A video tour of your new blog with yours truly. I even put on a shirt for the occasion… (no tie though)

Hello. What follows is a brief ‘over the shoulder’ video tour of your new blog, with yours truly. It may be worth a few minutes of your time as I explain the different bits and the odd thing that is coming up…



Enjoy. Let me know what you think and as always, if you have any questions post them below or drop me an email.



p.s Oh and if videos are your thing you can head over to my YOUTUBE CHANNEL HERE>>> There are plenty there you may wish to flick through. Make a big pot of tea and settle down 🙂



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  1. Hi Josh, I have on occasion tried to read your blog but find it beyond my concentration and time available along with several others I receive each day. I am sure many people enjoy reading these and have a few spare hours to do so but it currently takes me into the wee small hours to sort out my main bets for the next day. I try to pick out the salient points and skip the padding. However your writing comes across as an honest endeavour to tell the story in an interesting way and I wish you every success whilst hoping for some brevity. My main purpose as a small bettor is to find a few winners to lift my 85 year old spirits.

    1. Hi Alex – ah yes, well I can struggle for brevity at times- that is very true.

      I try and put any ‘tipped horses’ – either ‘Tips’ or ‘Stats/Angles of Interest’ in a prominent place on the blog and you can jump straight to the horses and ignore my rambling write ups if you so wish. Maybe I should move up any tips right to the top when done – and then if you wish to scroll down to read more that is up to you!

      It is difficult to please everyone obviously. I know many like reading everything, but I would think, like you, some are put off etc.


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