TTP Results Round Up: End Week 8

+98.9 points- TTP Update end week 8…

Sunday marked the end of week 8 since I started posting the daily qualifiers from my Trainer Track Profiles: Jumps 2016/17 stats pack and safe to say it has been a crazy start…



WEEK 8 Total

General Race Types:   12/48,19 places =  +36.3

Micro Angles:  3/25,7 places  = -8.2

Total including multiple qualifiers: 13/73,26 p = +28.1

Total 1x  1 point only : 12/57,20 p  = +26.3

Bonus: 0/1,0p -1


Running Total End Week  8

General Race Types: 52/291,97 places = +104.9 points

Micro Angles: 21/153,42 places = -3.7

Total including multiple qualifiers: 71/444, 139 places =  +101.2 points

Total 1x  1 point only :65/377, 119 places = +98.9 points

Bonus Stats: 1/14,3 p = -10




Brief thoughts…

These stats are performing way above my profit/ROI expectations really. I would have been happy with +100 points over the course of the whole jumps season given the approach- and for £10 per month, or around £8 if you take the annual option, I think that is decent value! (+ all the other stuff members get)

You don’t have to be a big bettor to have enjoyed the journey so far- just £2 on every selection will have been a fun and profitable ride to date.

Considering these stats do not take account of any odds caps or anything to do with the horse- all based on trainer habits/behaviour/target races at certain tracks, they are doing very well.

A picture is starting to emerge that I and fellow members may decide to take more notice of…

  1. While you can reduce your bets by crossing out horses based on a closer look,(but this is very subjective) as well as only having 1/2 points say on the odd one, certainly when it comes to the ‘general race type stats’ (all handicaps, handicap hurdle, handicap chase, NHF) it seems that if you are ever in doubt as to a horses chance on paper – ‘trust the stats’ . And that is more a general point also. I have missed the odd decent priced winner that I talked myself out of albeit I have just about avoided enough losers to more than make up for those. And i have improved myself at not leaving the unexposed types who haven’t proved they can’t handle race conditions etc.
  2. It is clear that the ‘general race type’ stats are performing best at the moment, and by quite some way compared to the micro-system stats. It will be interesting to see how they develop but certainly using the micro systems as more of a starting point could be an option. It is only a minor concern at this stage and they are only a handful of winners away from being where you would want them to be.
  3. It is also clear that just having 1 point on everything, regardless of how many angles they qualify against, doesn’t leave you at a disadvantage, and at the moment is probably the best approach. The ‘multiple’ qualifiers stats count a horse twice if they qualify against at least one ‘general race type’ stat, and one ‘micro angle stat’. Again this is something to keep an eye on.


Given the win strike rates – 17% for general handicaps, 13% for Micro Angles- we can expect the odd losing run, and the odd painful one at that. As yet we haven’t had a losing week really- we have had a break even week- but that will come at some point. But, so far so good and whenever you started following, and however you use the stats (we will all have a different approach and different figures no doubt) hopefully you have enough to play with when the losing runs do come.

As always if you want to try out the Members Club you can find out more and take the 7 day free trial HERE>>>

Or you can just buy the stats pack, stand alone, HERE>>>


As always, any questions etc then fire away below or drop me an email,

I would be delighted if you shared any success stories to date below, or how indeed you approach the stats/Members Club.  (and of course if you are not sure on the best approach etc feel free to comment also) And also if you find all the other content useful- such as big race trends, monthly research articles, free stats reports etc…





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  1. hi josh,i joined a few weeks back and be-ing on the state pension and the amount of qualifiers some days,i decided to stick to £1 a horse.working of only a £50 starting bank i am more than happy with the results and would advise any one thinking of joining to jump right seem an honest guy and for ten quid a month the service you provide is excellent,keep up your good work william

    1. Hi William, many thanks for your kind words. It was my hope that this membership fee would allow access to everyone- so good to hear you have a sensible approach that suits you and is working well. Enjoyment is the name of the game (which is linked to profit of course) but at £1 bets hopefully is doesn’t get too stressful.
      Yep I had no real idea of number of qualifiers and I would admit that there have been too many for my own comfort some days. That is why I try and cut them down a bit – but then you have the right approach to backing them all- and that is start with an amount you are comfortable with and go from there. We have had some nice winners to cheer home which adds to the fun.
      Glad to hear you are enjoying the ride!
      Brutal honesty and with any luck quality customer service are the two things you will always get from me, regardless of how the horses perform!

      1. Absolutely agree with everything you just said Josh, I often feel that you are far too hard on yourself ! I’ve been a member for quite sometime now and will continue to be even though this, being in the woodburner trade, is our busiest time of year and I don’t really dedicate enough time to follow this religiously. Obviously this has cost me and I shall follow your general race stats based upon the above and hope the stats continue. Keep up the good work and don’t let the idiots like the one that you highlighted the other day put you off.

        Regards Westy

        1. Cheers Westy – I am my toughest critic which is just how I like to be- and am for ever hunting for perfection in the 3m+ chase game/tipping game, which is of course impossible, but I have to aim high so that where I eventually land means we do ok!
          Thankfully the stats research is performing very well.

          I am never deterred by comments etc, but if someone is rude, or questions my integrity/honesty, then that annoys me- other than that, everything else is welcome! I could do with a woodburner in my Liverpool flat, but don’t think the landlord would be too happy!

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