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Not more micro systems…. I have been through my HRB account and those jumps angles hidden away that I think we may be wise to keep onside for the foreseeable future. I will post qualifiers along with those from the new ‘handicap hurdle/chase’ portfolio. I will put these in the ‘jumps angles’.

I do have others saved away but I will post them sporadically following any closer inspection of the horse’s chance. So, the ‘qualifiers’ from the two reports below will be posted in the Free Daily Posts for now.

  1. 6 More Jumps Micro Systems (these have been posted for last few months) CLICK HERE>>>
  2. New Handicap Hurdle/Chase Portfolio … CLICK HERE>>>

I will also put these links in the Free Reports/Systems Tab for future reference.


MEMBERS... Tuesday’s TTP Jumps Qualifiers/Notes for Huntingdon are up, posted HERE>>>




Monday’s 5 had everything… 2,3,W (14s), UP,UP. Not bad and a rare good day for that section.

NONE of interest today, nothing jumping out at me.




Kerry Lee Chasers

Definite Future (12/1< guide)



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  1. Josh,

    what about a system where a trainer takes one or two horses to a track, say over 200 miles from his base? Not 3 or 4 horses but only 1 or 2. I highlighted Kevin Ryan at Chelmsford in the blog and he had a 10/1 winner and a loser. Also Mark Johnston had a 50/1 winner at Yarmouth. I do not know how it would work in HRB but maybe someone wants to have a stab? I do like systems but like to keep them as simple as possible due to time constraints.

    1. Hi Martin, I take your point and J Ryan’s 10 shot went in from a 0% draw.

      Regarding Johnstone….If you go back as far as I do..i remember writing a small piece on the blog about how some trainers years ago liked to strike at 2 or more meetings clocked about the same time to run if they were out for a touch….That was the case today, after his 50/1 winner at Yarmouth 4.10. I looked at my bet [Sennockian Star at Windsor 4.30 and thought ”your going in”, but I hadn’t noticed he had two running in my race….If you watch the race again, you will see Mulrennan early on coming slowly across…he looks back…to see where Beardswood is??? who knows….but the inevitable happened. Beardswood went in. Mine was 3rd I think. Still I had a good day so I’m not, for a change.

    1. OK Josh, I will watch trainers going more than 200+ miles with one or two runners, avoiding where the two runners run in the same race, and report back if anything comes from it.

      1. I find there are 8 qualifiers for your mileage theory although another 2 could be included if the driver turns left when they should have turned right, etc….so the 8 are :-
        2.50 Meddlesome
        3.20 Duke of Firenze
        3.25 Fluspar (Galway)
        3.55 Gladiator King
        3.55 Status Quo
        5.25 Cara’s Request
        6.15 Magical Lasso
        9.15 Ryan The Giant
        2.30 Innocent Girl (197 miles)
        4.55 Mr Coolcash (195 miles)

        Keith Dalgleish has 2 running tonight at Wolverhampton, one is fancied and the other is an outsider @ 22/1 which I have backed EW

        1. OK thanks Norman. My approach is just a quick look at the days runners and see what stands out. I am taken by Sir Mark Prescott sending two to Musselburgh that were on your list, Meddlesome and Status Quo. Does he often travel past Hadrian’s Wall?

          1. PS I hear the ”Duke” (of Firenze) is in good order but is not much of a price I think.

          2. Prescott has had a passport to Scotland since 2003 (first recorded year in HRB)….in that time he has had ….(19w / 58r ) winners but there is almost no profit to be made with his runners….in fact he has had only one winner, per year, since 2007….0/2 this year.

            Strangely one of those 2 runners this year was ST MICHEL….the good thing that finished 17th on Saturday

            He might use it for a training ground…..Left hand bend with long run-in but it’s still a fair distance to travel and this is the last flat meeting at Musselburgh this year. One of his 2 runners needs to win to maintain his strike rate of 33%….but it’s not unusual for him to have a “no winners” season at the meeting

        2. Well, perhaps we should just look at cases where trainers take one horse a long distance rather than two?

          Of those main selections, David Griffiths, Mark Prescott and Keith Dalgleish horses all finished unplaced, (and they all had two runners each).

          Of the other two selections, Fluspar was 2nd at 14/1 and the other was unplaced.

  2. Away from the stats,I will have a bet on Paddy Brennans Troubled Soul Huntingdon 3.35 at 14/1 bet365,trainer does ok with chasers here and is ticking along nicely at present,nothing to suggest he has any real chance,but is unexposed over fences.The odds on fav should win but on a very uninspiring days racing is bit of value

  3. Hi All

    A further qualifier for the “Apprenrices”

    5.50 Leicester – First Summer 11.00 (George Wood for S A Harris 4 rides, 2 wins, 4 places)


  4. Hi All

    A couple of decent winners at Chelmsford last night keeping the “Polytrack” profits rolling, back to “Tapeta” tonight though which has proved much harder to find profits….Will try the same philosophy as yesterday in that I’m looking at proven sires on the course / class & distance along with the better drawn ones to narrow down the selections and hopefully find some consistent results:

    Top Draw 6F – 3,4,6,2,5
    5.45 Wolves – Swiss Cross 10.5 (Cape Cross 9 runs, 2 wins, 5 places) Drawn 4

    Top Draw 1m 11/2F – 6,8,5,4,10
    6.15 Wolves – Protest 4.5 (Fastnet Rock 2 runs, 1 win, 1 place) Drawn 4

    Top Draw 1m 11/2F – 6,8,5,4,10
    6.45 Wolves – Rebel State 3.85 (Zoffany 2 runs, 1 win, 1 place) Drawn 8

    Top Draw 5F – 12,5,10,7,6
    7.15 Wolves – Gerrards Fur Coat 50.0 (Captain Gerrard 2 runs, 1 win, 1 place) Drawn 10

    Top Draw 6F – 3,4,6,2,5
    7.45 No Selection

    Top Draw 7F – 4,2,8,5,3
    8.15 Beverley Bullet 8.4 (Makfi 2 runs, 0 wins, 2 places) Drawn 3

    Top Draw 7F – 4,2,8,5,3
    8.45 Rupert Boy 70.0 (Frozen Power 8 runs, 1 win, 3 places) Drawn 2

    Top Draw 1m 4F – 4,3,1,5,7
    9.15 No Selection


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