Members Report: 19/06/16 (COMPLETE)

Royal Ascot: I took a different approach this year with some trainer micro systems – an approach I hadn’t tried for this meeting before. In the end the final tally for the main 5 trainer systems was +11 points. (based on 1 point win bets, all qualifiers) So, not too bad and a decent enough return, whatever your staking amount. If some of the research for John Gosden has been a bit sharper pre-meeting, we would have had another +20 points to add onto that. Plenty of stats pointed to that one but I didn’t dig as deep as I could have with one of the angles, which lent itself to another micro angle. But, there is always next year! 

I only tipped in one race and clearly shouldn’t have bothered! 🙂 You know how much not getting a run for my money annoys me – albeit my saver bet very nearly rescued the day. Shared Equity ran ok for the most part – it looked like there was a clear track bias and no surprise I suppose that there was fresher ground on the stands side. But, I have tried to guess such things before and picked horses on one side, only for the other to dominate – so picking one from each side is never a bad strategy. He is a decent horse and will win races again. Salateen – well best just move on there. No excuses, he just ins’t in form and is maybe being aimed at something- possibly at York. One to keep an eye on as he clearly has some talent there somewhere. 

The winner – Outback Traveller – well I tipped him LTO and it is always annoying when they go on to win. But, I am content with having left him on price ground. If he were 16s-20s I would probably still be staring out the window wondering why I didn’t take a stab. But, in the context of one major trend he fell down on (7th or worse finish LTO were 0/170 odd, 16 places) and the fact I thought he was really poor LTO – travelled well and just cut out, and stamina wasn’t the issue. All in all, in the context of his price, that was enough for me to leave him. 

So, what can we learn? Well, Cowell’s C2 sprint handicappers that are more fancied still need to be kept on the right side of. He clearly knows how to trainer speed into horses and has turned that 7f horse into a 6f horse with a decent finishing burst- funny how in the interview with C4 post race he gave impression he didn’t know how he trainer speed into them or what he did. You have to smile! Clever man. Most important I think is about the horse- post race Harley said that he hit the front too soon LTO – and he hates being in front for too long. So, rather than being out of form on his last run, he just rather threw in the towel when hitting the front (he did look like the winner from 3 to 2 furlongs out, before going backwards) And, he almost pulled himself up this time as well, but was delivered to perfection. He is clearly tricky. Not one that got away, but one maybe where some more thinking was required as to that last run, in the context of the horses attitude. 


The Betting School – Betting Insiders Club…

Dr Nick Hardman  – their resident big race tipster  – ended the week on +96 points profit. Quite mind blowing. That is based on 2 point bets (2 point win or 1 point EW)  – but even if you used 1 points that is still some return. Phenomenal. 

He uses trends, stats and clearly a rather big brain to narrow down on value picks, tipping in most races. He has been in brilliant form for sometime now. Anyway, now may be as good a time as any to have a look. The link below takes you to another video where I think they discuss some of his methods…





June Trainer

5.10 Ponte – Mr Orange (18/1<) 3rd 12/1


Pam Sly (any odds): 4.40 Ponte – Ghinia UP



3.10 Ponte – Farnham (9/1<) DNQ

4.40 Ponte – Simply Shining (9/1<) UP


That is all on the horses front for today. 

Enjoy what is left of your weekend, 



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  1. There is an interesting horse in the 3.30 Chivago Outfit at around 9/1,can ignore the pu last time out,he got taken on for the lead and sulked,that is only worry today,will something take on this course specialist,if not and he gets in a rhythm in front he could lead them a merry dance,the layout of the track is such that some win there and nowhere else,5 of his 6 wins came here

    1. yep, a find old servant and can see why at the prices you would be tempted. He should get an easy lead here albeit the Pipe horse wont be far away and his younger legs may keep him closer than ideal for CF – but, if he can get out in front and make lengths at fences, he could go close – his rating is the concern but he comes alive around here so maybe he can defy it. If the blinkers work again for CC then I would say he is the one to fear – but they may not,and he is clearly a bit of a character.
      Anyway, good luck if you have a go – you should get a good spin, just whether something younger/more progressive, has too much for him late on.

  2. Josh thanks for the heads up on the Geegeez Ascot offer for a quid. Since signing up I can’t leave it alone. Had several winners so far including good old Megalala at 16/1 last night. Still exploring the site and keep unearthing things. Brilliant site and thanks again.

    1. Hi Jon, thanks for the comment and glad you enjoying your geegeez experience so far! It’s comments like that why I never apologise for ‘pushing’ ‘Gold’ because it is just superb – if you want to take that approach etc, and it isn’t for everyone. There is plenty to get stuck into but sounds like you have had a good start- it can get a bit addictive!

  3. Hi Josh, do you have a link to sign up to or trial this betting school please? Can’t seem to find one….

    1. Hi Rich…ah I thought post the short video there was a link or something. I have found another link and added it above, which takes you to the main betting-school sign up… (30 day money back guarantee etc)

  4. Hi josh I’ve lost my download of summer jumps meetings is there any way I could get it again cheers

  5. I followed Nicks tips for Ascot haha! Forgot that on course profits sends them out to gold subscribers 😉

    1. Ah well drinks on you James, well done! I don’t know about your final point – can you explain – I know about on course profits obviously, what are gold subscribers? That a subscription part of On course profits?…

      1. Yeah it’s a subscription part where you get some extra research plus Nicks tips for the festivals for a shade under £20 a year! That’s the subscription paid for the next decade from ascot alone lol some nice wins from your systems at the festival too 😀

        1. Ah ok, yep that makes sense. Well they are all from the same ‘stable’ so to speak I believe. Yep, he has been on fire. Clearly got his trends approach nailed and ability to pick the right ones on the shortlist! Yep, happy enough with how they performed. Could have been better, could have been worse – but the signs – esp Punchy/AIntree and now Royal Ascot are promising for that approach. Onwards.

  6. I made 17 points on your Ascot micos Josh ny having a bit more on some of the shorties so all in all a good meeting. Any idea how Cleeve did this year?

    1. Ah good to hear Andy – yep all there for you to interpret as you please and glad you made a bit more than the official results. The Gosden winner would have topped it off but there we go. Nope I don’t know how they did this year – I will find out, they usually update their results every month so will see. They have had a hard time of it in recent months but Ascot was usually a profit fest for them so we shall see.

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