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micro systems/angles… (+£930 in 28 days…)


+£930 in 28 days…

Are you missing out on all this profit? 

Sorry, this is shameless promotion again but is has taken me over 2 years to find ‘THE strategy’ to make this game of ours as enjoyable and profitable as possible and that is worth you good folk spending your hard earned on. Well, ladies and gentleman, I think we have found it. And, it is very exciting.

On Sunday the Members ‘Ratings Pointers’ found three more winners at 7/2, 5/2, and 12/1. Another +15.5 points or so to the pot.

You can flick through what was Sunday’s post, HERE>>> if you wish and see the winners/approach for yourself.

£10 on every ‘ratings pointer’ qualifier has won followers, and me, around £930 since 9th December, 28 race days. Even to £1 bets that is a fun/profitable return. This weekend alone has won followers around +35 points.


10 people quit the free trial on Sunday (still 6 days left for them!) following Saturday’s 20 points haul, which just goes to show that profit isn’t everything, and clearly the trainer stats/ratings fusion approach wasn’t for them.

But, if you would like to give it a go you get 14 days to try it for free, and you can do so HERE>>>

(and if you don’t get on with Paypal, you can use card payment, or do email me and we can always discuss other options… .. you only get charged IF you stay beyond the free trial)

It’s £10 per month after that at the moment. I know services who quite happily charge £97 for a season, on the back of 35 points profit over the course of 6 months, let alone one weekend 🙂 I think it is great value, but, you can be the judge of that.

Anyway, enough of that. But, it is hard to contain the excitement at the moment and I wouldn’t want to think you are missing out.







Jumps Angles

Handicap Hurdle/Chase Portfolio – LIVE TEST

2.05 Donny – County Road- UP 6/1

(not on any ratings but unexposed and maybe of some interest that Johnson is on, not sure if he has ever ridden for the yard,certainly not the last 5 years)


Jan Trainers (pointers)

3.10 Donny- Kilronan Castle- G3, H3 UP 5/1>8/1

5.05 Wolvs – Veena 14,30 UP 14/1>4/1



All-Weather TTT

A couple from Wolvs…

5.05  –

Loumarin UP

Hyland Heather – G3 – UP



That will be all for Monday. Josh


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  1. Happy New Year to all,have b9een away from the racing for about 10 days,looks like things have been ticking along nicely on both this and the members site,hopefully will keep on going to the end of the season,have done a bit of ruminating on something to add a bit of fun on those days that may not be too exciting

    Jock Du Jour

    Have you ever been to a restaurant,flicked through the menu and not found anything that looks too enticing or you dont know what it really tastes like,the usual safe bet is the soup of the day or if it has upmarket pretensions “Soup Du Jour”
    I have many of those days so i look at the jockeys that are profitable and then see if there are any trainers that they do well for.there may be many blank days there too and may not have time to drill down too much,and it will be on aw for winter

    So the strategy
    Jockey profitable overall at track
    Has had a winner last 14 days(in form)
    Trainer near top of Jockeys haul of winners(especially if in profit)
    All will be straight win bets
    Will be just staking the minimum amount(100 point bank 0.25 per bet-total loss 25 if it goes pearshaped)

    Selection 10/1/16

    4.05 wolv Serenade The Stars 6/1 BV

    1. Mostly i am not eating soups
      tomorrow poor day anyway chanon filly Summer Icon was close to win in her two last races tomrrow is going with same mark and cool jock on ling 2.50
      with 7/2 odds 2.50 ling,make a music can danger after return

      C6 gamble at wolves Caledonia Laird is 9/1 ia only one course winner and is on wining mark
      Pivotal Dream may run well,can be placed 12/1 3.00 wolves

      3.10 Donny-there is sue smith I Just Know 11/4
      and highlited here Kilronan Castle 6/1
      Suzie horse was very well performing on longer distances
      so lets say save bet is ew on Kilronan Castle
      ew double can be Kilronan and Summer Icon

      but 3.10 Donny-t there are Duke Arcadio and Deputy Commander
      first and second at nov donc chase ,btn was 1/2 length
      so interesting race

      my tomorrow bet are Summer Icon and Kilronan Castle
      kamikaze ew double
      Kilronan Castle and Our Boy John running on
      4:05 wolves 9/1

  2. Was Just catching up the the last few posts,Glad to read you kicked of the year in style with Morney Wing,was out gallivanting that day and missed they jockey change,well done!,Paddy really does deliver for the RTP,Id say his strike rate and profit when tipped are quite phenomenal

    1. Yep, I didn’t realise there had been a switch until I saw him jump the first couple and thought that looks like Brennan! I have a feeling he may have made the difference, Noel fairly quiet, and very successful, but the horse did respond to being thrown/lifted over the fences- best he has ever jumped to my eye, and I think that won it for him. A much needed win! Will try and build on it moving forwards.

