Trainer Track Profiles: Jumps 2016/17 – Free Members Copy

A link insider to your free Members copy of my new stats pack.

A link to your copy of my new stats pack is below…


CLICK HERE TO GET YOUR COPY OF ‘TTP: Jumps 2016/17’ >>>>

(this is an updated copy, having spotted a few typos etc)


Hopefully you do not have any problems with this working but if so get in touch. I have tried my best to ensure there are no errors within the guide but my track record could be better on that front 🙂 So, if you do spot anything untoward do let me know and I will update the guide/send out a correction.

Any questions then do email me ( or just post a comment on a daily blog post.

All the best



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  1. Thanks for the copy of ttp josh I am really looking forward to using them this jumps season ,hope it leads to a successful season either way I will enjoy the read many thanks

      1. Thanks gents, appreciated. Yep, we shall see how we get on. There will be no hiding place from it’s performance, that is for sure! It has pointed the way to a few nice winners so far, from not many meetings, and hopefully that can continue. If all 36 tracks averaged around +3 points during the season and we would be doing ok! Time will tell..

    1. Hi Pat. You and me both!! Quietly confident and will be doing my best to make it an enjoyable and profitable jumps season.

  2. Great bit of research Josh,will be using it along with my own bits and bobs,if we go with in form trainers and sensible prices should be a cracking season

    1. Cheers Gerry. Yep excited for the season ahead. Your comments/input on shortlist will be welcome as always. 8/1 winner Fontwell, 2x 12s at MR and today’s 12/1 at Warwick gives some confidence moving forwards! Excited to see how the micro angles get on collectively.

    1. No problem Tom. Yep I am pleased with how it has come out and believe a few of the angles will give us an edge/highlight horses that we may otherwise skip past… without those stats for Foundation Man yesterday I don’t think I would have looked at that race, for example. And neither with the two 12/1 winners at Market Rasen.

  3. Hi Josh Thanks for the Jumps Profile, a bit busy at the moment so thanks for the input on the runners in the blog.

    1. No problem Roy– yep I thought the Daily Notes would help with those pushed for time. Means what time you do have can be spent on the important bit – which is working out how/if to play them. Or, in a worst case, you may just trust the stats and play them all if in a rush! Some days that may work very well, others not so much!

  4. Josh thanks for the Stats Pack,a great read has usual,i was a paid member last season but took of when the flat started,i have rejoined the members club now the proper racing is best of luck for the new season,if its has good has last season we are in for a good one.its good to be back.Cheers BoB

    1. Hi Bob, great to have you back! Yep I don’t blame you for leaving during the flat haha – i really need to work out what I can provide of value for that next season! Or maybe we go all out on the Summer jumps- but that may be jumps fatigue come this time of year, which wouldn’t be great.
      Anyway, yep I will be trying my best to make it a fun journey for us all. Josh

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