FREE Jumps Systems: Update/Re-Cap

Re-Cap of the Free 9 Core Jumps Systems followed on the blog, +165 BFSP 2016…

Jumps Systems

The link below just pulls together the 9 core jumps systems (not the ‘live test’ angles) that we follow on the blog, and have been since the start of 2016, with the odd exception*



The top level results for 2016:

185 bets / 46 wins / 25% win SR / 78 places (inc wins) / +165.42 BFSP

In 2017 to date (as of 6th Feb)

32 bets / 9 wins / 20 places / +40.29 BFSP


I suspect for many of those angles, esp those with odds caps, taking early/morning prices would have improved profit levels. There will be some bigger priced selections for some angles whereby taking BFSP would have been better. As always, whatever you follow on the blog, if anything, I always advise that you keep your own results, if only a simple P/L based on the prices you obtain.

*I suspect there may be around 65 points of BFSP profit that was not posted on the blog in 2016. I couldn’t make up my mind with a couple of the angles, namely Pam Sly and missed 30 points off her winner before Christmas,and the odd one for McPherson also. As well as one winner for Tom George as I had forgotten to add in Heskin, around 14 points. Still, 100+ points for the year to BFSP isn’t too bad. 🙂 And 2017 has been a decent start. Hopefully that can continue. 


Live Tests

Trainer Jockey Combos…

That free report is HERE>>>

Since these were introduced, up to 6th Feb, they are: 5/28,10p = +18 points (to morning/BOG odds)

I need to go through the handicap chase/portfolio Live Test but I know that hasn’t worked and I think the losses may be substantial, but I will go through those soon enough. It may be they need binning/a re-think.



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