Members Report: 28/04/16 (COMPLETE)

Not much to report for the blog on Wednesday but after a good start to the week where the ‘Stats/Angles of Interest’ (+13) + the main micro systems from guide (+7)cleared +20 points profit, we were due a losing day. (that’s if you backed them all to 1 point win bets) Moving on…

In better news, hopefully Donations Club members may have used the Punchestown notes to good effect. I personally backed 4 Jessica Harrington runners, finishing 4th (12/1,EW), 1st (12/1>9/2), 3rd (25/1 EW) and 2nd (9/2, win only). Mullins had a 14/1 NHF winner that I didn’t back, but if using one set of stats highlighted (all his NHF runners going off 14/1 or shorter) hopefully some may have backed him. Alas he would have ‘qualified’ for the main NHF angle I looked at if going off at 12/1 or shorter (was 0/8,0 places with such runners 14/1+ before that) But, odds caps, esp on boundary are only ever a guide, and even more so with meeting micro angles like that. One that got away for me maybe. Damn. 



After some thought I have decided to post the main trainer system bets from my Trainer Track Profiles: Flat 2016 guide in the daily posts, as a trial. These are the ones found at the end of each track profile. (some tracks have none, some have 2) Why…

  1. Well, these are new systems, researched before this season and they have not been tested live. There is a case that there is no better place to test them than in the live amphitheater of these pages 🙂 They could bomb out, or if history repeats, as a portfolio, they will do very well. (obviously I have confidence that they will do well, and have started backing them accordingly) 
  2. I am conscious that the majority of readers have not bought a guide and will be getting these system selections for free so to speak. But, as I say they are not a finished product – very much in test, they are only a very small part of the guide, and if successful they may convince some more of you to get a copy 🙂 If it becomes apparent that those of you who have bought a guide detest this info being posted for free then I will have a re-think!
  3. For those that have bought the guide this saves you trawling through cards to find the main system bets, or using up valuable HorseRaceBase system slots. And it frees up time to use all the other great stats (general stats+micro angles) to pick out some bets. 
  4. When there are busy days for the main systems I will be more selective with other horses I put up, derived from my interpretation of the stats – too much content and there would be no point in owning a guide 🙂
  5. There may be the odd day when I am unable to post the qualifiers. This will be rare, and you will have advanced warnings as to when those days are – so you can find them yourselves! 

I hope that sounds reasonable. Any problems/issues/questions etc then do get in touch. 






Jumps Handicappers

6.15 Sedge- Dalby Spook (12/1<) 



(remember these are newly researched and have never been tested ‘live’. Smaller stakes or paper trading may be advisable for some time. You should probably have a separate bank – I would hope 50 points would be sufficient) 

4.10 Redcar: Dandyleekie (12/1<) UP



7.20 Sedge – Beaumont’s Party– 14/1- 12/1 – Trainer and Jockey are 5/17,6 places at the track in the last 5 years, 4/12 in handicaps. The trainer is in decent enough form, the horse has won over CD and should appreciate the better ground. In what is a weak race on paper, he stands out as a ‘stats way in’ at those odds. 

Those stats are from GEEGEEZ GOLD, which, along with HorseRaceBase I would be lost without. You can find out more and take a two week trial (£5) of what has to be the best form/research tools in racing HERE>>>


That is all for today. Post Complete




I will just leave a subtle link at the bottom of the daily posts…you can get your copy, +60 day no questions asked money back guarantee below…


I will update readers periodically on how the main system bets get on – they have had a decent enough start. However you use the guide, you are sure to have plenty of fun with it. Those that have bought a copy have already used it to find plenty of decent winners. 

And, you can also get a 50% discount if you join the Donations Club below…



Donations…Join The Club…

If you enjoy the blog and may even profit from my advice, why not donate today? You can join the monthly ‘Donations Club’ below – members of which will receive added benefits in the weeks and months ahead – reports for free (that I would otherwise charge for), discounted reports,exclusive reports, plus much more is in the pipeline.

So far members have received my Cheltenham Stats pack for free (worth £17) and an exclusive report for Aintree. There will be something for Punchestown and plenty of stuff for the Flat will be sent out in the coming weeks/months. Members will also get a near 50% discount on my new Flat Guide: Trainer Track Profiles: Flat 2016,  which is out now.  

Or, you can chip in as and when suits you, with ad hoc donations also. 

I appreciate any donations that are sent my way. They will allow the blog to remain free at the point of use, ensuring no barriers to access – and they allow me to focus on making it, and your experience,the best that it can be. 

