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not much happening today…


RIP old boy..








Jumps Angles

Handicap hurdle/chase portfolio– LIVE TEST

3.20 Plump – City Supreme



A quiet day indeed. That will be all. But, a few of interest in the comments no doubt…


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  1. Hi Josh / All

    Its so gut-renching to see a great old boy like Many Clouds lose his life on the racecourse after all the hardy battles he has been through and handing a defeat to the would be king Thistlecrack. The highs and lows for the trainer stable staff and owners all thrust into a few minutes really awful like One Man and other greats he will be long remembered……….On a brighter note I think a few of us had some winners today at good odds same again tomorrow please

    For the sires – Red Avenger lost all chance on Friday rearing up as the gates opened but had to smile when I see his stablemate win the race at 20/1………
    Tomorrow there is 2 opportunities…….

    2.00 Southwell – Vivat Rex 5.5 best odds Betvic/Lads.Racebet
    Fastnet Rock, 1M, 14 runs, 6 wins, 10 places 42.86% win SR, 71.43% place SR

    Had 3 runs at Southwell over this trip winning off 85 in a class 4 back in 2015, and 78 in a class 6 claimer on the 2nd Jan and his most recent run being 3rd in a class 3 off 84 on the 10th Jan. His latest run at Chelmsford didn’t work out finishing last and a return here over C&D will see him to better effect. Back in a class 6 claimer off 80 would seem to give him every chance and the 16/1 forecast odds by HRB definitely had me interested only to see he is much shorter on Oddschecker. On face value he has it too do against the top 2 rated 97 & 105 but Retrieve (105)has to prove he is quick enough over this trip and Pearl Nation does look solid and the one to beat for me so will just have to see if the stats work their magic.

    Staking £17.24 – 2% of £862.47

    3.05 Southwell – Misu Moneypenny 26.0 Betvic/Hills & 3 others
    Misu Bond 6F, 15 runs, 6 wins, 7 places 40% win SR, 46.67% place SR

    3 different winners for the stats and a first try for the selection over C & D.
    Predominantly she has been kept to 5F (just the 1 run on turf over 6F) and has won both her races on the AW her first ever run over 5F here and then at Chelmsford off 66 both wins in 2015. Still lightly raced with just 14 runs 7 on AW her run style is difficult to get a handle on with either leading or being slowly away, her 2 wins where with both styles coming from behind here and off the front at Chelmsford. She is well drawn in 4 tomorrow and my hope is that with her 5F speed she will go to the front out of the kick back and with her good sire stats over C & D will lead all the way….That’s my hope will have to see what happens tomorrow

    Good Luck All with your selections


    1. Well said Steve, I’m sure everyone will echo your words. I remember backing him in the National.
      It’s strange to relate to a horse like Many Clouds. had his demise been at Aintree all the clueless brigade would have been calling for more emasculation of the finest Steeplechase in the world.
      I well remember my mam taking all us kids to the free ‘Jump Sunday’ before the race the following Saturday. Although a kid, the height and girth still stick in my memory. But one salient point still stays in my mind [I’ve made reference to it before.] Pat Taafe great Irish jockey referred to it as the last great cavalry charge left in the world and nothing wrong with that sentiment it was an accolade.
      One thing I will say though, the horses physique has changed over the years. Big horses with massive chests and hooves dominated, but if you went to the first fence before restrictions one could see the horse who turned a wall eye didn’t fancy the race….and so it proved.
      had Many Clouds been alive then and in the event he would have stood clear eyed and unafraid like so many of the great ones did. Even little horses like Caughoo only a 7yo…looked at it as if to say bring it on. God!, I could write a book about things and horses I’ve seen there as a kid. Happy and sad memories, but it’s the horses and jockeys that stand out like Many Clouds and others.
      I saw many jockeys who just wanted to bale out [wouldn’t mention]. One was brilliant at hurdles but lacked the required for Chases.

      I’ll be on these two tomorrow Steve BOL to us.

