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VERY IMPORTANT: Rather embarrassingly quite a major error was brought to my attention in my Trainer Track Profiles Report – and specifically the Handicap Debut stats for PONTEFRACT – I am aware of what I did wrong (clicked wrong box near the one I was meant to in HRB,maybe not enough,or too much, coffee that day! And I am confident that is the only such error) 

Anyway, Page 72 is the culprit and it is just the ‘Handicap Debut Stats‘ for Pontefract. You can find a replacement page, with the correct stats, below. Of course you are all welcome to get hold of this one page, whether you have bought the guide or not, but this is the easiest way to amend that error. Apologies again…




Well if you are still not convinced as to the potential  power of trainer track stats then well, you never will be. And that is fair enough. But you are missing out. 

I was hoping the flat season would see my ‘Stats/Angles of Interest’ section of the blog add a bit more value to our punting day and so far so good. 

I put up 5 horses on Monday and they finished… 1,1,UP,1,4… at morning odds of 5/1, 5/1, 7/2, 10/1 (4th) 

I also said that all of Adiran Keatley’s runners at Ayr were worthy of note – two more won at 5/4 and 8/1 – I dismissed the first on odds, and didn’t quite fancy the other one on paper – sometimes you should just trust the stats!! (I did have a bet in the end, for small money,due to success of others earlier on) 

I do like trainer stats, especially on the Flat! I should have put some in multiples, I never do! 🙂 (again!) Clearly not all days are like that, but it does show the potential. 1 point win on all bets would have left a +11.5 point profit – or £230 to £20 stakes. That will do nicely for a quiet Monday afternoon.  



NONE today.  




Meehan Maidens: 4.30 Bath: Ma Peek (any odds) UP

A King Flat (16/1<): 4.45 Nott – Paddys Runner UP

Pam Sly Females (any odds) 

2.35 Nott: Roxie Lot NR

3.05 Nott: Ghinia – 2nd 7/1>5/1



Remember these are NOT tips, just stats pointers and ‘ways in’. I would hope on the Flat that they will become profitable to back blind/systematically but as yet that is unproven.  

Using my stats guide a few caught the eye. I won’t keep revealing the stats but if you have a guide you will know why the ‘way in’ caught the eye. This is a more ‘considered’ list, from an initial longer list of horses of interest. I may well have ended up highlighting the wrong ones! 


5.05 – Scarpeta – 10/12nd 11/2 – goes here for Johnston. He ticks a few stats boxes for his type of winners here and has been gelded since last run. Jockey is 2/7,4 places at the track, and given what Charlie Johnston has said in the past (they use jockey/track stats to influence riding plans) maybe that is no accident that he has been booked. (albeit a small sample) 


4.05 – Nag’s Wags – 11/2WON 4/1 –This trainer does well here and he is also in decent form. He is also 2/6,3 places with stable newcomers 1st time out from other yards in the last year. (that stat from Geegeez Gold Reports) There is a line of blue on oddschecker which would add to confidence at this early stage. Fitness is a question. 

4.40 – Port Lairge – 7/1 – UP goes for a trainer that does well here also, and even more so when this jockey is up. They team up with one in the 3.30 but he seems weak in the market and goes up against a few race fit rivals, he is shorter than this one also. This one had a pipe opener LTO over a trip that stretched him and he may put up a more promising performance today. 


3.35 – MistyMoistyMorning – 40/1 -UP-  Gosden looks to have a hot pot in here but I have seen worse 40/1 shots- maybe he wont be fit but race conditions should be fine and his geegeez speed figure is interesting. The stat is from Geegeez Gold also – Ryan is 3/11,4 places with stable newcomers 1st time out in last year and a couple have gone in at decent odds I believe. He may not be winning this but now the Fahey horse is out,he could grab place money. Maybe. (all the caveats!) 

4.10- Mollies Girl – 25/1 – UP- Trainer and jockey do well here. I may want to see some money come, or maybe not a drift, but she steps up quite a bit in distance and has 103 days off the track – one of those strange breaks which catches the eye – could be positive, could be negative. It is only her second turf start also and could be another lively outsider. 


