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Craven Meeting: Day 1 pointers…

No TIPS, or System Qualifiers today.


Craven Meeting Pointers

In the members club I try and provide trainer based reports for the odd ‘big meeting’ – positive pointers that help highlight possible horses of interest. Gosden/Hannon/Hills/Saeed BS have been the main trainers over the last 5 years at this meeting, with some pointers for the others. 

John Gosden’s pointers as follows..

All Runners:-
-7/2 or shorter: 9/21,17p, +7 SP, +7 BFSP
-9 Furlongs Only: 3/6,4 p, +12 SP, +15 BFSP
-Class 1,2,3: 6/19,10p, +8 SP, +11 BFSP
               -10/3 or shorter: 5/9,7p, +7 , +7 BFSP
-Group 3: 3/9,6p, +9 , +12 BFSP
-Age 4 or older: 2/3,3p, +12 SP , +15 BFSP
-Distance Move-
              -Up 0.5f,1f,2f from last run: 6/11,8p, +15 SP, +18 BFSP

I suspect he will have a few winners over the coming days.

Below I have listed all of the horses that these pointers highlight on day 1, from today’s Members Post. Often we are dealing with small enough numbers and these pointers are designed to be just that,for you to use in wider analysis of the race…


Newmarket Craven Notes…


-Mark of Approval (7/2< a pos, + godolphin) 3rd 

-Dawadebb (16/1< guide ) (micro,+ a few others) UP

-Borthwen (16/1< guide) DNQ 

-Elyaasaay (distance) UP

-Night Circus (godolphin, maiden,others, micro) WON 13/2, 7.7 BFSP


-Devil’s Cowboy (class) UP


-Via Egnatia (odds,class)  UP

-Salsabeel (godolphin, career runs) 2nd 


-Sacred Act (7/2< a pos) (class/age) 3rd

-Next Stage (GB bred/godolphin-career runs, micro is 8/1<) WON 4/1

-Briyouni (hncps) UP


-Khalidi (distance, class) WON 7/2, 4.78 BFSP


-Never You Mind (16/1< guide) class, race type, micro if 16/1< (looks unlikely!)

-A Faak (as above, 16/1< etc)

-Top Mission (trainer MO,+ godolphin)




Free Report 

I am sure you have seen my emails about Gavin Priestley’s new service for the flat season. It is great value and something a bit different.

He has a FEEE report for the Nell Gwyn stakes at the Craven Meeting. Grab that HERE>>>

You can click the box below if you want to find out more about his new service. It includes reports for 50 races such as that one above, + previews and tips, and pointers for Royal Ascot, all for around £1 per race. Have a read below, some of you will really enjoy his approach…

Highway 50: The Road to Royal Ascot


White Diamond Racing

‘Blessed To Empress’ came out as the winner , both on this blog and their twitter poll, and as such that is the name of the new filly, in training with Amy Murphy and likely to run before the end of the month.

I will be pulling together a post for how you can get involved, if you so wish.



I think that is all for today.

Good luck with any bets.



