Free Daily Post: 31/05/17 (complete)

micro angle + bet of the day…





A King (16/1<)

8.50 Kemp – Tyrell



Other horses of interest…

Nothing much else jumping out of me so I have repeated the Members’ Bet of the Day…

Bet of The Day…

4.30 Bev – Tin Pan Alley – 1 point win – 10/1 (BV/PP/BetfairS) 9/1 (gen)

Going for a 9 year old is a bit fraught with danger but I thought he ran with promise the last day after a substantial lay off and the hope is that he builds on it, rather than bounces. He led for around 1 mile the last day, before being challenged, and fading in the final furlong. I am hoping that was down to fitness and odds of 20/1 suggested he needed the run/wasn’t expected to compete. He drops a couple of pounds and drops in class here. D Allan also takes over and he is the go to man for this trainer. They are 4/15,7p in handicaps at the track. And he does have a good touch with these older horses it seems. IF the horse repeated his two runs here from June 2015 when he won comfortably both times, he would out-run these odds. The final piece is the pace – they will try and make all again and from stall 6 should be able to get out and across. Lean On Pete likes to get on with it also, but is drawn a bit wider and is a bit more inconsistent. He has also been running in C6. Hopefully he can’t lay up with the selection and leaves him alone. But if he does try and challenge hopefully Allan is sensible. I don’t think he has to lead, but it would be ideal if he could. Maybe he needs another couple of runs to get going but I was happy to roll the dice.


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  1. 1st June Nottingham 5f Fillies Mdn
    4.25 Mnemonic Alexander, Nobrassnolass, Tulip Fever
    3.75 Alba Del Sole, Glaceon, One For June
    3.5 Peas On Earth
    3.25 Gaelic Spirit
    2.75 Elusive Bird,
    2.25 Donny Belle
    1.5 Hellovaqueen
    .75 Saria
    Preview – Gaelic Spirit sets a low bar here and it looks likely to go to a debutante from Haggas, Gosden or Hannon.

    Prior race notes
    Gaelic Spirit – Odd how Joe Tuite’s 2yos get backed in to favouritism on debut yet never win. This filly is a small and plain model, looked very fit but fly jumped at the start and was then very keen and ran out of steam toward the end. A now type, not enough scope to achieve a great deal. 69

  2. 1st June 6f Novice Auction
    3.75 Headline Act, fusion Central
    3.25 Amiirah,
    2.75 Show Of Force, Anna Briggs, Hello Girl, Kentucky Blueblood
    2.5 Mrs Teasdale
    2.25 Jonny Simpson
    1.75 Hateya, 1.5 Electric Landlady 1 Lady Alavesa

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