Members Report: 01/03/2016 (COMPLETE)

A good day for the micro systems yesterday – 3/8, 3 second places also I think = +15.5 points. A day like that was needed in truth and while the portfolio are comfortably ahead since August,(+80 odd points off the top of my head,although that could be wrong!) they have struggled a bit in 2016 so far. I will update all results in the next few days. There were days when there were a few too many qualifiers for my comfort,which will happen every now and then. But I will try and ensure the ‘monthly’ trainers are a select bunch and don’t churn out too many bets in future. I will also start to think about the ‘flat portfolio’ also, a few trainer angles to get us through the summer months. Anyway, that is for another day. 

My move back up to Liverpool has gone well (for those who want to be bored with the back story- I came up to study here aged 18,nearly 9 years ago now,lived here for 7 years,moved back home to Suffolk for last 18 months,and have now returned- I couldn’t keep away!) and today I get to purchase the fun stuff – well, mainly a TV.

The micro system bets are below and that will be all for today. In truth Its been quite nice having a couple of days off without looking at a horse/race/racecard!

(I should also add that I have been a bit lax with the ‘march trainers’ research and will get something up by close of play Thursday)



Jumps Handicappers 

2.50 Leicester – Global Dream (12/1<) UP/ Lost Arca (14/1<) UP


That is all for today. Good Luck with your bets. And as always, do comment away if there is anything that catches your eye, and if possible a few words as to why you fancy it! 🙂 


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  1. Hi Josh, I spotted Global Dream last night and got on. I also thought that on some form Teachmeto boogie looked big at 50/1 in the 2.30 at Catterick, so have had a little on each way.

  2. Hi Josh

    I am a Cleeve subscriber so followed their link to get to you . I shall follow you as much as I can although I spend a fair bit of time in China and cannot always get a bet on over there where gambling is not legal. Your strike record looks impressive and I like the idea of the Donations box !
    Best regards

    1. Hi Alun,
      Thanks for your comment and welcome. Hopefully if and when you can follow any of my advice etc I can find a winner for you! The SR has been good,probably artificially high at moment and I expect it to come down a bit,but profit is my main driver and so far I think the ROI has been around 200%+ this jumps season. I need to update 2016s results which I will be doing soon. Yep the donations idea has been popular and I think it will be here to stay.
      All the best and happy punting

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