Members Report: 31/01/16 (COMPLETE)

Another big race winner to end the month in style. I am not sure what happened to me on Christmas Day but it has been a rather fun and profitable time since then.(although it was ok before that also!) This month’s ‘tipping’ profits give us plenty to play with and I will be trying my best to keep it going until the end of the jumps season, before my attention turns to the big field sprint handicaps where I am sure we will have plenty of fun. 

No tips tomorrow. I will be travelling back from France by coach, plane, car and train. A fun day ahead! I have found three trainers for February so far and there may be a couple more – Pipe, Sue Smith (again,her chasers this time) and Lucinda Russell so far. 



 Jan Trainers

A Sue Smith benefit day, fingers crossed…

2.15 Sedge – Good Vibration (16/1<) 

3.15 Sedge – Perseid (16/1<) 

4.20 Sedge – Flemerina (16/1<) 

Jumps Handicappers

3.50 Sedge – Firth of The Clyde (12/1<) 



(remember these are NOT tips) 

3.50 – our old ‘Friend’ Top Wood returns here taking a marked step  down in trip. This seems a strange venue to send him which makes me think they were surprised by his run LTO. That is just a hunch mind. There are a few other front runners in here but if he gets to the front and goes the same pace he did last time, which to the eye looked quick, I can’t see many living with him. Mwaleshi goes for Sue Smith and is a qualifier for a micro system of hers I keep on the back burner – her handicap chasers at certain tracks. He has been on my watch list since an encouraging run at Aintree. He does jumps right and it in and out. There is also then the Jefferson horse above also. A right puzzle and I haven’t decided how I will play the race, if at all yet. down


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  1. Josh. After yesterdays result I’ve decided to give Folsom Blue another chance in the 4-05 Punchestown at 8/1. Any thoughts ?

    1. Hi Keith, just on a train from Bristol to London and unable to look at race really,and I haven’t even looked at card. Is that the national trial that he won last year? Or year before…anyway,every chance that he just did not like the track lto,never looked comfortable and may have been going too quick for him..which surprised me. He didn’t have a hard race to my eye. I may well put a 1/2 on to see if he can bounce back. Will def stay!

      1. Ran ok to finish 3rd, plenty of pace but he slows up at every fence, losing ground,stays well but that jumping needs work. Better ridden close to the pace as last time he seemed to lose interest.

  2. Your not sure how to play the 3.50 Josh I’ve picked out Sa Suffit so between us we should have the winner!!! Enjoy your trip home!

  3. You’ve had some amazing results, keep up the good work, it’s like attending a masterclass, sheer quality.

    1. Thanks Richard,very kind of you. My approach to 3m+ chases and trends/stats seems to be working well this season!

  4. I’m on noble legend and jac the legend lol think i’m gonna lose a few quid! Looking forward to seeing what systems you come up with for febuary Josh, also have you looked at n.g richards for febuary? Thought he might be of some interest 🙂

    1. Good luck with those James, one of you,I and Tony will hopefully be collecting in that race! Haven’t looked at NR in Feb but will be sure to have a look!

  5. Thanks for another great Saturday 1-2 in a tough 15 runner handicap – Hope you had a great week skiing Josh – You really are red hot at the moment – More wet weather to come this week so looking at a few heavy ground grinders in these conditions this week – Should be another profitable week – Keep em Comin

  6. Hi Josh

    Superb tipping again. I did pick Ziga Boy out Friday evening after going through the race and back it then. After you tipped it Saturday i doubled my bet, manged to get some 10’s, thanks once again. My only mistake was telling the wife, good i need some new shoes she says lol

    1. Yep a good way to end the month for those,+7 to the pot. Think collectively they are up for the month, will go through tomorrow. Jefferson winner rather covered my bets on the other two but then I may have thrown more than I should at the Smith winner! The shortie was 5/2 last night I think> 13/8.

  7. Was very decent of Mr Pipe to send Top Wood to give good price on Firth of The Clyde.Took a chance on Card Game from the same stable.Although the McCain stable isn’t really firing I took chance on Askamore Darsi.Henry brooke does well on his chasers +17.50 now in a poor season.The stable might not be able to pull in same amount of winners after departure of the rooneys but the partnership is worth close attention

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