‘Weekly Update’: 01-17th April 2016 (complete)

A turbulent couple of weeks, but some very competitive racing and the tips are clinging onto an 8 point profit for the month. The overall win SR has taken a bit of a hit, but hopefully I can keep hovering around 17-20% – at the odds I play at that will always mean decent profits – if it can be maintained! There are plenty of races before the month is out to try and build on that – albeit I have a much longer term view than month by month. The systems have started to claw back some of their 2016 losses to date and hopefully they can kick on a bit. Collectively, they are due a ‘purple patch’, which as yet has not come.


In praise of Geoff Banks…

I am not sure what is going wrong with society (and when I say ‘society’ I suppose I am referring to twitter – which is far from a representation of normal folk – plenty of idiots and lots of bile – or is that normal??) but some sections just cannot handle the fact that some people have a differing opinion from them – or are happy to offer an opinion at all.

I don’t care what you think about Geoff as a person – I don’t know him at all and have no idea if I could share a pint with him – but he says what he thinks, and for that I am grateful. I am sure that sometimes he doesn’t think before he opens his mouth (neither do I) but I find it entertaining and he often takes the racing ‘establishment’ out of their comfort zone. Good on him. 

So it was, after another Morning Line (sometimes very good, sometimes average, sometimes not worth bothering with) that Geoff seemed to get both barrels in the twittersphere – and from a few jockeys and others – for I think having the opinion that he would like to see more horses run races and take each other on – rather than these exercise gallops at racetracks. Fair enough. That is his opinion. Now If you disagree with it then fine. Take apart his view, with your own view. But boy does he get some stick for just having an ‘opinion’, which is more than legitimate. 

I simply cannot get my head around people with views like that. They are not critiquing the opinion or viewpoint, rather the person for having the audacity to air such a view. Morons. I mean how beige and magnolia would life be if we didn’t have anyone to politely disagree with.

Racing would be a far less colourfull place  without Geoff and his opinions – some of which I don’t agree with – but I am glad he shares them and doesn’t sit on the fence. It is the same with the likes of John McCririck and Matt Chapman. Now, I like the fact that we have people like Jeremy Clarkson, Boris Johnson, Nigel Farage, Polly Toynbee and any number of others – they, along with Geoff, have the capacity to engage and cause you pause for thought – either with the reaction of ‘hmm yes what a good point’, or ‘what the hell have you just said there, you are off your rocker’. 

We should celebrate people who are willing to put their neck on the line. By all means disagree with the point they have made. But, if you feel the need to disagree with the person, in a vile, idiotic and mean spirited way then I feel sorry for you. What a sorry existence that must be. The life of a troll doesn’t seem one worth living to me. 

I just don’t get it. What a strange world we live in. 


Onto business…



April 2016 – 01-17th

Micro Systems 

April Trainer: 1/4 = +2 points 

Jumps Handicappers: 4/22 = +10.5 points 

Other: 1/10 = 0 

Total: 6/36 = +12.5 points 


Big Race Previews: 1/22, 2 places = – 3 

Other : 2/12 = + 11 

Total: 3/34, 5 places = +8 points 


2016 Total To Date

Micro Systems: 39/253 = -13.4 points 

Tips: 146 bets / 25 wins / 43 w|p / 17% win SR / +132.25 points (advised prices) 



For some time now I have been meaning to dive into the yard of Roger Varian and especially his record with the ladies, having noticed a few dot up in C1 races….


  • Roger Varian 
  • Flat Turf
  • Females 
  • Female Only Races
  • Listed or Group 3 
  • 25/1 or shorter
  Bets Wins Win% P/L(SP) Places Place% ROI(SP) P/L(BF) P/L(Plc) A/E
ALL 66 16 24.24 100 32 48.48 151.52 133.84 28.84 1.57
2016 1 0 0 -1 0 0 -100 -1 -1 0
2015 17 4 23.53 33.5 7 41.18 197.06 48.32 8.15 1.59
2014 12 3 25 24.33 9 75 202.75 30.86 12.42 1.68
2013 13 3 23.08 35 6 46.15 269.23 42.52 7.78 1.69
2012 14 3 21.43 5.5 7 50 39.29 9.82 5.43 1.61
2011 9 3 33.33 2.67 3 33.33 29.67 3.32 -3.95 1.35

This looks a decent enough micro angle and he clearly has a knack with this type. He also still has the habit of winning with a few at very good odds. The place SR is decent enough also and I am happy to follow this one. There isn’t much more to say really. So far the market has underestimated these runners from this yard – for how long that continues who knows, but I am happy to keep them onside for the foreseeable future. Those going off over 25/1 are 0/7, 0 places to date. 




