Members Report: 01/02/16 (COMPLETE)

Just the systems to go at today…


Jumps Handicappers 

2.10 Plump – Golan Dancer (14/1<) 

2.45 Plump – Ginnys Tonic (20/1<) 


A ‘February Trainers’ Post should be up by lunchtime, followed by a review of Jan.



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  1. Yes, I took 16/1 with B365 earlier about Golan D, seems a massive price to me.
    With the flood of money arriving for Royale Knight, I backed that rather than GT, as this stamina drainer should be his forte and a claimer removing 8lb off top weight together with the return after a break, compiles a winning profile – I hope.

    1. Yep hopefully some money comes for GD, or at least he doesnt take a big walk which would prob be a big negative. He is going to come good at some point! yea can see why you went for RK, he will def be staying on when others have had enough if transferring his chase form to this sphere. Be interested to see how West of The Edge goes having backed/tipped him LTO when Lackamon won, and interesting they put him in a hurdle race. He also stays well but doesnt have the class of RK.

        1. Hi Miguel – it really is up to you – I never have more than 1 point on – and back most to 1 point win – I look at the horses and ask the question – ‘can I 100% say that they cannot win’ (based on my approach to analysis – ie may be 0/10, 0 places over the distance, or 0/10, 0 places over a certain handicap mark/class) if I cant say that, then I trust my research and back them. Think collectively they are over +80 points since August when they stepped up a gear, but need to check.

          the results of the micro systems are recorded to 1 point in bets.

          I would say a 50-80 point bank for the micro systems (50 points for the tips) would be sufficient. You could back them all for 1/4 point and as bank grows increase the stakes. Many on here wont back them systematically and use the info in their own form analysis. Each Way Betting depends on your mental approach and how you can deal with losing runs. If you are happy to back 10-20 losers in a row, with no return, I wouldn’t bother backing them EW – will win more long term by win only I suspect. Again, that is personal preference.

  2. Hi josh,came across the staking machine while “goggling” a few months ago,ever used it or have any thoughts on it,or what do you think of staking systems in general?

    1. Hi Robbie, I havent come across that no. I think one of the first things I ever read when attempting to learn something about the game was that an approach should be profitable to 1 point level stakes for it to be worth anything. I have never varied from that. I don’t think my approach and overall SRs (15% – 25%) across tips and systems, lends itself to staking plans. Although I suppose I have some kind of plan in the sense that when my bank is at a level I am happy with I will increase my stake. So, I bet £5 per point for a few years and that has gradually moved to £20. Depending on how next couple of months go, I may increase that to £30 over the summer. There are plenty of books on the subject no doubt, and those with a better maths brain that I. I personally wouldn’t touch an approach that couldnt be profitable to 1 point level stakes, win. Staking plans can cover up flaws in an approach and with a SR like mine it is just luck really as to when the winning runs come and when the losers come. (albeit I am learning to be more cautious when the ‘seasons’ change over’ and at big festivals) My approach doesnt change, and january’s form is not sustainable over a year!

  3. Robbie, I downloaded the free TSM, Staking Machine, but it wasn’t suitable for my very specific approach, I thought. You need to be clear about what you want it form and have a track record of system(s) or your bets.
    I’ll try to advise if you want to pursue it.

    1. Cheers Chris,looks interesting but a little too advanced for me at this stage,better off sticking with lsp for now,might come back to it in the future after doing more research into staking plans.

  4. West of the Edge £2.50 at 20/1 – Must have been bigger on Betfair

    Real slog at Plumpton today

    Hope you had .5 point saver Josh

    1. Hi Joe- I did indeed at 16s (took 12s earlier, nice drift) – 1/2 win was the nibble, full point on system bet. Find it hard to cheer when I dont give them a positive mention (tip or Angle of Interest) on here! Damn. But, glad you had a piece and hope a few more did.

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