TTP Jumps Notes: 03/01/17 (complete)

qualifiers + all ratings + note




Proud Gamble (hncp c) UP 11/4>7/1


Landmarque (hncp h) WON 14/1>12/1 (possibly some 16s about)


New Granada (NHF) (no ratings)




Scooby (micro class) 3rd 8/1>7/2

Cowslip (micro going if soft) (hurdle course good to soft)


NOTES: Well as I write the three ratings pointers horses below all seem on the drift so we shall see how they get on! Certainly they have a few questions to answer between them but I have thought that about a few winners in that section before and over time I don’t think it will be best to overthink them. I have left Proud Gamble as you will see on the free post, I personally liked the McCain horse at the prices but he should run his race- he won for the ratings/top rated x2 LTO and may do so again. I have backed the other two. New Granda is 40/1 and seemingly has little chance according to the market – there can be money for his NHF winners and they can need the run, but he does have the odd first starter go in/run well. I had a small EW bet at that price as you never know. I don’t expect to get a return but you don’t need many in that price range to hit the frame to make it pay over a season and he is unexposed at least.





Top Rated

1.30 M – Proud Gamble UP

Top 3 

2.50 B – Scooby 3rd 8/1>7/2


Geegeez Speed

Top Rated

2.30 M- Landmarque WON 14/1>12/1

Top 3



None of the trainers are ‘in form’.


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  1. 2.30 Musselburgh

    Landmarque (H0, R2) for my figures but at the current odds of 18/1 in places it does seem better value against the very short-priced favourite SHOTOFWINE (H1, R1)(best 11/8)

    Sired by Milan and trained by JP Ewart, who has plenty of success in class 4/5 races, Landmarque is worthy of a small EW interest

  2. 2.50 Bangor

    I thought Magic Mustard (H1, R1) had a good chance of upsetting the mount of “Sir” P. Brennan (Petite Power H0,R0:)…. but after finding one of the very poor tipsters putting up Magic Mustard I had a look at Scooby (H2, R6) as an alternative

    it’s one of the very good combo horses for Woods/ McPherson and is not without a chance

    Petite Power @ 5/2 in places will probably win easily but I hope Scooby (EW @ 15/2) will get a place

    1. Good luck Norman, we shall see. I have backed both, LandM EW, but far from confident- I don’t like Ewart drifters at all, but hopefully he can grab a place at worst. McPherson drifters don’t fill me with confidence either but hopefully market wrong on one or both. Could do with a decent priced winner on here really! They will come.

    2. Hi Norman….. I have had to back Becauseshesaidso…Have to ?…it’s from a Pipe system I do…. looking at it I shouldn’t touch it with a barge pole but you have to follow the system and sometimes the dodgy ones come in. lol I hope.
      No value in Petite Power.


    1. Ha cheers. The stats/members posts needed that – well, they didn’t in terms of long term as nothing to worry about, but for new members I hope that lifted the mood somewhat. Had a slump since my festive offer but that helps, and at least demonstrates the promise. Let’s see if Scooby can provide the cherry on top of the icing…

    1. Ah don’t say that James! RPs meant to take my/our sometimes flimsy subjective judgment out of things- albeit he was unexposed over hurdles, stepped up in trip, and had good ground for first time- 2 things different which seem to have helped- also seems they changed tactics and rode him closer to pace- which isn’t something you can predict but can lead to change in fortunes. They had been knocking on the door with a few ok placed efforts. Next time!

      1. The betting bank was taking a bit of a loss and I lost my bottle so my own fault there! Not a bad day tho with carbragh and petite power winning and beating sp lol

        1. Ah, well hopefully you were on Morney Wing also to lift the mood a tad. Its all about beating SP!

          I have done that before- bank takes a nose dive and you lose it, then miss a winner.

          When I used to be like that it was because I was betting too much, and didn’t have an adequate bank. Halve stakes etc or further if needs be- there is plenty of time in this game to build up stakes over time. But, that is just me (speaking as someone who dived in with 20s and lost £2650 aged 18- gulp)


          1. I’d just give up if I lost that much Josh lol I lost about £300 with betfan when I first started but was only betting £1s! That was before I found your blog hrb and systems so have more than made that back plus had a decent holiday out of it

  3. Hi Josh

    certainly doesn’t hurt to oppose a short-priced favourite if there is value elsewhere

    I took the 18/1 EW on Landmarque (H0, R2) and it would not have been backed without the TTP, so thank-you for that….

    I also had 2.00 Musselburgh…Superior Command (H1, R1) @ 14/1 so these two winners and the placers on the likes of Scooby, has made the start of 2017 a lot better after a poor holiday week betting-wise

    For interest the tipsters have selected both 4.40 Swiss Cross (H2, R1) @ 13/2 and 5.10 Gentlemen (H1, R1) @ 5/1 for which although I had backed them both, I have taken an alternate smaller “recovery” bet on Dutch Art Dealer (H0, R3) @ 10/1 and Doc Sportello (H0, R4) @ 8/1…….Poyle Vinnie (H2, R2) seems to be a bit weak 13/8>2/1 so some place value could be available

    Thanks again for a good day

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