TTP Jumps Notes: SAT 28/01/17 (complete)

all qualifiers + all RPs+ notes…

1.The Ratings Pointers

2.All Qualifiers against stats pack

3.Any ‘Notes’ (subjective views mainly, on some of the qualifiers)

4.Any general messages/updates etc


1.The Ratings Pointers



Geegeez Speed

Top Rated

4.35 Chelt – Dream Berry

Top 3 

2.45 Uttox – The Gipper


2.All Qualifiers against stats pack


1.10 – Saphir Du Rheu (micro, runs this season) 14

2.50 – Any Currency (all hncps)


Solstice Star (all hncps)

Wait For Me (all hncps + hncp hurdle + micro TJC)

Rockchasebullet (all hncps)

Dream Berry (micro class)



12.50- Mia’s Storm (all hncps)  14, 30 WON 14/1>11/1

3.40 – Ziga Boy (all hncps + hncp chase + micro distance) 14, 30

4.15 –

Majestic Moll (NHF)

Swatow (NHF)



2.45 – The Gipper (micro – runs this season)

3.55 – Groomed (micro going SOFT) 30

4.30 – Minella Fiveo (hncp hurdle + micro going SOFT) 30



3.Any ‘Notes’ (subjective views mainly, on some of the qualifiers)

There are three ‘biggies’ in section 2, not on the RP list, from what I can see..

Solstice Star- 33/1.. he is still 13lb above his last handicap winning mark, and reverts back to hurdles having been chasing. He isn’t in the best of form and you would think others are better treated in here. He does like to lead also and he isn’t sure to get an easy time on the front end. He certainly isn’t unexposed to my eye and will need a career best here. I think I am happy to leave him but having said that when in any doubt I should just having something on these biggies. While the win seems tough, you can see him running an ok race and wouldn’t be shocked if he was around the places. He is only 7 and may have just hated chasing. And, he hasn’t proved he can’t win from this mark, not conclusively. On balance you would think he is up against it, but you never know. (some fence sitting there!)

Rockchasebullett is 50s after a mammouth time off and is out of the handicap, better known as a chaser, over further. Unless some support he looks best watched to me. On the flip side this is only his 5th hurdle race, but early indications are that he will need the run. Any market support may be worth noting.

Swatow- it looks like Coleman had the choice here and has gone for the other Lavelle one. Lavelle is 0/46,4p with NHF runners sent off 22/1 or bigger, so any market support should be noted, into 20/1 or shorter. Unraced so you never know.



4.Any general messages/updates etc

SkyBet Stats/Trends/Pointers … HERE>>> 



Nothing more to add. Good luck with any bets/however you may play them. I will put the ‘complete’ sign up in the morning, just in case I have missed anything, again.



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  1. Hi Josh, thanks for all your efforts with the blog, just need a few of the ratings pointers to go in… Off to Uttoxeter for a mates 40th tomorrow, any thoughts on the card would be great?
    Cheers Tim

    1. 3.20 Midnight Silver (Nap?) 3.55 River Purple EW

      T4Crse Little Chunk 7/s 4am –
      cdg stats Amberjam 5.5 4am –
      T4 P&C Le Rocher 2.88 & Tintern Theatre 6/s > TTP The Gipper 7/s 4am –
      cdg stats Midnight Silver 6/s 4am –
      J4 P&C & ‘weak cdg River Purple 40/s – Wings Of Smoke 9/s 4am –
      cdg stats Jolly Roger 19/s & Manwell 3.25 4am –

    1. Hi Tim..blimey yep, they are on quite a shocker of a run at the moment,and I can only think a winning run is around the corner! If you have missed any of the three biggies that have gone in, non RPs, this month, all 25/1 SP,then it has been quite a painful month but fingers crossed it turns soon..

      Onto Uttoxeter, usually when I have a brief flick through a card it ends in disaster so some caution the following notes… I have just had a flick through the geegeez cards looking at any trainers ‘in form’, speed ratings, or pace angles really,plus a quick look at suitability to conditions. It could well be a day where you use your paddock eye and back anything that jumps out, some do, every now and then..

      1.40 – no real idea, the Vaughan horse, Brave Jaq, is top rated Speed and can go from the front, could give you a fun run at 25s but a race full of unexposed types and many dont have speed ratings/haven’t seen their best. This one has clearly had problems so who knows.
      2.10 – Karisma King for Smith/Cook, novice handicap chase, she is the only trainer ‘in form’ in this and of some interest he takes a massive step up in trip, could be the key, or he may not stay of course,some hope in pedigree I think,also top 3 speed.
      2.45- Le Rocher could be the class act in this and blow them away, on paper at least. He does look the most exciting you would have to think, trainer in form also. You want ‘winners’ when you go racing,as much as ‘value’ and he could bolt up. could. He should be going close in a race like this. Hopefully the Gipper goes well but on paper I am not bouncing with enthusiasm.
      3.20 – Well Venetia has one in here, who could be interesting from France. You never know but 1st time up usually the time to catch them and has the odd bit of chasing experience over there. Her and treadwell do very well in handicap chases together. Midnight Silver looks interesting,conditions to suit, IF taking to fences, which is applicable to a few in here.
      3.55- the old boys Wings of Smoke and Renard look of some interest. The Sherwood horse is interesting if standing up, but is short enough. There is a lot of pace on in this, on paper, and Wings may be able to stalk around and pick up the pieces. It is a drop in class and he has ran OK on a few recent runs. Yard are going along ok also.
      4.30- Manwell could be another of those ‘at the races backed a winner’ horses. You would think there could be more to come and he could defy this mark. All conditions fine again.

      So, some brief thoughts there. That is 5 mins of flicking through and they may well all tail off!

      Have a great day, hope the weather is better than Liverpool, pouring down as I write.

  2. Nice one Josh, back to Liverpool for a night out after Uttoxeter so hopefully stops raining although by that stage im sure we wont care!

    1. A strange day of backing a lot of horses.
      I had 4 winners. and finished very….your had 3 Josh and Hannon one.

      But it took 4 winners to put me ahead by 5+ points.
      I’m not complaining, but you that feeling where you say…I should have cleaned up. I done to many horses……but conversely would I have left out winners….who knows.
      Danny Cook gave Minella Fiveo a superb ride…..similar to Scu years ago with Pipe senior….get out for an extended early lead….let the chasing pack strat to catch you as you took a rest, then off like a jack rabbit. It doesn’t always work but with a strong determine djockey like Cook it does, not always mind but a really good jockey that lad.
      The horse to me looked quite dainty but stuck to it….skipped across the ground. Some good shouts today Josh.
      Well Done lad.

  3. think i picked the right ones to back today, had mia’s storm @14 ew, any currency @12 ew, ziga boy @13.5 win,minella fiveo @8.8 win.
    i had backed Many Clouds to win but any profit from that is incidental after the terrible news.

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