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  1. Date & Title: 18th April Newmarket 5f Novice
    4.25 Frozen Angel, Lethal Lunch, Never Back down, Sound And Silence
    3.75 Areen Faisal, Contribute
    3.25 Unfortunately, Devil’s Cowboy, The Love Doctor
    Preview – The last couple of years the quality of this race seems to have improved with Gifted Master, subsequent Gp3 winner 2015 and Sutter County winning from the likes of Tomily in 2016. Prior to that it seemed to be mostly just early types like David Evan’s Vodka Time who won 3to and subsequently only reached a rating of 82. So it is Newmarket and The Craven meeting but the winner unlikely to be much more than Listed standard.
    Two have previously run, Lethal Lunch for Hannon and The Love Doctor for Evans. One assumes that this is the best one Evans has in his early bunch this year, so dangerous to dismiss and may not be far away. Lethal Lunch (Non Runner) did not look anything special at Windsor but always dangerous to dismiss a Hannon runner, nevertheless it looks likely to me that a newcomer will win this.
    Palmer and Meade, Never Back Down and Contribute respectively seem to take Newmarket maidens seriously and are two to focus on. Palmer has James Doyle riding for him which is interesting.
    Charles Hills has had 2yo and a 3yo debut maiden winners in the last week his Devil’s Cowboy is by Helmet who has also had 2 debut winners already. On his website he comments :-
    “Devil’s Cowboy runs in the two year old maiden. He’s always been very forward physically, and was one of the first two year olds we worked. However he could need the race mentally.”
    Charlie Appleby has not had a debut winner earlier than Mid May in his career so far. In 2014 his early ones were generally good types but far from ready on debut. Last year he did not have any April runners but 3 of his first 6 won on debut and I don’t think Sound And Silence by Exceed & Excel can be lightly dismissed.
    Which only leaves Tom Dascombe who won the fillies race last year, Richard Fahey who has two declared and Karl Burke who has a Society Rock colt.
    All good sires and not possible to narrow it down. If there is a stand out I will try and tweet from the paddock if time allows.

    Prior race notes
    Lethal Lunch – Mid medium, looked a bit lifeless in the paddock but Hannon’s are often laid back. Not the stride of the winner and seemed a bit green, hanging both ways at times. Never asked more than to learn the game by Ryan. Improve nto but by how much I am not sure. I would have expected a place here if this is going to be anything more than a nursery candidate. Worth another chance but probably no better than 70.

    1. Sound And Silence review – With Lethal Lunch a non-runner and Frozen Angel not looking ready this should have been a simple dutch of the two remaining top scorers on the algorhythm. Unfortunately my conviction that David Evans’ The Love Doctor would get the better of them on precociousness got the better of me. A good paddock as an example of the different types available early season. Not sure there is much to get excited about beyond the winner.
      Sound And Silence – Medium size. Strongly made well-built type, a bit downhill and looked to be carrying plenty of condition. Enough to lead me into thinking he would need the run and that Charlie Appleby was not going to have them ready fto. In the event like Said Bin Suroor’s early debuts last year there is an underlying level of fitness and/or class that enables them to beat an averagish field of lesser types. 84
      Never Back Down – Small neatly made ball of muscle in the style of a couple of Hugo Palmer’s early debutants last year such as Copper Knight and Hyperfocus. This type can usually win this type of early season sprint, particularly with a Palmer preparation, but are unlikely to develop much further being size limited. In this sense Never Back Down was perhaps unlucky today. Should be capable of winning an open maiden but will need to get it done before many bigger boys come out.76
      Areen Faisal – Lightly made lower medium, taller, narrow. A completely different model from Sound Of Silence. Another ‘now’ type. Not much to him but might be better if he fills out. 73
      The Love Doctor – Medium sized, but just lacking a bit of quality. I saw him across the paddock at a higher level in the sunlight and over-rated him. Fine for 70+ but lacking in pace for 5f. Should win a maiden but not on a Grade 1 course and not over 5f.
      Shobrom – Tiny, muscle packed and very fit but simply not able to keep up when the others stretched. Staying on again late on and should be winning on a Northern track soon. Hamilton? 67
      Devil’s Cowboy – top end of small, bit lengthier than some but also tubular. Short on scope? 65
      Contribute – Looked like a filly, leggy and light. Presumably speedy, but like Shobrom, more a get him out quick before he is overwhelmed by stronger types. 65
      Frozen Angel – Chunky small grey, green, not fit enough, downhill at the front, difficult to see why he should be schlepped to Newmarket for a debut. Still a likeable type who should come on a bundle for the run. Maybe a prep for Chester if he has any speed, not really show enough here though, why else bring him to Newmarket?

  2. Hi I thought I would post up a couple of selections from a method I used last season with some success
    4.55 Powerful Wind

    5.05 Seeking Magog

    I will be backing both e.w

  3. Hi Josh
    Only system pick is NMK 3.30 ……..Sacred Act ..J Gosden and Timeless Art..K Burke.


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