    2. Steve, My info is that Red Avenger had a blip, no plot – definitely. I’d backed it, and had a cynical moment, but given absolute reassurance from the trainer today, via a contact.

      1. Hi Chris

        Yes I think it was genuine got upset in the stalls and reared 3 times i think, the last time at just the wrong moment when the stalls opened….good to be reassured though


  2. Does anybody else remember Team Spirit in the 1964 National. Another warrior like Many Clouds, only about 15.2 hands, trained by Fulke Walwyn and ridden by Willie Robinson. The bet that started my lifelong love of racing.

    1. I think Nicolaus Silver is the one I first remember, although I’ve read so much about Vincent O’Brien and other fifties winners that I’m uncertain.
      The horse that gelled my racing interest, from the pages of the Daily Express, was the prolific flat winner, Young Christopher.
      I wonder why?

      1. Hi Chris….Vincent O’Brien…see him clear now…He had a string of ‘Cottage Horses’ Lovely Cottage, Shelagh’s Cottage and a few others. They used to come over on the Irish boat to Liverpool. Treated like Royalty…but the poor cattle would be dropped off at the Lairage in Birkenhead for slaughter. One of the horses actually jumped overboard and started swimming bck down the river. lol.

    2. Fantastic Horse Alpha and a great trainer. Very imperious.
      How times change a lot of the younger jockey’s would doss on the floor of the local café as there was no room about.
      Some great boozing sessions though….lol

  3. Kilmore was the first winner I backed – and the last for many years. In 1967 I remember reading the Daily Express guide to all the runners, in which, prophetically, they highlighted Foinavon – the only chance this one has is if all the others fall!!!

    1. Wow Simon that’s a memory….My wife and I had 3 on the floor &skint, come the national….the old milk man told us to do Foinavon as at home in Ireland when it wasn’t pulling the milk float it liked to run with [can’t remember the name] would it be Arkle…can’t remember. Anyway the three kids had a little bet, the mrs, then I plumped for Foinavon…I bet a 1 shilling ew. Everyone laughed but when it came in I couldn’t believe it. Not that it should have won mind. Suddenly we weren’t poor as the baby drew it in the sweep as well.
      I’d pay a fortune to go back to them days….poor or not, hearts of gold around you. House full of kids and neighbours coming in the open door with a cup of sugar…lol.

      1. Tony,

        My first big winner was a horse called Abottsbury Abbey, trained by W A Stephenson, what a canny trainer he was, priced at 66/1 back in about 1966 /7. M W Easterby reminds me a lot of Mr Stephenson. I too recall all the trainers mentioned plus lots more. Anybody remember another canny trainer, Eric Cousins from Tarporley. I always backed his horses when he sent them down for the big sprints at Royal Ascot.
        Anyway Tony, we had three but found it more comfortable in the bed than on the floor!

        1. Hi Mr T. What a trainer Arthur was….fantastic. often rubbed the noses in the posh ones. I’d say the Northern trainers were by far the best Chase trainers back then…..Nicky Richards dad Gordon was similar to W.A. Stephenson. Ken Oliver also trained some goodun’s.
          E Cousins I always watched out for his Lincoln Horses.

          A bed?what’s that Mr T…..We were happy with a yard of lino and an old army greatcoat. lol.

    1. Halcyon days Steve…Highland Wedding,… mam wouldn’t back Cromwell being Irish…lol. Red Alligator and so many many more. All brought us so much pleasure and tears. Mr Crisp, so fast.
      Immortal indeed Steve…3 way photo in the Whitbread…we’ll raise a toast to them all….cheers.!!

      1. here here!! got red alligator highland wedding gay trip when 6,7,8 years old then backed Rummy in 75, 76!!!! I was his jinx!!!!

