Members Daily Post: 17/04/17 (complete)

All Quals + RPs + notes + Hobbs/April


1.All Qualifiers Against Stats Pack/Ratings Pointers 

2.Any ‘Notes’ (subjective views mainly, on some of the qualifiers)

3.Any general messages/updates etc


1.All Qualifiers Against Stats Pack/Ratings Pointers 



12.45 – Conteur D’histoire (all hncps) H3,G3 4/1 2nd 8/1

4.05 – Cogburn (NHF) H3 3/1 2nd 



2.15 – Magical Thomas (all hncps + hncp hurdle + micro age) 10/1 UP

2.50 – Turban (hncp chase) H3, G3 7/1 UP

4.35 –

Potters Saphire (NHF) H3 15/2 3rd 

Sunshade (NHF) 5/2 WON 5/2



1.55 – Miss Oscarose (all hncps+hncp chase) H3,G1 10/11 WON 11/10

5.20 – Songoftheknight (hncp chase) H1,G1 2/1UP



3.40 – Cold March (hncp chase) H1,G1 5/2 UP

4.15 –

Ghost River (all hncps + micro TJC) 14/1 UP

Bobble Boru (all hncps) 14/1 UP

Clondaw Shane (micro age) 14/1 UP

4.50 – Wadswick Court (all hncps+ micro TJC) G3 5/1 UP

5.25 – Prospera Pascha (NHF) 14/1 UP


Market Rasen

2.10 – Knocknamona  (hncp hurdle) H3,G3 9/2 UP

4.30 –

Zarib (all hncps) UP

Card Game (hncp hurdle) G3 10/1 UP

Barrys Jack (micro distance) G3 9/2 UP



5.15 Cork- Smithscorner (NHF) 66/1 2nd 16/1 (oh that was agonising!) 




3.45 –

Highly Sprung (all hncps) 11/1 UP

Handsome Dude (4yo+) G3 14/1 UP

Grandad’s World (4yo+) 10/1 UP


Gin In The Inn (4yo+) 7/1 WON 6/1

Steelriver (4yo+) H1,G3 12/1 UP


2.Any ‘Notes’ (subjective views mainly, on some of the qualifiers)

No bet of the day test today, or any other notes..I need to have a good look at the Irish National.

#1 advised strategy qualifiers, based on prices above…  on the flat.. Handsome Dude / Steelriver , over jumps.. Card Game

Not sure many look like drifting out and qualifying on the 11.00+ BFSP approach, Potters Saphire, Turban maybe.

Good luck with however you play them all, hopefully a few winners dotted around.


3.Any general messages/updates etc

Craven Meeting Trainer Notes: CLICK HERE TO READ/DOWNLOAD>>>


4. Hobbs/April (14/1<) 

3.40 Chep – Ink Master

4.15 Chep – Clondaw Shane



That will be all for this post.


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7 responses

  1. hi josh
    a great weekend for dream team, +5 level saturday, then yesterday gave CONDUCT YOURSELF @ 50 to 1 BFSP, had £4 @50 and £4 @ 33. with 2 others losing. am about a month behind updating results, but have backed them since 1 december, must now be close to being + 200 up to 1 point level! in less than 5 months, hopefully matt of geegeez will do update about vovember, if not I’ll remind you of the criteria, so you can do it, imagine he probably will, great results for a freebie, i will gladly pay for an update

    1. Ah,there will be worse days than that Dan! Not sure if you were around for February but if you can get through a month like that and stick with an approach you can get through anything.

      No. 1 strategy only -5 points or so. Which in context of over +100 for the year is manageable! March was a superb month as well,generally on all fronts,a natural correction is due at some point. All about the long term. When your eyes are fixed on 6/1,8/1,10/1+ horses it can be choppy at times. But patience has been rewarded so far this year.


        1. In short no I don’t think so. Another member asked a similar question under last results update. I need to go through and see the place % and work out roughly what EW return would be. But can’t think 1/2 ew over X price is anywhere near as profitable as 1 point win only. Don’t think enough place 16s/20s+ to make it worthwhile.
          100 point bank for #1 strat should be more than enough. And I don’t think a 50 point bank has come under threat for that strategy on the jumps stats.
          All about starting small stakes and building up over time.
          It is never black and white. In general i would stick with win only but may be the odd horse you want to back ew if you think place returns worth it.

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