Members Daily Post: SAT 22/04/17 (complete)

All quals + ratings pointers + prices

1.All Qualifiers Against Stats Pack/Ratings Pointers 

2.Any ‘Notes’ (subjective views mainly, on some of the qualifiers)

3.Any general messages/updates etc



1.All Qualifiers Against Stats Pack/Ratings Pointers 



2.45 –

Tommy Silver (all hncps) G3 12/1

Zubayr (all hncps) 22/1

Bertimont (hncp hurdle) 20/1

Mohaayed (hncp hurdle) G3 6/1


Romain De Senam (all hncps) 7/1

De Faoithesdream (all hncps) 20/1

Apterix (micro age) 12/1

Simply Ned (micro runs this season) 10/1


3.55 –

Vivaldi Collonges (all hncps) 33/1

Vicente (all hncps) 10/1

Arpege D’Alene (all hncps) H1 11/1

Firebird Flyer (all hncps) 100/1


4.30 –

Connetable (all hncps) 12/1

Whatduhowtoget (hncp hurdle) H3 3/1


5.05 –

Lord Wishes (all hncps + hncp hurdle) G1 16/1

Touch Kick (all hncps) H1 4/1 



2.35 – Beneficial Joe (micro class)  H1 9/4

4.55 – Box Office (NHF) H1 G3 4/6

5.25  D’Gentle Reflexion (NHF) 2/1




1.50 –

Gilmer (micro class + going) H3 12/1

Alpine Dream (micro runs 90 days) 18/1

2.20 – Specialv (micro class+ going + class) 12/1


Green Light (going) 6/1

Top of The Glas (micro going + runs this season) G3 14/1

Sikandar (micro going + runs this season) G1 18/1



5.55 –

Fleeting Visit (all hncps) 25/1

Signe (micro distance) H1 3/1

Top Beak (micro going) H3 12/1



5.30 – Amitious Icarus (micro distance) G3 11/2


Royal Reserve (4yo+) 25/1

House Of Commons (micro class) G1 10/1

Character Onesie (micro runs this season) G3 H3 12/1


2.Any ‘Notes’ (subjective views mainly, on some of the qualifiers)

Well I don’t know about you but I feel the ‘value hunting game’ has chewed me up and spat me out in the last few days. Today’s bet of the day backed from 9s into 3s, 3rd. (no excuse) RP 10/1+ at Sedgefield backed from 16s to 7/2, 2nd. A flat qual at Ripon, Final- 14/1>7s, 2nd. Bath runner Friday, 8s>2s, 2nd, done on the line. Rolling Maul- 14s>10s, 2nd – caught late. That’s how it goes, but it is bloody annoying! Still, it is a positive rather than a negative.

On we march.

Nothing else to add today.


3.Any general messages/updates etc

Trainer Track Profiles: Summer Stats – Members Discount 

As you may, or may not know, as a Member you get a chunky discount on my two main stats packs, TTP Jumps and TTP Flat. For general sale I have bundled the Flat and the Summer Jumps together to create a ‘Summer Stats’ pack which non members will be charged £27 (+vat).

You already have access to the Summer Jumps for free: That is HERE>>> 

The TTP Flat will cost Members £8 (+vat), so £9.60 total. 


(ClickBank will email you a receipt within which should be a download link) 

This is only one of two reports I will charge extra for, as part of your members package, and of course it is optional. That is just down to the time that those two main stats reports take to compile. Of course I post the qualifiers as part of your subscription but this is for those of you who want your own copy and who want any insurance in case I get run over by a bus or something. 

Any questions, fire away. 



That’s the lot for today. I have looked at the Scottish GN on today’s free post.