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  1. I really must take you to task for your attitude to beige and magnolia, young fellow. It is a sign of the times and, doubtless, of your wasted youth.
    Rear Admiral Hobbs, Sandbanks, RN retd, MC, DSO, OBE

    1. Nothing wrong with a big of beige and magnolia – but we all need a splash of colour every now and then! 🙂 I don’t think my youth has been wasted, albeit it may well have been!!

  2. Well I suppose I would agree 🙂 But seriously – what’s with the attitude anyone, questioning a top trainer or jockey is somehow sacrosanct in racing? The number of trolls-idiots who parp at me, sometimes vile, sometimes with humour (I don’t mind) – with the ‘how dare you question Ruby/Gordon etc’. I mean were I telling Ruby how to ride a horse or Gordon train one, That I can understand might merit criticism. But in neither interview did I do that. I spoke for the fans.

    Gordon’t response ‘you don’t train a horse – you’re just a bookmaker, what would you know’ betrays a theme. Don’t question us, whoever you are. Well, why not?

    Fact is, I have as you say, an opinion. I don’t do ‘you’re amazing’, and I don’t set out to ‘attack’ a fellow guest of the great show. But I’m paid to offer an opinion, excite debate and yes, make things interesting. I accept people might well agree with Gordon on racecourse gallops or Ruby on Quevega, and good luck to them.

    To my mind such views are selfish and disregard the fans who pay for the sport and their wages, either direct or indirect. We do deserve to see our star horses, in the right grade. My opinion won’t change.

    One final point. It’s a show and whilst I disagree with Ruby and Gordon as to the points we debated, I felt both added great value, and at least they, as I, had something to say. I’d love the opportunity to rap with them again, they give as they get. Isn’t that good telly? Every interview they suffer tells them how terrific they are, I’m sure they can deal with someone who dares to suggest Cue Card might have won a Gold Cup had he stood up.

    If in football everything is subject to question, I see no reason why snobbish attitudes must win out in racing. Not for me, and thankfully not for Channel 4

    1. I didn’t see the morning line in question but remember Geoff and Ruby locking horns once before. Ruby was riding a horse that had taken one or two tumbles in the past and Geoff jokingly suggested that Ruby might like to strap a cushion to his backside.
      I couldn’t believe the nasty childish reaction that Ruby came back with, I thought he was going to cry and walk out. I saw Ruby in a different light that day, and to be honest for the info that Ruby imparts to the punter you might as well watch the magic roundabout.

  3. Quite Agree with the remarks made by Geoff. We the Backers do pay Racing’s Wages and there has been far too much Exercising of Horses on Racetracks in the last 5 Years than I have previously seen in the Last 40. Pundits who Claim that racing is a Straighter game than it has ever been may well Have it right regards Doping etc. But “Riding to Certain Orders”. Has been and will continue to be Sharpish Practice for the forseeable future Unless The Old boys get their Glasses on . Or said punters Gather together and Form a New Punters Club. Along the lines of Noel Whitcoombe. With a voice. Hadn’t I read that a forum was Being set up and that Matt was on its Panel.

    1. Matt B is on the panel and I have completed a questionnaire he has sent me re bookmakers and having accounts closed or restricted and so his work has started. GB like all of us is entitled to his opinion and instances arise every day to express one. For instance look at the ride Waley Cohen gave The Missus today, almost running out at half way and losing 25 lengths and being beaten by 5 lengths? Apart from his haircut I like GB.

      1. Ah opinions! Bit hard on SWC, no? Not sure what he could have done about that sharp dart to the right – game over from there – she is headstrong – case could have been made that from there he should have been more patient, rather than force her to front again – give time to fill lungs up and get back into it.

  4. Its all a matter of opinions and the day we stop people expressing their own opinions will be a sad day indeed my and many other fathers were willing to fight for their lives to protect this freedom of speech so speak up Geoff its a free country

  5. Hi Josh,

    Got to love stats. My micro system for Varian throws up fillies and mares in handicap class 2 to class 5 races running over 7f to 1m2 on the flat 8/1 or lower SP. Whatever the case he certainly knows how to train the fairer sex.

    1. Well between us we probably have him covered! the C1s caught my eye this time, will have a look at the handicaps…

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