Sunday’s Post.

A holding post. If I am back from Reading in time I will post any system qualifiers etc. Hopefully you good readers can fill in any blanks in the meantime. 🙂 (thanks in advance)

Have a great weekend.


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  • August Trainer Qualifiers
    Beverley 2.55 Bounds
    Yarmouth 3.20 Carson City
    Yarmouth 5.05 Tatlisu

    Karl 1 year ago Reply

  • thanks Karl. Can always count on someone round these parts

    Ali 1 year ago Reply

  • TTP system quals:

    3.10 Goo – New Caledonia
    3.30 Bev – Yorkindred spirit

    Ali 1 year ago Reply

  • Thanks Karl & Ali……saves me some time…


    Tony Mc. 1 year ago Reply

  • Hi All

    Another test for today focusing on Yarmouth with the following criteria:

    Race Distance, Year 2016, Going Gd – Gd-Fm, Selected Stallions gives figures for each distance as follows:

    5F – 19 bets, 9 wins, 47.37% win SR, 13 plavces 68.42% place SR
    6F – 39 bets, 17 wins, 43.59% win SR, 28 places, 71.79% place SR
    7F – 33 bets, 15 wins, 45.45% win SR, 25 places, 75.76% place SR
    !m – 37 bets, 15 wins, 40.54% win SR, 23 places, 75.68% place SR
    1m 2F – 23 bets, 8 wins, 34.78% win SR, 20 places, 86.96% place SR

    This gives us a full list of selections for today as follows:

    2.15 We’ll Shake Hands 3.6
    2.45 Exmouth 4.6 & Awafaa 5.8
    3.20 Happy Queen 8.8 & Benidiction 16.0
    3.55 Folkswood 2.32, Lord George 8.8 & Haalan 11.0
    4.30 Palmerston 3.65 & Ballet Concerto 4.3
    5.05 Ifwecan 5.5 & Carnival King 12.0
    5.40 Dark Wonder 14.5

    Was looking to breakdown furher by draw but no real bias with a spread of winners across the draw

    Some interesting viewing nonetheless

    Good Luck

    Steve Wiseman 1 year ago Reply

    • Hi Steve….sorry I just got in…

      3.20…best 2 on Happy Queen and Jumping Around…22% and 20%

      I’ll look at others if I can. Guests have arrived…O no.

      tonymc 1 year ago Reply

      • Hi Tony

        Hope you had a good afternoon with guests and managed to nab a couple of the bigger price winners. Overall it went very well with 4 winners, 2 x 2nds, 2 x 3rds & 2 x 4ths…..defo more closer inspection required but using sires combined with track & ground conditions and current year is providing some good winners so this could well be used at each track along with a breakdown of the draw for the current year also.

        Steve Wiseman 1 year ago Reply

        • I’m cursing Steve, I managed a bet on the early races, but the people had come a long way so I had to attend…and missed the latter choices…..Grrrr!.
          This is fantastic Steve…I’m just going to run them now against my draw signatures…I’ll let you know. I’m sure there is an avenue for this Steve…. But fantastic work mate.


          tonymc 1 year ago Reply

        • It’s as you said Steve….nothing really stood out draw wise…..
          Dark Wonder maybe the exception. and some others close to even along the width of the draw… it would appear the stronger bias on a pretty even draw bias is your Sire strategy…It’s a cracker. The stats never lie.

          Cheers mate.

          tonymc 1 year ago Reply

  • Beverley Micro
    Mark Johnston/ Joe Fanning
    Yorkindred Spirit 3:30 Bev

    Bill Hawksworth 1 year ago Reply

  • Sorry Ali just read you have already put this one up 🙁

    Bill Hawksworth 1 year ago Reply

    • Different system to the TTP one though!

      Ali 1 year ago Reply

  • Thanks Steve for your post got the last 3 winners…..sadly not in a trixie

    Dan boulton 1 year ago Reply

    • Your welcome Dan glad you got the bigger price ones 🙂

      Steve Wiseman 1 year ago Reply

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