  4. Back in late 60’s my next door neighbour was a couple or so years older than me and talked me into lending him a tanner (half my pocket money) to put a treble type bet on (don’t know if it was a acca or r/r whatever) and split the winnings one Saturday. Don’t remember the first 2 but Connaught won the 3rd at 16’s if memory serves with Sandy Barclay on and I was suddenly very rich indeed with a fiver, 6 pound notes and some change.
    First bet I placed myself was a spiky horse called Ubidizzi (not sure if spelling correct) which I seem to recall was Stevie Nesbitts.
    Totally different world then.

    1. Totally different. your right….. 1st winner I had was Dollar Piece at 16/1 ridden by Ken Gethin. a pocket money job with the local bookies runner. He didn’t want to pay me out and it took my ma 3 collarings of him before she got it all about 12 shilling. ha ha ha

  5. my first bet was Triptych that won at 13-2 i think around 1972 , my fav horse was GunnerB,owned by a local business woman pauline barratt,trained first off by geoff toft at beverley ,eventually moved to henry cecil and improved from a handicapper to win the eclipse,though as teak -what a horse.

    1. Great how you can remember those horses when someone recalls their own..I remember them now Michael and the old trainers.
      who remembers Snowy Wainwright, warned off so many times .lol…great characters though.

    2. Hi Michael
      How about Privy Consort same owners.Used to be their delivery man at Darfoulds I tried a tongue in cheek bid for Gunner B free bread & pkt of teacakes for a year.Used to let me know what the danger horse was in their races, had a great time with forecast’s 🙂


  6. told privy consort was cert one day .i was in bookies when barratts son came in and backed it .took 10_1won at 8 -1 was around 16 at time. regarding snowy wainwright he had a flyer 2 y old called music boy lester took the ride in o think it was the gimcrack and was told to make all , piggott ignored him and the horse lost and wainwright by all accounts shouted at piggott that he would never ride for him again, piggott replied something along tbe lines , dont know how i will survive happy days.

    1. LOL…great stories. I remember seeing Piggot pulling his arms out at Chester so harry Carr could win for the Queen Mother in the early 60s….Piggot won by half a length. The stewards called a photo….guess who’s horse was given it. The Queens mother/. There was murder. Even Prince Monalulu swung a couple of punches before he fell over with his false tops scattering on the ground…..lmao.

      1. Prince Monalulu!!! Donny market place telling every one “I’ve gotta horse” not sure any ever won!!!!! Memories!!!!

        1. Hi Matt, he backed every horse in the race….ha ha ha. He wouldn’t be allowed now, but what a laugh watching every one do what we all done…buy one of his tips…ONCE, unless you’d got one of his originals which won.
          Great innocent fun then…people turned a blind eye.
          I remember the copper lifting my kids over the turnstile at Aintree…..That flippin Mts Topham nearly banjaxed the whole operation.

  7. team spirit, remeber it well, backed it year before won and when won, was one of smallest chasers, was making good progress year before, think got bumped jumping bechers and ur. made sure backed it year after.

  8. Dancing Brave and the Great Pat Eddery in the Arc de Triumphe. I got 14/1 on him with a £2 bet , yes i did say £ was 1986 and i was only a kid. Remember watching it on C4 with my Grandad who had done Bering, i felt rather special getting one over on the old master!! He was the one who taught me how to bet within my means and not get to greedy , or despondent when the winners dried up.
    Remember watching Pat Eddery cheekily take a pull as they got near to the post, true master was Pat, followed him and Steve Cauthen blind in the early days of my betting! Dancing Brave was some horse to!!

  9. I remember running a sweep stake at school on little owls gold cup win then running to the corner shop and watching the race,also I recall being stood at the last fence at worcester one day and watching wayward lad jump I’ve never seen a horse stand that far off a fence since I was hooked from that day on

  10. mention pf Little Owl,around the same time Peter Easterby had a horse called No Bombs loved thf ground rattling fast if i remember correctly-Easterby got pulled in for horse failing drugs test,and his story was that the horse had pinched a mars bar off one of the stable staff beilliant.

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