That is all for today. Post Complete





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74 Responses

  1. 4.45 Nottingham – Maoi Chinn 12/1 has popped up on my horseracebase, a Candlish lower class turf hcapper. very profitable last two seasons

    no doubt around stable form. freshness and track a positive for the horse

      1. Horse had good little profile as well – 3/4 at track before, and 3/4 after a break of 121+ in handicaps. Nice.

      2. Kicking myself for not backing Mao…already had a tip for hurry home poppa-and thought the Jenny Candish angle was only for 5-8f????
        So I ignored having a bet on it…damn!!

        1. Hi Josh,
          Regarding the stats Jenny Candish and Mao and the 5- 8fur. I backed Mao on it’s the horses form at the distance , sometimes you have todo some checking and look for value, always use the stats as a starting point and look for well hcp horses and trainers in form . Had Fahey winner and Harington and Candish winners to small stakes. Great forum well done Josh and to all who contribute on here.

  2. hi josh
    I recently completed a survey for matt from geegeez, about a petition to make bookmakers accept any bet up to £25. I was wondering if you can get on the bandwagon for this? I have been restricted by EVERY online bookmaker offering BOG. 16 of them. if anyone knows of number 17 please let me know! BET 365 being the latest, would not accept 20p treble, only 18p !!!! really is ludricous! it was in paper about the high street bookies making 1.6 BILLION pounds profit in 6 months from shop machines, thats about same amount as defence budget.! they should not have a licence if all they are saying is bet with us as long as you lose! which is what they appear to be saying

    1. yep, someone did post link to petition s a couple of weeks back but I will did it out/find it online and put it up more prominently. AH i thought B365 were good, clearly I havent won enough! Can you not get a decent sized single on with them even?

  3. hi josh
    BET 365 did let me win more than others. I was trying to hang on to the account, all those lovely free bets I got. never putting more than £70 on a single and I stopped withdrawing from the account, hoping might prevent being restricted, but when got to over £12000, they restricted me. most managed now to get on single was £4, usually only offer about £2. now only put couple quid on offer race for free bet. gutted to lose BET365.

  4. Wow…stuck £2.50 e/w on Misty at 66/s with Ladbrokes earlier – they’ve just cut it into 11s. Still some 50s out there if anyone wants to take a punt.

      1. Your account must be marked! 🙂 There isnt any market support really – who knows, if he is fit he may grab 3rd – market suggests may just be a potter around out the back!

  5. further to losing my BET365 account. just shows you how desperate I was to keep it, I sent them an e-mail saying that they are missing a trick by restricting me.
    I said that since 1 november I have won over 500 points to 1 point level bets, so if you keep my account as is I will put all my bets on by 1 hour before first race.
    you then put twice as much as I have staked on betfair. that way you win and I win. they did reply, but said what exactly are you suggesting. I thought it was clear enough? .

    1. They can lay off on Betfair, Malcolm, but apparently can’t use it as freely punters do, just to lay off their liabilities…don’t know the ins-and-outs but essentially to stop them distorting the markets. Hope you were playing £50 a point.

  6. Is Malcolm really Hans Christian Anderson or is he a genius tipster. 500 pts profit since November.£12000 in an account. You ought to be running your own service as i am sure people would be queuing up to join.
    Start proofing tips on here and lets see whats your secret.

  7. Josh, is not Cilaos Emery a qualifier, re Mullins NHF no runs, 7.15 PU. I had a look last night and thought it qualified?

    1. Hi Martin, I should have included him in ‘the notes’ – I removed it as an ‘official Micro Angle’ for want of a better phrase, but you are quite correct. No Run, or 1st/2nd LTO, 12/1<. Simple enough approach.

  8. hi paul
    my 1 point has been £100 since 27 february, was putting £70 on till restricted last week

  9. hi roddo

    I do not mean this in a nasty way, but you do not get restricted by 16 bookmakers for being hans christian andersson. my exact level stakes 1 point profit
    since 1 november 2015 to yesterday is + 527.15. some but very few are 2 point bets, about 5%, if that.

