Trainer Track Profiles: Summer Stats 2017 (now LIVE!)

Trainer Track Profiles: Summer Jumps 2017 is now LIVE!…

Trainer Track Profiles: Summer Stats 2017 (Flat + Summer Jumps)


You can now purchase your must have trainer stats for this summer’s racing action, both on the flat and the Summer Jumps. (UK only)



Why Should You Bother?

Well in short, my unique approach to trainer stats works.

These stats will help you find winners in no time at all. They will give you plenty of excitement and enjoyment over the coming months. You will have plenty of fun and could make some decent profits from small stakes. Cheering home big priced winners that no-one else picked is always enjoyable! 

If you are serious about finding decent priced winners, making a profit, and having some fun, you should give these stats a try

They work. As simple as that. They will find you winners, at good prices.

At the end of March my main winter jumps stats pack had won followers +160 points BFSP, just backing everything from the start of October.

From Jan-March 2017, just backing all those 10/1 or bigger had won followers +141 points to BFSP.

Or £1410 to £10 level stakes bets. (these are not imaginary numbers. These are from live play in my members club…)


So, what about the Summer Stats?

Well, these have been finding qualifiers since the 1 April, as posted in my Members Club.

The Flat: These stats have already found winners at 6/1, 8/1, 17/2, 16/1, 7/1, 2/1, 6/1.

(7/45, +16 points, if you had backed everything)

Summer Jumps: Has found winners at 14/1, 6/1, 5/1, 6/1.

(4/10, +25 points, if you had backed them all)

That is a total of +41 points in 3 weeks. Those are real qualifiers, in live play. My Members have been backing them. They work. 

Or, +£205 to just £5 bets. Or £410 to £10 bets.




These stats highlight winners and value bets. There are no odds caps. 

Qualifiers do not take too long to find.

You can use them as you please, safe in the knowledge that they find winners and make decent profits over time.

You have nothing to lose here, and an awful lot to gain.

Trainers are creatures of habit and this is your chance to see for yourself just how powerful this approach can be.

You get access to unique trainer stats for each Flat Track and each Summer Jumps track in the UK. That is 36 tracks in total. These are quality stats available at the click of a button, right HERE>>>

Now is your chance to get ahead of the bookies and become a winning punter long term. (or an even more profitable one!)


How Much?

You can have access to both the Flat and Summer Jumps stats, 36 tracks in total + bonus stats, for a one off fee of…

£27 (+vat)

This works out at 90p per track, for you to use through to October/November. 

Considering they are +£205 already, to just £5 bets, I think that is great value. 

No need to join HorseRaceBase for £10 per month, or spend hours digging out these stats yourself. No need to buy any other trainer stats packs. 

I have done all the hard work for you. (4o+ hours of it) 




RISK FREE with my 60 Day Money Back Guarantee…

I am selling these guides through ClickBank as usual, which means you have a full 60 days to see if you can make the stats work for you. If not, no problem, just request a refund, no questions asked.

These two stats packs have taken around 40 hours to compile. All intended to help you now save time and enjoy this great game of ours. 

Their winter cousin has proved this approach works.

The evidence in April already indicates the Flat and Summer Jumps versions may do just as well, or even better. 

So, go on, give it a go. You have 60 days to in effect try them for free. 

They will find decent priced winners. Now is your chance to find out for yourself at the link below…


Any questions, you can email me:

Thanks for reading, 


IMPORTANT: When you purchase a copy ClickBank will email you a receipt and within this email will be a ‘download’ link to the guide. Any problems, you know where to find me.

p.s If you want ideas on how you could use the stats, the latest results update from the Winter stats may give you some ideas…  read that HERE>>> (backing everything will work, but you can reduce the number of bets by ignoring shorter priced ones and you may wish to use your own ratings to help, if you use any others, or indeed just focus on the bigger priced ones. Lot’s of options and you have 60 days to find an approach that suits your betting temperament) 

p.p.s Give these stats a go HERE>>>



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    1. Cheers Chris, always a labour of love! Hopefully they pay their way over the coming weeks, the signs from April, on the back of the ‘winter’ version, are very promising.

    1. Ok. Will send over asap. Just away from comp at moment. Should be before 2.30 but drop me an email if you haven’t already so I can reply with link. Josh

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