Free Daily Post: 30/05/17 (comp)

just the one today…

‘Normal’ service will resume from tomorrow, where i will have some time to look through cards etc and see if anything stands out, esp on Pace front which I need to pick up again.

For now, just the one micro qualifier…



Trainer/Jockey Combo – Live Test

6.50 NA – Mr Kit Cat (12/1<) UP



Good luck with any bets today.



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  1. 30th May Leicester 6f Mdn D1
    4.25 Admiral Spice, Match Maker, Moakkad, Rhosneigr, Westerland
    3.5 George, Hey Gaman
    3.25 Airshow, Fighting Irish
    2.75 Vice Marshall
    2.5 City Guest
    Preview – Toormore a previous winner of this and last year Thunder Snow won one division. Thunder Snow – Just a bit longer and taller than the rest, big but lithe and athletic with some hard to define class advantage in his appearance. Ran quite green but did it easily in the end. Did not appear hard trained beforehand but was barely blowing at all in the winners enclosure. 95
    A rematch here between Westerland and George who were 2nd and 3rd in a Newbury maiden run on softish ground in a slow time. At the time this seemed a questionable result and today’s race should help resolve that. Crisford’s Matchmaker is one of the greater dangers but a really interesting rce that may contain some good ones.

    Prior race notes
    Westerland – Mid medium, just a marginally bigger edition of the winner. Perhaps he was racing on the slowest part and his effort can be upgraded a little. Physically did not live up to the hype. 80
    George – Lower medium, strongly made attractive chap, looked one of the three fittest. Raced on or around the same line as the winner 78
    Airshow – An ordinary runty little chap, still carrying some winter coat. Missed the break which did not help, stayed on but will always be size limited. Perhaps they can find a little race at Brighton or Bath soonish. 58

  2. : 30th May Leicester 6f Mdn D2
    4.25 Free Spirited, Owen The Law
    3.75 James Garfield, June Dog, Leeshan, Solid Man
    3.25 Austin Powers,
    3 General Zoff
    2.75 Budgie
    Preview – Only June Dog previously seen. The form of that race in which he finished 11/12 has not worked out although as noted below everything went wrong. This looks a much weaker heat than the first division.
    June Dog an e/w selection

    Prior race notes
    June Dog – Medium sized, well made colt, calm in prelims but did not look confident, a bit of a baby. All the right things in all the right places but like others here no more than 85% tuned. Generally Hannon’s debutants who are going on to do well finish closer than this. He was running a bit green for the first 3 furlongs but as he began to run on in he was first slowed by Darkanna as she weakened and forced to switch left where he ran straight into a closing gap between the rapidly weakening Shay C and Levante Player. At this point Sean Levey called time and let him come home in his own time. Had he had a smooth run I think he may have finished fairly close to Dontgiveuponbob around 5th. 78+


  3. 30th May Leicester 5f Novice
    4.25 Demons Rock, Roussel
    3.75 Alaska, Quayside, Jive Lady
    3.25 Charnock Richard, Mutabaahy
    2 Catapult, Onefootinparadise
    1.75 Sienna Says
    1.25 Mocead Cappell
    Preview – This looks a race that should go to a newcomer unless they are a very poor bunch.

    Prior race notes
    Demon’s Rock – Another heavily built small one, looked capable of a bit better than this. 66

  4. : 30th May Wolverhampton 6f Nov
    4.25 Reflect Alexander
    3.75 Awsaaf, Jaalboot, Our Man In Havana, Tony Soprano, Kheleyf’s Girl
    3.25 Mr Carbonator
    3 Barbarianatthegate
    2.5 Puramente, Crownthorpe
    2.25 Trusting Friend,
    2 Global Exceed
    1 Shania Says
    Preview – Ordinary looking race. Crownthorpe and Reflect Alexander have ostensibly bad draws but Geegeez heat map suggests high draw prominent is the best style for 6f here. The Factor looks the biggest danger to these two.

    Prior race notes
    Reflect Alexander – Short bodied chunky Kodiac, might have been closer if hadn’t been hurried along to keep pace with the big and free Dathanna early on. Could well be a bit better than able to show here. Although looks a bit straight in the shoulder. 72
    Tony Soprano – Yet another overweight. Seemed medium size, not hard fit, showed early pace but faded badly. Perhaps lack of fitness or maybe just here for an easy intro, not given a hard time. 75 False rating, bad race. 70
    Global Exceed – taller than some , a bit lightly made, short stride. 65
    Crownthorpe – Half as big again as all but Black Orange. Leggy and still a bit weak, fit but not hard trained, ran pretty much as expected and should improve. Slight concern that he may just be slow. Looks more one for a bit further despite being by Monsieur Bond. 66

  5. ZAMAN won the other day for Godophin and although
    he was a debutant he was purchased out of a breeze up
    for more than he cost as a yearling.

    Hugh do you consider this an experience advantage over the others?

    Also noted he is a February foal so I guess the Godophin reps liked what they saw at the Breeze
    and he is well grown and fairly strong
    have you got an opinion on him

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