So, go on, what are you waiting for 🙂 …

You Can Join My Monthly DONATIONS CLUB below (via Paypal)



(at the moment there is no difference in ‘service’ for want of a better word between those two amounts above… you all get added to the same email lost. At the moment it is about the value you place on the blog etc – eg many of you may back the tips to different amounts..those on £5 per point may think £12 suits them,those betting £20 per point may think £17 is reasonable, for example)






Here you go Josh, I would be happy to contribute a small amount right now… 🙂 

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  1. At Fishers Cross looks absolutely thrown in tomorrow in the 18:05 at Punchestown. He is actually 4lbs lower than he was at Aintree. It helps that Curtis broke her Punchestown festival duck today. She said she was really impressed with the jockey who was on board and will be again tomorrow. Ran very well over course and distance a couple of years here in a Grade 1 also. My other bet is a bit of a punt in the Cross Country race earlier in the card (feel free to think I have gone mad). A number of these have had hard seasons. The one horse which will have been trained with this race in mind is Jacks Island. One of only 2 horses which have won this in the past and whilst his recent efforts have been woeful he ran ok last October. I don’t think he is quite over the hill just yet. He is 100/1 with most bookies but Paddy Power have him 66/1 without the favourite. I personally think that’s too big so have had a small e/w bet. Other than those I am hoping there is more too come from Jessica tomorrow.

    1. At Fishers Cross does not look like it wants to win when it runs to me. head carriage etc. JP is going well this week though and so that is in the horse’s favour.

  2. Thats fair enough josh and there is still plenty more in the stats for buyers.some good bread and butter racing at sedgefield tomorrow.kenneth slack could have few winners but all a bit short.Dr Richard has discay in the 6.50,short enough at 3/1,im taking small interest and also 8.20 on Mutdula,with swinbank/moloney combo,just a punt at 8/1 that better ground might suit better now even though up against it probably

  3. Did you know.. Willie Mullins landed a 3,273/1 five timer on last year’s corresponding Thursday card at Punchestown!!!. stat from Geegeez placepot blog

    1. Blimey – well one of his in 6.05 is being well backed I think, Townsend on – maybe we should get creative with a few!

      1. The father and son combo won the last race yesterday ( I did say The Nipper was not that fancied!), so two in two days plus 2 losers I think?

  4. 6.15 isnt Sendiym also a system bet?

    might be worth noting now that Sayer is finally hitting some winners in

    1. ah, sorry, no youre right. age filter

      nonetheless Sendiym is much easier to fancy than the other Sayer animal

      back on a great mark, better ground and track he likes. e/w chance

      plus, Sayer is profitable with 9yr old Hcap hurdlers as a whole anyway, so the fact it doesnt fit the system doesnt put me off

      1. Yep, on jockey bookings I would tend to agree with you and Dalby has had many a chance – market will guide as usual with hers and looks like may go off outside of range, albeit a long time away yet and market wont be settled down etc. GL

  5. Thank you Josh … that helps a lot … I never seem to find the time and can never relay on my trusty assistant…. too much mindfulness going on!! I have to say that this is turning into a very interesting and informative blog and I really enjoy and appreciate all the open and honest contributions.

    1. Thanks Richard, glad you approve. Yep, the blog appears to be heading in the right direction thanks to all of you fine readers! You will always get 100% transparency and honesty on these pages.

  6. Josh, having purchased the TTP and then having e-mailed you with a suggestion that may be you could put some of the selections up so that we did not miss them, I think you have reached a compromise that will be acceptable to all who have purchased, and those that have not purchased and maybe a slightly bigger discount than you had planned for say your Royal Ascot special, for those that have purchased TTP would be the icing on the cake (well if you don’t ask you don’t get LOL)…keep up the great work!

    1. Thanks Ian… Royal Ascot – the ‘Track Profile’ for that week will be a free post/report I suspect. And then I may do some more detailed notes for DC members, much like Aintree/Punchestown to date.

  7. Morning Josh,
    Another fine day yesterday thanks to Woodland Opera.
    Sir Scorpion for me in the 3.40 might need a wheelbarrow if he wins.

    1. Morning Linda, Haha good stuff – yep Sir Scorpion doesn’t qualify on my main micro angle – but small numbers and you do well with all of T Mullins runners going off 16/1 or shorter, as you no doubt know! – and I may have had a nibble myself! Good Luck, and I hope that wheelbarrow is required.

  8. Richard Fahey today horses
    INAAM (3.20) at Lingfield
    Fahey also has two massive chances at Redcar in ZAHRAT NARJIS (3.35) and JORDAN SPORT (4.05) while SEMRA (5.05 Lingfield) should have won last time and could make amends today.
    Richard Johnson travels north for two rides, both for Brian Ellison, DOWN TIME 6.15

    1. Good Luck Pab, yep the travels of Dickie catch the eye and on the first day of the season you know Dave Roberts will be doing his best to win yet another jockeys title- and the next 4/5 months are crucial in building up the winners etc.

