TTP Jumps Notes: 04/01/17 (complete)

No official qualifiers, but pointers for Hereford…

Only one jumps meeting on Wednesday from Hereford and as such no official qualifiers. Hereford was closed for 3 years or so before this season. In the stat pack I did have a look at those trainers who did used to do well there in 2010/11/12. These stats have found two winners at the last two meetings but they are not counted in official results, regardless of what they do.

Use these pointers how you please. They won’t count in official results.




Field of Silk (hncp hurdles)(thats a chase,not a hurdle!)


Bobble Emerald (all hncps+ hncp h) H1 (HRB top rated) UP

Aengus (hncp hurdle) UP



That is all for this post.



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  1. Hey Josh,

    I’m having a play in 3.55 with Bobble Emerald, I have him top rated too and have him 4/1 fav, I’ve just tuck 8 bog with betway so nice value I hope ;-). I’ve got Aengus as a defo 40/1 shot so that’s a no bet for me.

    Hope to chip in from time to time with my thoughts and want I’m backing.


    1. Hi Gav. All comments welcome in these parts so keep them coming. The stats etc there for you to use as you see fit and to profit from the best you can. My own approach is to back all ratings pointers horses for 1 point usually and then see whether I want to go in again with top rated/double qualifiers. With any luck I can also back a few of the biggies that go in,not in the ratings,as well as odd NHF winner. It’s a long term project but the start has been promising/exciting. Comments like yours all add to the mix.
      I did have a go at Bobble also. Backed him EW LTO, think he was a stats pick then as well. A few readers fancy Keele Haul on free post and Gardners looked interesting at an ew price also. Think I have ended up with a small interest on all three! GL.

  2. Hi Josh,

    I realise that for obvious reasons, Hereford’s results aren’t included in
    the overall results, but were you aware that according to your TTP
    guide Lake Chapala was a qualifier in the 2.25. It was also top rated by
    both HRB and the Geegeez speed ratings.

    I have been out all day and have just checked today’s results and
    unfortunately have spotted that it won at 6-1 !

    1. Hi Stu, you know when you read something and get that sinking feeling! So he was. Bugger it. I know what happened, again- sodding Geegeez Racecards keep playing up before their final ‘upload’ my end, and i probably failed to refresh it- that race was down as a hurdle, the time of it (hence original selection posted above) before the right cards came into view- I have simply failed in my basic duty of checking again there!

      And that is annoying, as that is now 3/3 for the ‘top rated double’ and while it wouldn’t have counted I am confident I would have backed him for at least my usual TTP point. So, that’s £60 I won’t ever see again.

      Thanks for pointing that out and apologies. I think that is now 3 in just over 14 weeks that I have missed.

      I should start using the Racing Post for my first run through as those problems I have with Geegeez in the afternoons don’t seem to be going away!


      1. Josh

        in your defence of this error….prior to 09.00 am, Lake Chapala was not in the top 3 HRB but with 3 non-runners, 2 before 9.00 am and one just after 9.00 and then the major overnight re-appraisal that happens with the ratings….I can fully understand what has happened

        the truth is firstly you are looking too early at the HRB figures the day before for to be making “set in stone” decisions…they can alter after the 9.00 time when they re-calculate everything…..then losing 3 horses will again need the numbers to be re-done……and finally Geegeez…..he wrote an email recently and apologised for all the problems that has accrued since moving servers and making everything more security aware…as you know I don’t use Geegeez for my ratings and I use HRB after 10.00 am, I have made similar errors that you have had with looking too early at the numbers…..I am sure Peter May & Geegeez have the same problem when they are creating their ratings for the next day to be used especially with so many meetings and collateral form all needs to be inputted

        1. Cheers Norman. Yep firstly there was no excuse really for him not being a qualifier, where he was in the ratings etc a different matter .
          That really is a tricky one- the timing. I have been consistent and all ratings have been the evenig before. And so far so good. In terms of user experience I want the main quals/ratings to be up evenig before given many may have commitments in the morning/finding time to bet etc.
          Maybe I will start going through HRB at 10 ish and making a note of any difference and track it for a time. Josh

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