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Firstly may I take this opportunity to wish you and your families a very Merry Christmas.

Today I want to give you a Christmas gift. 

I will cut to the point here as bluster and bulls**t doesn’t come naturally to me and it isn’t how I like to operate. 

The purpose of this email is to convince you to try my special Christmas Offer. (It’s free, for 21 Days)

…to give you a chance to back horses that have won some of my members £740 in the last 14 days to just £10 bets. Some have won £370 to just £5 bets. This is your chance to join them with my 21 Day Free Trial of my Members Club.  


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Before I get onto more details of this offer I do just want to share with you one blog comment from yesterday. Comments like this are the reason I bounce out of bed at 7am most mornings and ‘get blogging’… Ben was kind enough to say…

“As one of the silent observers (my contributions would not help overly – trust me), can I just take the opportunity to wish a Happy Christmas to Josh especially along with all of the many and varied contributors to the site. Having spent a load of money on other sites in the past, I feel that the value for money, the content, the additional advice and the general all round positive feel of the site are exceptional….Obviously winning tips and information are welcome but at the end of the day, Information is key and that is what this site provides in spades”

Now, I couldn’t have put it better myself 🙂 Which is why I have just repeated Ben’s kind words but it somewhat cuts to the point as to the purpose of my blog (both free content and members) and it is always reassuring to read such views from a real reader/member.

I would like to think we are a growing community of like-minded punters and this is your chance to take a free trial and see for yourself.

My Christmas Offer

For the next three days only (23rd/24th/25th) you can…

  • Join My Members Club and receive a 21 Day FREE Trial (no money will be exchanged)
  • IF you stay beyond the free trial, you will be charged £7.50 per month (cancel anytime) until the end of April (so, 4 instalments = £30)


So, why should you join I hear you ask?

This is your chance to join 149 other racing enthusiasts on an exciting journey.

Punters, just like you, some of whom have won £740 in the last 14 days (to just £10 bets)

(and if you have made up your mind already, then head here now>>> )

Now, most of us don’t ask for much in this racing life of ours. Sometimes we can be rushed for time. We like a bet. We want to cheer on some nice priced winners. We want to place a few bets a day. But not too many that it becomes stressful. We don’t bet in £50s or £100s and just want to have some fun betting £2s, £5s, £10s and £20s. But we want to win some money. We know that winning at this game takes time and patience. We also know it can be lonely – us racing nuts are a unique breed I find and not many of my friends or family ‘get it’. We all want information that we can trust. To follow people we can trust. Horse’s that we can back with some confidence that they might just run well. That, over time we may win some bonus money to spend on a few meals out, a nice holiday or a share in a horse!

Well, that’s my take anyway. (albeit if you do bet in £50s, this will be for you also!)


So, How Could You Make £740 in the next 14 Days?

  • With My Members Club of course…As a Racing To Profit Member you’ll get exclusive access to my daily Jumps Notes. These posts list qualifiers against my Trainer Track Profiles: Jumps 2016/17 guide. 
  • These well researched trainer stats have won systematic backers over 120 points since the start of this service 12 weeks ago. Or £1200 to £10 bets. Or £240 to £2 bets. All good fun.

BUT...This is really exciting…

  • NEW! What really has us all rather giddy with excitement, like children on Christmas eve, is my new ‘Fusion’ approach – whereby I cross reference these trainer stats qualifiers with the ratings provided by HorseRaceBase and Geegeez Gold (Dr Peter May’s speed ratings)
  • These ‘Ratings Pointers’ provide a more sophisticated shortlist each day, to use as you please. They remove subjective judgement and take account of factors in a way that we simply can’t. And Wow, what a start they’ve made…

In the first 14 days of my new ‘fusion’ experiment these ‘ratings pointers’ have delivered…

75 bets / 26 wins / 44 wins|places / 35% win SR / 59% win|place SR / +74 points profit.

In truth, those are mad figures. But they are real. Those are the live results. My Members, and me, have been backing them. You could be too.

Some caution is required as it is still a test I suppose. The core trainer stats have been performing well for 12 weeks and this new approach has had a great start. But, the wheels may come off. I don’t think they will, but you have to be realistic in this game. I think we would have been happy with half that profit, or even 10 points or so! (there are no monster price winners in there either, inflating the results- albeit they will find the odd biggie over time)

BUT that is why I am giving YOU 21 Days to try these out for free…plenty of time to feel your way in, paper trade, use small stakes and see if my Members Club is for you.

And what a time of year to give it a go! So much racing over the coming days that you can just watch and enjoy.

What Are You Waiting For?…Treat Yourself This Christmas HERE>>>

What Do You Get?