  10. Im not being nasty either. What you are saying takes a lot of swallowing. All i am asking is to give us lesser mortals a chance to make a few quid by placing your selections on here and then the doubt is removed. Simple solution really. Had a feeling that Andersson was spelt differently.Thanks for putting up the correct spelling. I am here to learn Malcolm.

    1. Well I am quite taken aback that someone who has made £35k + in 6 months I believe, likes to read this blog haha- can I claim any of the credit for that, any of the stats?? 🙂

      In all seriousness, Well done, that is top betting – one day I may reach those heights but I am quite comfortable with my £20 per point and £5-8k per year – with any luck. Blimey.

      Yes, please do share some of your methods if you wish, without giving away too much!

    2. I set out to make £20K per year but am not on target at present. I do get restricted by bookmakers but there are so many online ones now that it will take me 5 years to exhaust them. I also go in to Maidstone sometimes with cash. There are 7 different shops around the high street. Worth a go if you do not want to draw attention to yourself online every day.

    3. I don’t think its really far fetched to get that in 4-5 months just depends on how many services you use. If you cloned Josh three times you would be there since the start of the year! Between my own stuff, Josh and two paid tipsters I use I would say I am not far off that although a reasonable chunk of that has come from multiples. Don’t get me wrong I have got there through trial and error and there are a number of tipsters I have tried and discarded. There are a lot of people out there who put up great results but unless you get on within 10 minutes of them being posted you wont get the price. The other thing is you need to be looking at each independent tipster separately and on their own long term merits and not be afraid of having the occasional race where you have 4+ runners because everyone likes something different since the day you start leaving one out is the day things start going wrong. Its now been two years but I am still learning things. You do have to be willing to ride the variance which comes with this since the potential swings can be big although being from a poker background that helps since its far easier to place a bet than spend an hour grinding the cash tables online when you’re running badly. Also I probably wouldn’t be doing this many bets if I hadn’t already had sufficient profits behind me.

  11. my bets are from systems and paid for tipsters and one of my own that cannot disclose to protect my prices. I have made + 527 points profit, but all with systems and paid for tipsters some bets are the same so thinking about it more than 5% will have more than 1 point on it,2 or even 3 points sometimes, but the +527 is fact.
    I cannot give selections fro paid tipsters on here. what I can say is the very best of my paid tipsters is only allowing 200 to join, so as you are my kind of people,
    why not you be one of the 200. I paid £156 on 28 january for EARLY ODDS for 6 months. I have not updated the results, but what I can tell you is all bets are 1 point wins, to 13 april are + 162 to level 1 point wins, in lees than 3 months. e-mails are bit strange, as can send 2 e-mails in one so to speak.I have to go in twice to pick up 2nd . he is from montenegro and is a genius! join quick while you can

  12. Tell us more Pab…what is this Bitcoin u speak of??aive heard a little about it being the next form of online currency or something….?
    Please shed some light-as I’m sure everyone here would like to have no restrictions…..

    1. Bitcoin is digtal currency fully exchangable,Neteller accept bitcoin,there are double way btc cards,all services are from uk,
      it is becouse uk is biggest digital currency hub in the world
      will write you later about betting sevices,i am in place where i have very limited acces to internet

    1. Malcolm I have no reason to doubt you but in my experience Bet Fan are one of the worst of culprits of paid for Tipsters. I tried them quite early on in their existence a service called Shrewd Tipster and found massive irregularities in what they sent out and what they self proofed, a common failing; and no independent corroboration of their proofing at all. I tried a service of theirs again in Autumn 2015 this one was called Chris Anzani Racing, it was awful and as before what was on their website had no correlation with what was sent out. After numerous complaints, they did at least have the good grace to offer me a partial refund, that was after I threatened them with the Advertising Standards Authority. I find the whole site frankly unintelligible with dozens if not hundreds of Tipsters, appearing and disappearing with regularity, if you have found a good one then fair play to you, but in general these paid Tipsters that have glossy websites and massive marketing budgets and a turnover of hundreds of multi sport Tipsters are imho to be avoided, stick with the Josh’s of this world, 100% transparent and refreshingly self deprecating.

