Free Daily Post: 13/04/17 (complete)

another ‘day off’…nothing…

Nothing on Thursday, no tips, no system bets. The quiet before the storm maybe.

My to do list isn’t getting any shorter so I will leave it there- I really need to get this Flat TTP finished!

Good luck with any bets.


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  1. just a couple of interest for me today,
    Tow. 2-20 Moscow Me @6-1 consistent sort that has been running a bit below par recently but will relish the better going and hopefully revive its fortunes,
    Weth. 4-00 Tickenwolf @12-1 is a bit of a punt in a very open race ,fell lto but has had a winter break and won last season on it’s , reappearance at this course worth a nibble at the price.

    1. Hi Russ,
      The Flat (turf) TPP doesn’t cover the All-weather. I have no plans to touch on the AW.
      I am about 8 tracks short of finishing the Flat Turf TTP, all tracks that have races in coming days have been done and will be posted in members area as they have been since first meeting of the new season.
      Guide for non members will def be done my this time next week, and I may post relevant qualifiers on the free posts through to then, possibly. Or some of them anyway.

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