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7 responses

  1. Hi Josh
    A 3.20 Simply Ned (micro runs)
    A 4.30 Whatduhavtoget (HcH)
    Not sure what happened at B 4.55….. but
    5.25 D’Gentle Relexion (nhf)

    1. And there was me thinking I was doing well. Blimey, that is a shocker. Let me get back to my notes. Cheers
      (ah yes I miss the two at Ayr completely, Bangor, just ‘refreshed’ geegeez, and the 5.25 appeared, wasn’t there when I first looked!) Need to start doing these earlier in the day again, doing them at end of a long day is even worse than before!)

      1. You’ve got my sympathy Josh. Takes time just to go through NH, but all new flat stats to get the mind into the groove with must leave your brain sizzling at the end.

  2. hey josh you got the nottingham race time wrong it is suppose to be 7.30 not 6.30

    a simple reminder

  3. Date & Title: 22nd April Nottingham 5f Novice
    4.25 Simmy’s Copshop
    3.75 Havana Grey, Neola
    3.25 Choice Encounter, Poignant,
    2.75 Snaffled
    1.25 Mocead Capital
    1 Green Power
    Preview – With the Fahey/Hanagan juvenile axis working so well and both the Havana Gold runners at Newbury (Headway & Mysaan) yesterday were attractive individuals running well yesterday it seems hard to look further than Simmy’s Copshop (15k) and Havana Grey (45k). Neola’s dam Effie B appears to have won this very race 2to in 2012 and was a tough girl running 17 times in the season and winning 3, one in a class 3 nursery at Newbury on her 15th run. Typical Mick Channon campaigning but so far this season he is mostly hitting the crossbar. I think Poignant even with prior experience is not up to open maiden winning level unless this is a freakishly weak race.
    Prior race notes
    Poignant – Another small one, calling beforehand, reasonably fit for this early in the season and seemed to have been well prepared. Improve for some growing and perhaps a bit further. Archie Watson may well be worth watching with his 2yos. 62

  4. Morning Josh and all.
    7 qualifiers yesterday 5 bets with the firms and 2 bets which matched with BetfairEX
    -7 points on the day not the best start.

    The % is the chance I think the horse has of winning and the odds are the minimum I will take. If I can’t get the odds with the firms in the morning, I will place a min odds BFSP on BetfairEX eg, say I can’t get at lest 13/1 for Tommy sliver in the 2.45 with any of the firm, I’ll go to BetfairEX and Place a min odds BFSP for 14.0.


    2.45 –
    Tommy Silver 7% Min 13/1
    Zubayr 2% Min 48/1
    Bertimont 3.5% Min 22/1
    Mohaayed 4% Min 24/1

    Romain De Senam 3% Min 33.5/1
    De Faoithesdream 2% Min 49/1
    Apterix 4% Min 23/1
    Simply Ned 8% Min 11.5/1

    3.55 –
    Vivaldi Collonges 4.5% Min 22/1
    Vicente 3% Min 31/1
    Arpege D’Alene 4% Min 25/1
    Firebird Flyer 4.5 % Min 22/1

    4.30 –
    Connetable 2% Min 44/1
    Whatduhowtoget 7% Min 14/1

    5.05 –
    Lord Wishes 15% Min 6/1
    Touch Kick 20% Min 4/1 (Best Bet)


    2.35 – Beneficial Joe 25% Min 3/1
    4.55 – Box Office 27% Min 3/1
    5.25 D’Gentle Reflexion 7% Min 11/1



    1.50 –
    Gilmer 11% Min 8.5/1
    Alpine Dream 13% Min 7/1

    2.20 – Specialv 9% Min 10.5/1

    Green Light 2.5% Min 39/1
    Top of The Glas 8% Min 11.5/1
    Sikandar 2% Min 48.5/1

    5.55 –
    Fleeting Visit 3% Min 30/1
    Signe 17% Min 5/1
    Top Beak 11% Min 9/1


    5.30 – Amitious Icarus 7.5% Min 13/1

    7.30 –
    Royal Reserve 4% Min 26/1
    House Of Commons 9% Min 10/1
    Character Onesie 8.5% Min 11/1

    Good Luck all

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