and Jockey in form…won it’s maiden at Ballinrobe and has had a good 2nd there as well…. Has had a warm up 1m4f at Dundalk last Friday, so is not without a chance, another drifter though, out to 12s
    They both top my ratings, although they are historical…maybe even hysterical at this point of the season.
    Any thought’s Jack?

    Tony Mc.

    1. No problem, albeit best save any thanks until after racing haha. Hopefully a few of those go close, but a tricky day. GL . Josh – and if you like something track side, back it!

  8. Hi Jack…if you get a chance , would you run your eye over Blue Eyed Lucy in the 3.10 Thurles for future tracking purposes…It’s rated 92, so needs a mark. It’s about 50/1 at this time.

    Tony Mc.

    1. I haven’t noticed her before Tony..Her run behind the Birdie Crowe wouldnt be the worst run ever to be fair to her..the main issue going forward for her winning is her trainer doesnt win very often at all lol! Have you watched any of her races previously and thought she was worth watching? To be fair to her she might well pop up at a massive price, as she boasts atleast some ok form…. Wouldnt rule out a small race but it might have to wait till next summer for some better ground…

      For the race, Last Man Standing is in my tracker after his debut…nice enough run and being punted a bit, although there are some NRs. Vengful seems a decent enough flat recruit, not far off G2 placed Maniaco…Interesting Russell goes with the other one ever after a horrible run on debut tho! Jack Kennedy a good back up mind you!

  9. On the 1.35, It really is a bad Beginners chase! You’re right that was a v good run, considering the second is also rated 117 now. The 6th also wasnt a bad mare annamatopoeia. Even the race after that isn’t a bad run formwise in the context of this race. Though she’s 25 and 0! The favourite went into my tracker when running from the front back in January before tiring and finishing 6th.Really attacked his hurdles and ran enthusiastically from the front but tired…His form however, hasn’t progressed really either. For me even in this race 2/1 is short enough! Honestly, your selection back to 2m2 and on better going, has a fair chance! She’s probably an unfashionable profile so a drift wouldn’t really concern me that much!I have looked at the other contenders, but most are limited and exposed…Martins + Fitzgeralds have ran a fair bit less, but they haven’t set the world alight at all so far…
    Not sure on the jockey but probably a relation, won a race for Mouse Morris recently i see (did get lucky though), so must have something about him even if hes ridden over 1000 horses now..
    On the 2.35, i personally hate 3yo hurdles and wouldnt be somethign i look at much. I was at Down Royal when he ran poorly though. He wouldnt be a horse i would be wildly keen on backing as the form isn’t stacking up to much, but don’t let me put you off! On the flat form, joeys other is rightly the fav i would say…the giggy one will be interesting as always, but the horse that beat him well the last time hasn’t really done much when tried in better company. Obviously french flat form isn’t easy to read, and elliot could turn him inside a person i follow on twitter said, it woudlnt surprise me if elliots ran ok without winning and wins at down royal on the saturday race 1, as he targets that. Won it last year with the recently deceased mega fortune!

    I have rambled on there a bit considering i wouldnt be a big fan of the races lol….if i had to choose one in the latter race i would maybe give a chance to Grey Willow. Trainer is good with multi purpose types, and he was quoted when she won as saying shes a big filly, so he might just think obstacles will improve her again. Shes off a lightweight with Barry Browne taking off 7 and having a 7pd fillys allowance. He is 1 from 2 at the track…but ground is drying out so she might just be best watched as shes drifting a little too! Whilst she finished 7ls behind in her last race at galway she was drawn badly and held up which doesnt always suit there…

    1. Ah!…your right there Jack…a load of S**** racing..I think i’ll have a large instead…. Very good summary though Jack.
      Cheers for the insight.
      Tony Mc.

  10. E.W money landed Tony. travelled very well to the 2nd or 3rd last but seemed to start to struggle quite quickly….Winner done it ok, think he has a quirk or two about him? Looked to me to carry his head a little high?There’s just something there for me…

    1. Oi oi haha – i really should have been more bullish, still- that was fun! (and the regular ES stake on- can’t complain with that) Super job. The money spoke.

  11. boom that is good that is what this website is all about trans express took 16/1 at 5 oclock this morning voted for it on your poll jeosh get in ther

    1. Yep, that was good fun… 16s, 14s held all evening/early morning so with any luck ES backers got a nice price, 12s steady also… then timeform tipped him I think, price moved, and no doubt connections/owners etc etc. He tanked through that, didn’t think in much doubt but hard to tell final camera angle as they approached last couple.
      A good one for the ‘wisdom of the crowd’ as well- that is a 2nd and a 16/1>14/1 winner from the two with most votes so far! 100 votes, large enough sample. Interesting!

