Free Daily Post: 22/08/17 (complete)

just the micros again…


A Perrett AW (12/1<)

5.15 Kemp – Zoffanist



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  1. The week day dross takes a break tomorrow and we can look to York for some quality racing.

    This evening we have the delights of the Carabao (EFL) Cup, whereby teams field weaken teams. Therefore the bookmakers give us the opportunity for big priced upsets. Ipswich (4 out of 4 so far in the league) are 12/1 away to Palace (Lost both league games). Charlton (4-1 winners at the weekend) are 11/1 away to Norwich (lost 4-1 at the weekend).

    1. All 3 bets yesterday returning a profit so quite happy with that.
      Ipswich playing there kids also, Mcarthy said in his press conference. Thats not to say they cant get a result.
      Backed one in the 345 Kempton Dangerous Ends 1pt place @ 2.18 currently. 3/3 in the placings here on a slower going. Got no run lto and still placed here in similar company. Trainer does ok with limited runners when turning out quickly. Should be thereabouts again.
      Martin have you tried Formlab for footy stats etc. Using it myself at the min as got a offer on and been quite impressed. If not what do you use can i ask ?

  2. I use Soccerway on my phone and Soccerbase on the laptop. I have taken a look at Formlab before and agree that it is a good site. I have 50 years experience of football and so have a lot of stats/events in my head as well. The point I was making re this cup is that where the teams have a lot of changes the bookies dont take that into account and tend to price the matches up based on first elevens. Therefore logically with the mix up of all the changes it makes it more value to back the underdog. +EV I guess. They do come up from time to time and show a profit.

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