Well, January has come to an end and it has been a bit mad in truth, with a level of profits that has exceeded my expectations.


TIPS (Inc Big Race Previews) 





Above you can access what will become the norm in terms of recording the results for TIPS. 

Hopefully the headings are clear but just in case….

BRP – Big Race Preview

ADV ODDS – Advised Odds 

ISP – Industry Starting Price 

P/L AO – Profit/Loss Advised Odds

P/L BFSP – Profit/Loss Betfair Starting Price 

CP/L AO – Cumulative Profit/Loss Advised Odds

CP/L BFSP – Cumulative Profit/Loss Betfair Starting Price. 

The rest are hopefully self explanatory. 



I won’t dwell on these too much but results for January as follows…

33 selections | 10 wins | 14 won/placed | +88.5 points (advised stakes/odds) | +80.205 BFSP (minus commission at 5%) 

42 points was bet across those 33 horses, a Return On Investment of 210% I believe. 

There were many notable highlights… well I thoroughly enjoyed cheering home all of the winners for one reason or another. (whether the trends working,or an ‘eye catcher’ going in etc) I get most satisfaction from solving the puzzle (rather than the cash, which is nice of course) and I am pleased with how my approach to trends/stats has been working.

Of course not every month is going to be like this and that level of profit is approaching the 100 points I planned for the whole year from the tips! I had better recalculate. I won’t get ahead of myself. This game has a habit of slapping you around the face from time to time and I won’t stop working hard. 

NATIONAL HUNT…That takes the tips since the start of October (predominantly jumps bets, in 3m+ handicap chases) to +126.75 points. Not a bad total for the last 4 months. 



The portfolio had an up and down month but thankfully the last day of the month at sunny Sedgefield rescued it.

Across the portfolio…

46 bets / 9 wins / +8 points

Personally I didnt back Bold Henry at Sandown (still not sure why,at least for 1/2,breaking my own rules for how I approach system bets) and nor did I back Mountainous. So, I lost a bit this month from the systems, but overall they are now on +86.3 points since the start of August so I won’t complain too much. 

I will have a look at the performance of the January Trainers vs Jumps Handicappers when time allows. Mountainous was in the ‘other’ category and clearly helped. 

To follow…


So, overall, a cracking start to 2016. I hope you have backed a few of the winners and have enjoyed the last few weeks. I will be trying my best to keep it going. 



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  1. Josh I am very impressed – I hav been quietly following you for minimum stakes and love your portfolio approach – keep up the good work and many thanks

  2. WOW very impressive Josh the hours you put into your portfolio works for you i was amazed at some the prices of those winners well done and thank you.

    1. Thanks Richard. Well,you don’t get rich,or have fun,by backing horses at top end of market consistently. And you have to be right a lot more,the shorter you play. Can’t beat cheering one home at double fig odds!

  3. Good morning Josh, hope you enjoyed your holiday. I’ve backed a few of your selections mainly to small stakes, as I would normally avoid long distance h/cap chases, too many things can go wrong, for me anyway. Congratulations, excellent tipping Josh. Thank you.

  4. Josh
    Well played for Jan, but also since Oct when I joined your Blog. I have had tipsters for years and never been that satisfied with any of them, mainly because they give you tips and don’t say why. I could do that and pick losers.
    You on the other hand explain in great detail and I look forward to reading it every morning or late at night if I’m playing golf early the next morning so I can get your bets on before I go out. Win, Win.
    Keep up the good work. Never thought Horse Profiling could be so interesting.

    1. Hi Mike, Many thanks. Yep when I first started out I would back ‘tips’ without knowing why they were fancied etc and after a time that is just no fun, and you dont learn anything – or have any meat with which to add your own thoughts or disagree with. Glad you enjoy reading my ramblings, much appreciated.
      All the best

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