    1. yep it was decent.. he tanked through that..initially thought may be doing too much but then appeared as though Lucy was in control, and he was just full of beans, ready to win.. very well judged as didn’t go for home too soon, knew what she had in the tank. Great stuff. When they lined him up prominently I thought- here we go. If you punt one, you don’t want them coming from behind!

    1. cheers Steve… i can’t promise anything.. but we will keep the profits flowing over time, maybe not the winners so much, but you don’t need many Trans Express’ to keep things heading in the right direction 🙂

      1. been a great start josh , but i know there will be lean periods , it just isn’t that easy , wish it was . all i am after really is to see profits gained consistently over time to grow the bank and raise stakes accordingly .

    1. Yep, two very different approaches to that horse, same result! lovely stuff. They have started well, clearly know their stuff as expected, but still…nice for me not to put the mockers on something haha.

  12. Hi Josh
    Took advantage of your trial recently and although have only been paper trading, but love the selections given plus comments regarding selections .
    Today have read the comments of Alhart especially and yourself decided to dip my toe in the water and BANG 2beautiful winners.
    Can’t thank you both enough. Not forgetting all other members great comments given previously
    Regards Alan

    1. Hi Alan,
      Sounds like a very sensible approach to me, and what judgement in knowing when to dive in haha. This is a long game, i’m not going anywhere, and patience/discipline will win the day.
      Yep, must admit I read ‘Alharts’ comment after I had put my notes up… and he made me more confident. I was a bit on the fence, not enough to be put off backing for my usual ‘ES’ stake- but glad ‘team RTP’ pointed you towards him.. good result for the Poll as well- will start using that more I think, will be interesting to see how the ‘most votes’ horses go.

  13. Brilliant Josh ,think we all deserve a pat on the back for that one, back on the jumps and were all singing and dancing!! (You and Ian at SP2A deserve a lot of credit , excellent , just paid for my subs for both these brilliant services!!).
    Stick with it Josh and the winners will come……haha!!
    What an expert ride from Lucy also ,jockeys don`t always get the credit they deserve ,but ,that was riding of the first class order ,she could have followed Lizzie Kelly through ,but, she just sat and waited….masterclass!

    1. Cheers Stewart- haha – it’s all about the profit, all about the profit, all about… yep, the record has broken! (winners obviously needed,but,you get my drift) It is important though, and why I bang that drum so hard – a ‘i want winners’ mindset (took me 2/3 years to shake that) generally means you focus on the top end of the market. Not where we want to be, generally.

      Yep SP2A have started well, always a relief- when you wait 3 years to find a daily tipping service you’re happy to recommend – I did fear I may curse them! But, so far so good. And that horse arrived at from two very different starting points.

      Yes it was.. yep she could have followed, and ruined his chance- and she was also patient when the Hobbs horse/others loomed up.. she knows that is a long way home there from when they turn in, and patience rewarded. He wont be 16s NTO but looked to have another win in him.


  14. Well done all I did put in Trans Express in my selections on the free post. Waiting on Leg Lock Luke for a £10K pay out on cross trebles. Is it still a runner, I Have been out?

    1. You’re waiting on Leg Lock for 10k??? Blimey, good luck. Yep he is still a runner.. hope no anguish after the last!

      1. He could not do it! The cross trebles for 4 winners a non runner and 4 losers paid a lot. I worked it out i had £13K to come with singles if he had won! Still picked up circa £6K for £600. The secret must be long posts on the free post. Bet365 wont be happy with me but with the trebles I may look a mug punter? Drinks are on me.

        1. Doesn’t sound like a bad day’s graft in fairness! Top work. I’ve no idea how they react to winning multiple punters, your account may be marked… best go and splurge some on the casino games to properly round off the ‘muggy’ day!!

        2. Bet your singles with others and your multiples with 365. Regardless of the publicity they are the best, all the others restrict or take away best odds etc. If you bet 20’s do 2 x10’s for cash outs , if you do 10’s do 2 x5’s cash outs. When you cop a decent one, leave half in rather than have it all out. Just make sure you don’t win everyday.

    1. Glad you had a go on him! A winner to cheer at last.. loads of NRs was annoying for the spectacle, a couple of short priced 2nds from those that were left. Glad I could find one and you had a fun day out. Phew.

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