  • So, you get 21 Days to try my daily Jumps Notes out for free. These include all qualifiers against my stats pack + the all new and exciting ‘ratings pointers’.
  • IF you stay beyond this trial period you will be charged £7.50 per month for four months (Jan/Feb/March/April) This is a 25% discount on the usual charge, and also you get the bonus of a few days at the end of December.
  • There is no obligation to stay and you can cancel at anytime.
  • You will also get access to my Exclusive Reports section- which includes various things like big race trends/monthly research articles/big meeting trainer pointers. IF you stay beyond the trial period you will also get access to my stats pack (worth £38) , my All-Weather stats pack (worth £8.40) and full access to my Cheltenham/Aintree reports (another £20 or so). This is all information that you can use to make even more profits.

So, there is plenty packed into your £7.50 monthly subscription. Arguably the perfect punting package!

In truth, what we are all really excited about are the daily stats picks and ‘The Ratings Pointers’

With early results as above, I hope you can see why.

  • IMPORTANT: My Daily Jumps Notes… the stats qualifiers and ‘ratings pointers’ are always posted by the evening before the next day’s racing, Tuesday-Saturday. On Sunday’s and Monday’s it can be the morning of racing, by 10am at the latest, but usually the evening before. And most of the time by 5pm the day before.
  • For those of you who work, or cannot check selections during the day, you have nothing to worry about. You can place your bets in good time the evening before.

You have nothing to lose with this offer. And well, potentially an awful lot to gain. I don’t want you to miss out.

You get both a shortlist of horses to focus on every day (the ‘right amount’ I think, not too many, not too few) that you can just follow and you get the space to add your own thoughts into the equation if you want.

My Members Club, for what is an incredibly low fee, is a community of like-minded racing fans. In general we bet in the £2-£20 range, we like to have some fun, and if we can win a few pounds every month to spend on the odd luxury, we are generally a happy bunch.

This is an offer, a service, that for a very small investment could be just for you.

I want you, this Christmas, to treat yourself to this free gift, and to see for yourself.

So, sign up today, in time for Boxing Day and all of the Festive racing, at the link below…




This is a time limited offer. From Boxing Day it WILL NO LONGER exist. The free trial period will be reduced and subs will go back up to at least £10 per month. (if results continue as they have been, that is far too cheap in reality and this could easily be a £20 per month product) 

So, don’t delay. Take action right now for what is a bargain price. 

I hope to see you on the inside (with any luck the ‘ratings pointers’ on Boxing Day will find us all a few winners)

Give It A Go HERE>>> It Could Be The Best Service You Ever Join! 🙂 

All the best and a very Merry Christmas to you all,

(and, if it’s not for you, no worries, hopefully you continue to enjoy the free content, of which there will be plenty in the coming days)


p.s My Members Club is accessible to all and even if you bet £1 or £2 you will have plenty of fun and make some decent profits- if the last 12 weeks or so are any guide. 

p.p.s This offer will be removed by Boxing Day so don’t delay. Within 21 Days you will know if this is for you or not and I don’t want you to miss out on what could be ‘THE’ service you have been searching for. TRY IT HERE, RISK FREE>>>>

p.p.p.s If you have any questions, do email me or post a comment below. I will do my best to get back to you asap.


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24 Responses

  1. You said its a free trial you want us to put money up front your not wired up right it’s a con or prove me wrong

    1. You’l be alright with Josh David, I’ve brought a number of things from Josh over the last couple of years. I can vouch about him refunding you as one time I canceled a product and got a full refund, I can also say my bank balance is looking kinda healthy thanks to ttp and the ratings! This could be the best thing Josh has created ever lol

  2. Hi David,

    The system doesn’t work like that sadly, and my end there is no easy way to do that and it isn’t desirable for numerous reasons. Come the end of the trial period that automated process is just so much easier, administratively.

    If you don’t trust me that is fine, but it is for free, because you are not charged anything during the trial period. If you cancel before the end, no money comes out. If you wish to cancel, but forget, and get charged, I will of course re fund you. There is no risk here. You are free to re-post a comment on this blog along the lines of ‘can I trust Josh, he wants my card details etc’. And you can let the responses decide your course of action. ( i think they will all say yes!)

    That is the way it is I am afraid. If that makes you uncomfortable then apologies. 177+ other members/trialists have so far had no issue with me/my approach.

    All the best

  3. Just signed up to the offer, when I click on the members only info links it’s not picking up I’ve already signed up it’s taking me through to pay again ?.

    1. Hi Jeffrey, yep for some reason with a small number (now 3 of you) there has been that exact same problem. To be honest at the moment I have no idea why, and it definitely a problem my end that I am trying to fix. 56 of you have joined the trial so far and so far 3 of you have had problems- I hope it is not a wider issue.

