Members Daily Post: 19/04/17 (complete)

All quals + ratings pointers + prices + craven pointers.

1.All Qualifiers Against Stats Pack/Ratings Pointers 

2.Any ‘Notes’ (subjective views mainly, on some of the qualifiers)

3.Any general messages/updates etc



1.All Qualifiers Against Stats Pack/Ratings Pointers 



2.40 –

Village Vic (all hncps +  micro TJC) H3 5/1 PU

Voix D’Eau (hncp chase) 6/1 UP

Henryville (hncp chase) 15/2 WON 7/1

3.15 –

Casper King (all hncps + hncp hurdle + micro TJC) H3 14/1 UP

Forecast (all hncps) 11/1 UP

3.50 –

Any Currency (all hncps) 16/1 UP

Troika Steppes (all hncps + hncp chase) 9/1 UP

4.25 – Iora Glas (all hncps) 16/1 WON 14.4/1 (R4)>8/1, 10.5 BFSP

5.30 – Bobble Emerald (all hncps) 14/1



4.50 – Eager To Know (micro class) 25/1 UP

6.30 – Oscar O’scar (hncp chase + micro class) 10/1 2nd

7.30 – Treat Yourself (hncp chase + micro class) H1 13/8 UP 9/4

8.00 –

Four Mile Beach (all hncps) 8/1 3rd 7/1

Oh So Gigolo (all hncps) G3 16/1 2nd 16/1>3/1

Qatea (micro runs this season) 25/1 UP





1.50 – Mount Kiara (4yo+) G1 11/2 UP



2.50 – Wahoo (1st 2yo) 7/1 2nd 7/2

4.35 –

Edward Lewis (4yo+, + micro 90 days) 9/2 WON 8/1, 11.00 BFSP

Rasheeq (micro dustance) 28/1 UP

Easy Street Review (micro distance) H1, G1 6/1 2nd 5/1, 6.8 BFSP


2.Any ‘Notes’ (subjective views mainly, on some of the qualifiers)

No bet of the day test again today. Nothing else to add in this bit today.


3.Any general messages/updates etc

White Diamond Racing: Blessed To Empress: Racing To Profit Share Opportunity / Discussion

Having spoken to the guys at White Diamond Racing they have offered a 2.5% share at £1200 for the year for Members, if I am involved in the share, which is as close to cost as they can get. That is for my discretion and to see if there would be any interest in splitting this up.

I quite like the idea of having half a hoof in a horse with Amy Murphy.  I used to own the odd leg with Matt B in his Geegeez syndicates but Dorset is too much of a trek for me really and Newmarket is very close to my family home. And I think that cost is reasonable enough for 1 year, all costs covered. However, at the moment I don’t wish to spend £1200 of my own money on 2.5%.

As such, I am proposing that the ‘Racing To Profit Members Club’ owns a 2.5% share.

I would like you to email me, at  IF the following would interest you personally:-


  1. 1 x share at £240. (there would be 5 of these in the one 2.5% share, worth £1200 total. Essentially you would own 0.5%)



  • This amount would be non-refundable. (unless anything returned as part of the syndicate, due to injury/insurance etc) 
  • White Diamond Racing would deal with me, I would then deal with any others who wish to sign up for the year. (4 more of you)
  • Every time she races I would get 1x owners badge. Every time there is a stable visit I would get 1x visiting slot. 
  • My aim would be to ensure everyone got to experience something over the course of the year. But, the reality is that this is very much a bit of fun for £240, to know you have a 0.5% share in a horse that you can watch run, and watch in a way that is very different than when you have just bet on something. I will not promise or guarantee you X owners badges, or X visits etc. I can’t. You will just have to trust me to do the best I can through the year. Dealing with 4 of you should hopefully make it easy enough. 
  • If ‘we’ have a share, I will be able to publish Amy’s communications on these Members posts, so we can all track the horse etc , and that would add some extra value. 


I should stress this is just an idea at the moment. But I thought I would ask and see if any of you were interested in such a proposition. You may all think that is a rubbish idea!

More info on the horse etc is HERE>>>

I thought it could be quite fun, for what is a relatively small fee – it isn’t an investment. You shouldn’t expect to see any of that money again.

So, if that option would interest you above please email me on my gmail address as above. If there are 4 of you who would be keen I can look to get the wheels in motion. Any questions, post a comment.

Hopefully that is straight forward enough.


Any other content to follow Wednesday morning.


Craven Meeting Trainer Notes: CLICK HERE TO READ/DOWNLOAD>>>

(3x winners on Day 1, 13/2, 7/2, 4/1)

‘Qualifiers’ against notes…

1.50 – Mont Kiara UP/ Gunmetal WON 9/2,6.65 BFSP

2.25 – Seven Heavens UP / Private Matter UP / Majeste UP

3.00 – Folkswood 2nd / Virens Army UP / Steel of Madrid WON 10/1 14.00 BFSP

3.35 – Daban WON 12/1, 15.9 BFSP / Kazimiera UP / Choumicha UP / Unfortegtable Filly 2nd 14/1

4.10 – Cherubic UP / Queen of Kalachari UP

4.45 – Glittering Jewel UP

5.20 – Elucidation UP/ Azam UP/ Middle Kingdom WON 6/1>7/2


That is all for today.


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12 Responses

  1. The 3.50 at Cheltenham is quite interesting in that Paddy has chosen Fergal Mael Duin over Troika Steppes,Fergal Mael Duin would be a bet for me anyway Tizzard/Brennan chasers,perhaps its just that Troika Steppes is remaining with his regularish rider,but 14/1 on Paddys is nice e/w bet

  2. Funny thing about Mount Kiara, someone laid him for like ~6k(~40k liability) about 20 seconds before the off. Didn’t even place. Guess they knew something.

    1. Hmm, he may have been keen on the way down, or they spotted something- his race was over after 1f, pulled jockeys arms out, took 2f maybe to settle him- can’t be wasting that energy generally, let alone in a C2. Think that told in the end, nothing there when button pressed. Had he run like that and didn’t pull then I would be scratching my head.
      Thankfully Gunmetal won for the meetings stats!

    1. Good stuff Gavin, did have a nibble at him myself given the stats, and the bigger the odds the better Hannon seems to do! A few more biggies left on the list so we shall see, still, good to see they are working in general – a good sign for the rest of the flat season with any luck.

      1. Yes just a little nibble got 14/1 with Skybet – very good signs for the flat season. I did have a little muggy treble with Gunmetal, seven heavens and Steel of madria so close hehehe 😉

        1. Ah well they are designed to add a bit more value/entertainment to the package and to use as you please, if they point to winners that is a good sign, and hopefully you can pick out a few over time. That would have been a nice return, always one in a treble to let you down!

          1. That was fun, backed the 1-2 in that! No forecast mind, just dabbles at BFSP. I think we may be done there now, but you never know. Will try not to give too much of it back!

          2. With what I’ve won from fun little nibbles today, I think I may email you about 0.5 share Blessed To Empress

          3. Ha… that idea isn’t looking promising sadly, only a couple have shown an interest. I may suck it up and go it alone with one, we shall see! I am in deliberating mode.

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