Members Report: 10/02/16 (COMPLETE) –

Well the micro systems needed a winner – for psychology as much as my micro systems betting bank – and Henry Oliver duly obliged with yet another horse from another yard, returning after some time. Not a massive price but value in context of his SP. This little mini drought is a fine example why a decent betting bank is required for the micro systems – separate from the tips. If you start following them systematically at the ‘wrong point’ you could hit a losing run of 25-30, two bets later and that could well happen again. 60-80 points should be fine if betting them all when in qualifying range, and if it got to minus 60+ , well best not think about that! 


TIPS – I don’t believe there is much again tomorrow for me to get stuck into, no 3m+ handicap chases so looks like another blank day. 



Feb Trainers

4.05 Carl – Kilbree Chief – (any odds) (UP, a closing 2nd in a 3 runner race)

(should add that man James Reveley has a ride in the race also, that is a qualifier on yesterday’s micro angle that may be worth a second glance – yet to look at the horses) 


Nothing else catches the eye today. As always, good luck with your own bets.  



I continue to be blown away by your generosity. In truth I didn’t know what your collective reaction would be but by each passing day, the idea of subscriptions is getting further away. So, thanks! 

Right, I will cut the faff out this time and from now on….

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  1. Glad the donation option is going well.I have opted for the £12 monthly,saves having to remember each month,at my euro 2.50 level its one 6/1 winner per month apart from my own deleverances,its been way above that to date,the mini angles especially.That you can continue to keep these coming and readers can use and profit is worth every penny,migh be even up to 5 euro bets start of next jumps season thanks in part to the blog,keep up the good work!The main advantage of the free open forum based approach is everyone can have an input regardless of level and might find some new angles

    1. Thanks Gerry, your support is appreciated and that is very generous of you. Yep. all about building the bank steadily and increasing the stakes in time if you want, to levels that you are comfortable with etc. Very good final point about another benefit of this approach. Our collective brainpower is much more powerful!

  2. plenty of money for that one today josh 3.9 early heard j reevley going for french jocks championship a lot more dosh as well a class act. hope you got a roof to cover your head

    1. Yep, makes you wonder why more don’t do it really but he is doing very well over there. He is just class, and actually I dont think there are many better jumps jocks than him. If I had millions and a string of horses I would probably give him a job haha. Yep flat hunting starts in earnest today, we shall see what we can find! Staying at a good friends in the meantime.

    1. think Hartside is some value in the last at 8/1 with good record over CD, win in heavy in Ireland and the Wink’s had a winner at Musselburgh a few days back

  3. Just had to let you know of what must be the ride of the week by Colm McCormack on Fiddlers Flight (4.30 Sedgefield) today, having trailed by 10 lengths or so for most of the race (watch the replay on At The Races website) and having got within a half chance coming to the last he hits the last hard and loses both his irons but still manages to rally and finish 1st.

    1. Thanks Trevor, I enjoy reading comments like this so keep them coming when you spot something! I will go and watch the race now!

    2. It was a stunning effort, I noticed early down the back how tenderly he was riding the horse whilst those in front (albeit some 20 lengths) were hard at it, I got matched at 500’s for a couple of quid at that point, just as the commentator said he was “tailed off” – I’m not sure what commentators look at some times as it was clear he was going OK but not put in the race at that point, the last fence had my heart in my mouth but even then he did not panic and rode without irons brilliantly….letting the horse do what he wanted and just keeping it balanced.

      Amazing to hear him interviewed afterwards to hear how he has to scratch about for the odd ride and earn a low wage just by riding out…one to watch imho

        1. very rarely back “in running” to be honest, built up a nice pot some years ago laying short priced favourites and blew most of it in one moment of madness…..very occasionally I will look at something right out at the back and have a bit of shrapnel for fun…comes off about 1:50 times….

  4. Hi Josh
    Signed up to monthly donation, all I can say is paid hell of a lot more in the past for absolute rubbishy you’re a breath of fresh air.
    See you’re flat hunting in the great city. Having fudged one of my daughters through 3 years at LJM , hope you don’t do as she did and spend most weekends either at Garlands or Alma De Cuba.
    Hell of a night though to be had in Liverpool

  5. Hi David, thanks for donation and your kind words, makes it all worthwhile. And of course, you are never restricted to just the £12 per month when on the odd day I tip up a biggie you may wish to throw a bit more into the collection bowl as a one off haha. Yep, there is plenty of crap about, I have experienced a bit of that in the past!
    Yea I had the pleasure of studying up here, then working for 4 years, so after 7 formative years it somewhat feels like home and I cant wait to return. I wont comment on my nightime activity but it may have, and may still, involve trips to Alma De Cuba! One of the best nights out in these Isles!

      1. 1st off – I get the RP Weekender, there’s a difference between the website & the rag in that the rag doesn’t adjust or fiddle with the top rpr over last 2 years – the RP website had him & next best on 65 lol The paper had him on 92 & 25lb clear of the next best. I always look-out for any that are clear on those figures because it is something the website users may not be aware of.

        2, With the paper you can also see at a glance who had the highest most recent speed figure – he had that too! I been noticing that they been doing well late in all these AW donkey races & remembered an old Nick MOrdin system for C7 races using most recent RPR

        4, He was running on a career low OR – two years ago 92 – here 48!

        3 I always look out for horses that have clocked a speed figure 5lb more than they are rated, he clocked a 70 not long back

        4 CDG – I got this little trick I do with the racing post speed figs – copy n paste em into a spreadsheet add up the cdg columns & divide by 3 – here he was 16lb clear on that too….

        5: Then there’s my own ratings – 24lb clear top! Usually when I see that i have to investigate but the RP above & his dwindling OR made sure I hadn’t erred!

        6: If that wasn’t enough to think 10/s was a go – his trainer (though not the best) had already made my HOT list for the month with one runner at a meet.

        I copied the race from the page – highlighted the rpr’s & tweeted it 5 hours before the race – now it’s pinned to my profile! & the @themastarata is well n truly back!

  6. Hi josh about the donation I would like to give some money his it possible to sent by post if so if you would give me your postal address and code I do not bet big but I like bet on sat keep up the good work best blog out there cheers

  7. 6.25 Kempton Highest Quality is my ew bet of the day, s.c williams has a good strike rate on the aw over 7f in maidens. Pat cosgrave is a positive booking in my opinion and hopefully can get the job done!

      1. Well done James, missed that winner of yours last night, top work from the pair of you. Keep those AW pearls of wisdom coming! (and I should probably start following you both!)

  8. I will definately be keeping an eye on what Andy puts up! I wouldn’t put much confidence in anything i put up tho as i’m still a novice with only 16 months experience lol learnt alot from your blog Josh and got to say its been pivotal to me making any profits!!! 🙂

    1. Ah that’s what we like to hear, good stuff. Stats, esp trainer/behaviour related are always a good starting point and foundation for a novice (we are all novices to some degree, always plenty to learn!) as it is then not just 100% your opinion on form etc. Well all racing thoughts are welcome on here, however stupid the horse makes you look!

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