      1. I proofed Early Odds for a month and no problem with advice. I just didn’t want a service that put up about eight selections a day, on top of what I already follow. As Malcolm has found out I thought that was the way to restrictions. It made 65.5 points in the month (unfortunately I mainly paper traded haha).

      1. how safe is bitcoin though?, heard some frightening stories about its risky valuations and how they can “disappear” ???

  13. I expect Gary Moore to have a good campaign in the south through the summer, both over jumps and on the flat. Good Luck Charm in the 4.40 at sunny Brighton fancies to go close today.

    1. yes it can be good bet,won on Sayesse
      Scarpeta looks good maybe e/w

      4-10 NOTTINGHAM Daisy Bere
      and i have God´s Own
      Simonsig at
      5:30 PUNCHESTOWN

    2. Martin,

      That could be interesting. It is in the same ownership as Zambeasy which won yesterday for P Hide.

      1. Regardless of this runner, watch the stable anyway through the summer in the south. I hear they have a set of horses geared up for it.

    3. Thanks again Martin…..I already had 2 bets on…..but put a saver on your info job….It saved the day…2 went down…your cleared the wager so thank you.

  14. I have 12 accounts, bet £5, £10, £20 +, Win/EW, I always break the bets up over different bookies; might lose a point or two; and after visiting, I click/clean using Firefox browser clearing data.
    Further, I run SuperAntiSpyware- Free Edition which takes out all the spyware rubbish.
    BetVictor is the only one to restrict me so far by not enhancing prices.

  15. was feeling really gutted, having backed Knight in The Mist at Bath to see it btn by a 66/1 shot; and having seen Channon win 2 earlier races thought “going to be one of those days” ; I followed the paid for tip I got PLUS corroboration of the JOSH WRIGHT TTP’s booklet to back Fairy Mist at 10/1 using the explanation of the paid for tipster and the Bridger/Carson TTS micro system…10/1 BINGO – paid for my paid tips and my TTP Josh PDF and Josh’s donation for another month in one fell swoop…great work Josh – keep it up.

    I am finding that when your micro systems/stats are corroborated by one of the 2 x paid for’s I use that the strike rate win/place is excellent…I am logically thinking you have done the hard work to find the best trainer/jockey and jockey historical stats and the icing on that cake they offer is a “heads up” on the more current form…a powerful combo….

    I will try to report such specific combinations of Josh’s ttp + my 2 paid for Tipsters when they concur in future in advance of the race….hopefully benefit all concerned

    1. Good stuff Ian – yep always felt Fairy Mist was getting there and well done for getting on at a decent price – I waited to see some movement and took 15/2 when looked like price was coming in – great ride. I wonder how the old boy will get on later, he has taken a walk in market but does have the odd bigger priced winner – just hard to find!

      Yep, that makes sense – esp if a fine form judge has added more into the mix. The guide has had a flying start, in general! Glad you found him and bet accordingly.

      1. I’m learning all the time – sometimes from my own lack of concentration – classic today, I was looking for Channon/Bishop at Brighton, found a Bridger Carson (Fairy Mist) so forgot to spot Channon/Bishop at Bath where no C/B data but excellent Channon stats… and learn is the motto and it is a great help in both shortlisting horses and also as you say corroborating with the 2 paid Tipsters I use both of whom seem to be able to pick horses just coming in to form or off old winning marks…thank you!

    1. Good stuff Gerry, and well done for getting the 10s, top work. He has just about paid for all the others I have an interest in today! Always nice when that happens after bet1 on a day!

  16. hi josh

    sorry me again. yes josh you have contributed to my + 527 profit, + 63 points are yours, as at the moment am only mainly backing your 3m+ chasers,
    which you are great at. I have been donating ad hoc to now, but will start donating £12 monthly from 1 may.

    1. Ah, well I am glad to hear I have chipped in something! Hopefully I can add the odd monster priced big meeting/Saturday sprint handicap winner to the pot as we go through the summer and await for those muddy sloggers to appear again from November! Any donations are greatly appreciated. You seem to be making hay while the sun is shining and long may it continue for you!