  3. My one bet for tomorrow for David Dennis, Bored or bad 2.05 doncaster. Form doesn’t hold any promise but I don’t do form, someone must like it’s chances tho as it was 40/1 this afternoon! I took 20/1 as I missed the price somewhere between celebrating the ttp winners and Sunday roast dinner 🙁

    1. That’s sounds like a torturous way to spend a Sunday afternoon to me James haha, counting the TTP winnings while eating a Sunday roast, can’t be bad!
      What, non form, reasons have you gone for him? I see a tongue tie in first time and trainer won race last year. So, something there. Fehily on eye catching to an extent as well. Still lightly raced. Am sure there are worse 20/1 shots about, good luck.

      1. A very simple system for January, D.Dennis nh flat/hcap hurdles. Very basic but last year gave a 9/2s winner and 28/1 place for a small profit, I don’t mind small profits as it all adds up over time! Of course it could all go wrong and I may have missed the gravey train as some systems only work one time, as I have learned a few times last year!!!!

  4. hi josh,
    i replied to your e-mail about DREAM TEAM trainer/jockey combo, saying no longer had it on e-mail to forward to you, but saying will post copy to you if you give me your address, but you have not yet replied, do you want me to post it to you?

    1. Hi Malc, sorry I must have glanced over that bit of the email! No don’t worry about it. I won’t follow them as have enough on and reading it may influence me if/when I attempt to find our own team of combos we can track. Josh

  5. Hi Josh
    Hope you find a Dream Team for the one from Geegeez is outstanding
    Dec £20 win on BFSP +2101.27
    Jan £30 win on BFSP +273.35
    This is certainly an avenue worth looking into

    1. Hi Colin,
      Yep Malcolm emailed me about it- for some reason I didn’t receive it in my emails, think I need to get added back on Matt’s list. If you have a copy you can email me that would be great maybe, given those results!
      I won’t want to be ripping off Matt’s good work, but it may give me some ideas, and having 10 or so TJC onside is something worth considering adding to these pages.

        1. Hi Edward.. the ‘dream team’ was a group of trainer/jockey combos that Matt over at sent out to his email list, many of whom read this blog and vice versa. I haven’t seen it, hence the discussion above.
          At some point TJCs, non track related, is an area I should invest more time in.

  6. Hi Josh
    Not computer lit had to copy it down on paper,must be someone on here
    who can email you a copy
    Will check with my son to see if he saved it anywhere,but he his away at university doing
    computing good job he does not take after me!!!
    Should also say a big Thank You for the TTP Ratings which appear to be looking good alongside
    the Dream Team this time next year we will all be Millionaires,if only

    1. Hi Colin, no problem.
      Yep, I won’t complain at what is 90 odd points in 1 month really- a bit above my expectations!! We shall see at what point we get to come the end of April- in truth I would have taken around 100 points for that ‘service/stats pack’ over the course of the jumps season, I think that would have been decent. So, this is rather exciting. If they maintain the steady 26%-33% win SR, we should do just fine!
      Ha, we can but dream,I think getting on may be a problem, but then always BetFair if needed- then just judging when to get on- we haven’t had too many drifters win from memory, so taking a price may not be too bad, if in line with highstreet etc. Those are nice problems to have mind. And we shouldn’t get ahead of ourselves. Josh

  7. I am n Arize
    5:05 WOLVERHAMPTON won twice at wolves 5/1 on exch
    my secret weapon is Caledonia Laird at least ew 3,00 wolves
    and ew Chti Balko 2.40 Donc
    backed Ma Du Fou 1:30 DONCASTER ,there was rain at Donc,and light rain at wolves and ling

  8. All I’m doing today not expecting to win?

    20 Minute EW Fun Patent?

    1.55 W – Q Ten Girl – actually has better cdg stats than Kenstone & has raced less tho both her wins were in Sellers – trainer stats not good but jocks ok 17% for track. Too big at 33/s imho?

    2.05 D – Bored Or Bad – standout stat 32% for present/14days & 20% for track for jockey Noel Fehily.

    2.15 L – Night Generation – poor draw but 1 of 5 with decent cdg stats & besides Fennann 700dys? & Miss Tiger Lily 7/s is the next closest to their highest winning mark? W Hills fancy at 21/s 50/s most of others.

  9. The most crazy bet i ever had Chti Balko ew won,yeah but before the off he was 110/1,madness
    Summer Icon nicely won 5/1
    i think i go back Our Boy John

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