Members Report 27/01/16 (COMPLETE)


1.50 Catt

Over And Above – 1 point win – PU

I have had a chance to have a relaxing look through this race and he appears to be the one to be with to my eyes. It is a C5 chase and therefore not the most predictable but it keeps us ticking over. This horse won this race last year. I believe he may have also won it the year before that. On both occasions he ran, or was down to run, in a similar (maybe the same) race at Sedgefield he ran in LTO. He clearly likes this race, the track and the race conditions. He is the only one in here who I would be most confident about giving us a run for our money. If he completes I can’t see him being far away and I think it is safe to assume he has been targeted at this race again. He has won this of similar breaks before. All in all we should get a good run round. 

The rest have plenty to prove and there are a few coming here off long breaks which for them I dont think is a positive. Quite a few of these trainers also have poor records at the track with their handicappers or handicap chasers  – Chris Grant (0/13, 0 places here in handicaps last 730 days) and Micky Hammond (3/86 in hncps last 730 days at track) being the main culprits.

I am happy to take them all on for one reason or another. Hopefully the selection can out stay them all after the last to record another victory in this race. 



Jan Trainers 

3.55 Bang – Drumviredy (any odds) NR

Jumps Handicappers

3.35 Catt – Nautical Twilight (12/1<) 2nd 7/2



3.45 Ling – Dellbuoy – UP-was an eye-catcher last time out when I put him up due to his trainer’s stats. He was held up out the back in a slowly run race and never got into it. But he did finish well and was running on, in a first time tongue tie which is retained here. They step him up in trip which is interesting as he has never tried this far before. I don’t know if he will stay and as yet haven’t looked at the opposition. 


That is all for tomorrow. 


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  1. Is possible i receive this tips in my email inbox?

    Thanks for your time, maybe a service in spanish? hahahahahaha

    1. Hi Miguel,
      Unfortunately not at the moment. Given all of the content is free etc that is a level of admin and commitment that I am not willing to take at the moment. All daily blog posts are updated by 10am (UK time!) at the latest monday-friday, and 11am at Weekends. I try and get content up the evening before racing but this is not always possible
      I don’t think you would recognise any attempt of mine at Spanish haha.

  2. Hi Josh,

    I haven’t watched the race but your comments sounds a bit harsh about the jock and I tend to agree with Karl…the young lad is probably just learning his trade.

    Looking through the stats I think he is just not a middle distance horse. He hasn’t really stepped up or progressed from his 4YO form.



    PS. My favourite, honest horse racing blog to read. Keep up the good work.

    1. Hi Eamon,
      Yea I rarely make comments about rides etc, I don’t normally have the energy and very much have the view that it all evens out. But, that ride was eye-catching. He just did not move at all until entering the home straight, going from a handy 5th to back of the pack in about 1f. Strange. If he was ridden vigorously earlier on than fair enough. Anyway, done now. Will see how he does in next few starts. Maybe he just isnt a very good AW horse, or horse in general!

      Thanks for kind comments, appreciated. I do pride myself on my honesty/frankness etc

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