      Have the losing runs been manageable? Although I suppose now that you have that amount in the pot you can withstand quite a bit before the upturns come again.

  17. hi ian

    just read about your bad betfan experience.touch wood ,I have been lucky with paid tipsters. the payment for early odds was to betfan, but is not on betfan site. it is on winning information network. presumably owned bt betfan

  18. hi josh

    I use a 150 point bank, looking back at the results the lowest minus was – 26.59 on 9 march after starting on £100 a point since 27 feb.
    has now recovered to +113.06. was nearly +150 on 21 apr, had mini slump losing 36 points last 4 days. it happens, but 150 bank never has looked in any danger

  19. Same here josh,rest of afternoon is all profit if one or 2 oblige.I only have half point bets on them so far,probably best to just stick with these until the season settles down,paying its way so far

  20. Miss Van Gogh 12/1 won Nottingham 3.05
    History 3 wins Soft, I win G/S, so I think ground may be softer than official G/S (G).
    NOTTINGHAM 4.45 This brings PERFECT SUMMER (ex Lady Cecil) into focus as a soft ground serious chance, 25/1.

  21. It wasn’t on the micros but Jessica Harrington strikes again at Punchestown. Was 40-50/1 yesterday as well!

  22. Josh
    I ad a look at the P/t stats last night
    Cilaos Emery
    Don’t Touch it/ Brain Power
    Cool McAvity
    Upto now got Don’t touch it , was this a selection in the stats or did i just get lucky?

    1. Nope you have used the stats well there, better than i! – On JHs Non Handicap Hurdle stats alone you were entitled to back Dont Touch It – I didn’t, damn! Glad you had a piece. Yep Hendos comes up also and the Mullins one in the last qualifies on the stats – (I ‘removed’ that NHF as a Micro Angle so to speak)- But you have used the notes to perfectly good use from what I can see – best ignore what I say haha

  23. I’m a bit of a novice at what you do so thanks for the vote of confidence.
    I love reading these comments and follow some of them but missed the first one today 4.45 Nott.

    Good Luck for the rest of the flat season, your blog is the best in the business.

    1. Hope you had a nibble on the Mullins one – 10/3 always seems massive for one of his NHF winners!

  24. talking of paid tipsters. there have been some strange events regarding them. about 18 months ago , struggling to think of name now, paid quite small amount, but did really well making very good level stakes profit, then e-mails stopped suddenly. sent about 6 e-mails to them, no reply. found contact address , sent letter, reply back said not known. rang up security @ building address, said never heard of them. if it was scam? it was a good won, kept winning. very strange. been few more recently, notably, TIPS FOR WINS. e-mail sent by robert. had excellent level stakes profit, stopped suddenly again. funny thing is keep getting e-mails from him about other services. again when send e-mail back asking why no selections being sent,? no replies! annoying. is it just me or what?

    1. Malcolm, have had some similar experiences over a decade or so, some awful ones and as you say some that are not so bad just vanish. I have learnt from painful experience that the bigger the operation usually the more the claims don’t stack up, and that the “flashier” the claimed address, the more likely it is that it is just a “mail drop/virtual office” where there are hundreds of companies registered but never actually there. I have probably tried 100+; about 90% of them I have discarded after 1-3 months, and I would probably only recommend a handful, 4-5 tops as both saying the course, offering good consistent tips and to back it up a good personal service. I am currently using just 2, I have the home address and phone number of both Tipsters, which is reassuring and it is their attention to detail and speed of response to queries as much as the quality of the tips that keeps me loyal. I suppose that equates to a success rate in finding and keeping fait of about 2% which I suspect may tally with a lot of others who have had similar experiences. Sadly as the t’internet grows, so do the scams and fraudster, as an example any letters I get from tipsters in Newmarket or Brighton immediately go in the bin, first one I don’t believe, second is a hot bed for crooked tipsters (well documented cases) and I always respond to any email marketing with (a) request for independent proof (b) a free trial (c) full contact details. Of the remainder I.e the free/freeish ones I trust the Priestleys; I rate Geegeez and young Mr Wright is a breath of fresh air. Keep the Faith!

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