  9. To be honest Josh its a good idea. I will buy a copy regardless but in effect as well as having the copy I get you flagging up selections, for me its great because of time constraints, I trust your eyes so its double bubble….:-)

  10. I think it’s a good idea Josh….then if that’s not enough to entice, well best left. Typical me…I got TTP before I joined the club…lol. missed the discount….ha ha.
    Josh is the Midgely …Fanning combo due to kick in soon……the small fields one. I lost a lot of records on my pc. But I remember that one as good. Also wasn’t there a special one for Midgely in June…..sorry for the multiple queries..i know you must be busy.
    Cheers…and in your own time.

    1. Cheers Tony…I lose track myself haha – yep, Midgely was a monthly trainer last year – I research all of those afresh before each month, and that reminds me, I should get digging for May!! Albeit I save them up and will dig them out. I will have a look at Fanning – was I posting qualifiers for one of those on here?? I forget but will dive back in and have a look. Thanks for multiple reminders!

  11. Discoverie 6.50 Sedgefield looks a good prospect…..3 wins and 4 places here from only 9 runs…is 6/1 at the moment..
    Any thoughts folks.

  12. Hi josh I think it’s a great idea to put up the main system bets from the TTS as I also don’t have enough time to check each with work etc.
    also I would like to say a big thank you to the rest of the guys and girls fir sharing some good stuff and Martin for his usful info.

    1. Thanks Stac, appreciated. Yep, hopefully the time that you do then have you can dedicate to using all the other stats and picking out a horse or two of interest. Yep a growing community of folk who are happy to put up what they like and why – all adds to the usefulness of these pages.

  13. tony
    i have discoverie down for the 6.50
    i put up a post saying that brooke has won 9 of his last 17 rides when riding for trainer slack at the course

  14. Hi Josh, totally agree with all the comments above and time is always a constraint, so any help is always appreciated.. Totally enjoy the rapport and input from some very knowledgeable people on here. good luck all.

  15. Where’s that man Andy gone?? Elusive Ivy!!!! Super stuff, I do hope after missing cut yesterday you had another go – I certainly had a nibble!

    1. BOOM….as I said in reply to Andy yesterday Elusive Ivy had been put up by one of my paid Tipsters in their Punchestown Lucky 15 “with a run” , today they discussed the shorter trip for Elusive Ivy and just preferred another horse – The Brock Inn, I decided to back both each way and have a reverse forecast, just a coupe of quid but BOOM…happy days…

      1. Ohh nice. Top work bringing up the FC in a race like that. Blimey. You don’t need much on at those odds to pay for a few trips to the pub!

        1. CSF £255.68 – I think probably about the 10th time in my life I have done one but their enthusiasm about Elusive Ivy yesterday and The Brock in today persuaded me. I shall re-invest some of it in some more subscriptions as my Irish racing knowledge is zilch and it adds to my betting bank to follow your own excellent tips and systems.

          1. PS….Thanks of course to Andy as his comments added to the others made it such a strong tip….

  16. Hi Guys few Tips for Punchestown racing tonite? After reading some of the comments from the post, Seems “Elusive Ivy” Ran well very disappointed I didn’t place a bet on last night .. Couldn’t ot on this site until now #Gutted but hoping could get a winner before end of the races tonite

  17. Josh this site never fails to amaze. After Your Fired on Sat just watched elusive ivy win after backing her at 20s last night Keep it up lads and lasses Looking ahead to Sat methinks D Omeara has Fort Bastion plotted up for the Thirsk Hunt Cup and saying a litte prayer that Rafa manages to work the miracle with the toon

  18. Just noticed that Haines is going at Chelmsford this evening, 7.30. Good record at the track in this type of race. Appreciate he is racing against horses from the man stables but the 3/1 is ok based upon his record.

    1. I like Daisy Boy in this. Has excellent Chelmsford Sire stats 9Cape Cross) and has proven course form in the book already. Looks like it will get an easy lead at a track that has a major bias for front runners/prominent racers. I shall save stake on Dannyday who also has good sire stats (Dansili).

  19. if you had looked at the bare stats in the 3.40 Gavin Cromwell 4-8 at track jockey 3-6,unfortunately it eluded me as only looked after race was over

    1. you use my Punchy stats for that? Hendos record over 3m/3m1 / hncp hurdle..?? Glad someone did, may have had a nibble at 20s, as well as the 3rd, and the 5th all EW. Well done.

    1. good stuff…agree, I was focused on the Mullins pair – 5th got a horrible run through I think, chopped off a few times – and then the blue cap came from nowhere! Tipped him at Cheltenham – so that run was clearly just a bad day at office (may have bounced from his first run after monster break).

  20. 2 from 4 for Brooke and slack at sedgefield tonite ,,,,
    Chepstow tomorrow tom Marquand standing dish on 3 and 4yo plus horses at track

    1. Ah I assume that may mean you were on Cup Final Bill, i do hope so anyway! Yep, those stats have worked well in general this week so far, happy enough.

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