      Anyway, leave it with me. Adding full temporary access to all content is easy enough if I cannot finds a solution in the short term.

      sorry about the inconvenience

  4. Hi Josh

    Have been a lurker for a few weeks now on the free stuff and found it very informative and enjoyable read.

    Took you up on your generous offer but suffering the same problem as Jeffrey — i keep getting redirected to signup.



    1. Hi Tadgh,
      Thanks for signing up…

      yep, there was a problem with some wordpress settings which affected the odd user. I think we have sorted these now and Jeffrey, and the two others who had same issue, can now all log in and access as they should.

      If you could try again that would be great. Fingers crossed all is fine now. And if now, it will be a new issue for me to get my head around!


  5. Hi Josh

    I did a trial with you previously but didn’t carry on the membership – mainly due to a lack of funds my end. Am i eligible for this trial offer?


    1. Hi James,

      Yep you should be! Do try and sign up and any problems send me an email.. and I will look my end and sort it- sometimes settings for old users can block new attempts etc but should be fine. Doesn’t bother me if you sign up again! 🙂

      Hopefully focusing on The Ratings Pointers and starting with £1 /£2 bets on them all should cover your subs, leave a bit, and with any luck can build up stakes over time. Patience is key in this game, and I am not going anywhere, and by the looks of it neither is my new ‘fusion’ method – we have the jumps, flat/summer jumps, and jumps again, and repeat!


      1. Cheers Josh Big fan of your work on here and approach to betting, glad your new system has started well hopefully it’s a good one in the long term.

        Have been doing ok again recently and I’m relatively new to horse racing which required a different mentality to other sports I bet on, the highs and lows are so extreme but think I’ve started to adapt my mentality but sites such as yours help immensely with finding value bets.

        Keep up the good work, merry xmas!

  6. Hey George do we new members get the stats via email or is there a link we can acceaa it from? I have just signed up for ur xmas offer



    1. Hi Pablo,
      Josh here, albeit George is a nice name haha.

      All is accessible via the blog… you need to log in with the post to the top right hand corner of the home page. And from there you will be able to access all the ‘Gold Posts’ , which are the ‘members club’ posts. and teh exclusive reports function also.


  7. Hi Josh

    Within the ‘Members Area’ forum options I can access ‘Exclusive Reports’ — but if a press on any other menu option i get redirected to signup.



    1. Hi Tadgh,

      yep that is because you are in the trail period- as long as you can access Exclusive Reports, which includes the daily TTP Jumps Notes XX Date posts, you have full access to everything you should.

      The forums.. in truth no one uses them at the moment, everyone uses the comments functions like we are now, under relevant posts.

      IF you stay, and make one payment, you get access to Exclusive Downloads which includes £45 pounds worth of stats packs for free- but I don’t like giving those away in a free trial period 🙂


  8. A happy Christmass to you Josh and all the members and contributers,i think like most i wont be going mad on boxing day(St Stephens Day),might not even have a bet at all,or at a maximum just look at one meeting,and just watch the rest and enjoy the action

    All the best

    1. I saw in my tracker planty of miss Harington horses at Leop
      She has cool very informative blog,worth to read
      Happy Chrismas time and beyond

  9. Hi George (sorry couldn’t resist).
    Josh I have just signed up spent the last hour having a good read I like the idea of the combined system top ratings. I also like the results your having at this time. Hope they continue, will have three months to give them a fair trial at a very competitive price I might add. I also use iRace vision software formally known as F.L (Front Line) nothing to do with letters from France. I’m looking forward to the day when a selection comes out tops in all systems. ( This time next year Rodney ) Just like to say thanks for this trial I have a feeling this could be the best Christmas present yet.
    Regards Al

  10. Hi Josh,

    I am trying to take up the free trial offer but do not know if I am eligible for it as a new member as I may have signed up to the site previously. Anyway I am having trouble with my Paypal account. It was hacked a few months ago for a substantial amount and now I cant get past my security access. I have tried phoning them but they are closed now for the holidays. Is it possible to sign up, if eligible, and pay by another method? Please let me know asap.

    Many thanks for your hard work on the blog and I try to read it as often as I can. Barters Hill was a particularly painful re-read as I thought it might run better than its price and unfortunately followed you in. Anyway that’s the nature of the game and I look forward to joining you for the next few months if I can iron out payment arrangements.

    Thanks again,


    1. Hi Jonny
      I am on the road at the moment (not driving!) and will have to sort it later today. Adding you into my system and working out any payment options post trial is easy enough. You will have access by this evening and we sort the rest later.
      There is a ‘pay with card’ link I thought during sign up which negated the need to have a PayPal account. But that may not work either for you.
      Do email me and we can discuss further over email.

  11. Hi Josh
    I am having the same trouble as others. Every time i keep getting sent back to payment and it will not accept my card.

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