Members Report: 05/01/15

A case of money being temporarily loaned to the bookies with Art Lord today I feel who was fairly well backed and looked to be travelling very well. Unfortunately, like the winner who was the main danger, he made a scrappy error, but unlike that horse it cost him any chance. They were still some way from home but I think he would have played a role in the finish. But, fences are there to be jumped.  I would be confident his trainer will find him a race to get competitive in, if he tidies up his jumping. A more experienced jockey may help also. The less said about Itstimeforapint the better. The big price stats pokes didnt do much either. One drifted, the other was relatively well backed. 

I have just watched the 3.40 from Wolvs and the horse Mr Red Clubs has gone straight in the tracker. He likes the track but was drawn out wide. He traveled very well but was caught wide the whole way and must have lost at least 2-3 lengths during the race. He ran well to finish third and I would be interested in him next time out at the track, hopefully better drawn. 


It is  NO BET day tomorrow. No micro systems and two all-weather cards. I am not even going to look at them and instead will be having a day off (the first in quite a while) from analysing, betting in or watching any kind of horse race. 

Good luck with any bets you find. 


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  1. 3.10SOUTH PLAY NICELY ….had a decent bet at 11/4 …think this might be a gambled on bet …has a lot going for it for a yard who like a gamble

  2. Happy new year to you I think you might want to look at the 3.00 at Lingfield spray tan this has all the hallmarks of a right touch

    1. Thanks Courtney, Happy new year to you too. Good luck with Spray Tan – I am having a complete blank day from looking at any horse race! Hope you have a right touch!

  3. Can’t win all of the time 5 bets no winners, quiet day today, maybe a couple of bets at Southall if the prices are right. A couple of trainer stats for David Pipe.
    NH only Jan/Feb only. All runners distance 2m 4- 3m 5fur. Class 2/3 only 12.1 or less. 99bets 33 wins. 31.50% profit 75+ A/E 1.43.
    Harry Fry. NH only Jan/Feb. Class 1, 2,3. only 12.1 or less.
    35bets 17 wins 48.50% profit 43.5+ A/E 1.68.

    Good luck to everyone and thanks to Josh for all the hard work

    1. Cheers Roy – well indeed, and we were due a day like that, and a few more in truth, given how last few weeks have gone. Thanks for those stats, very interesting and at some point soon I will dive back into HRB and explore them further! You have made me think about Distance – that isnt something i systematically filter for/analyse – but clearly I should be.

  4. What were your thoughts on Matraash in the 3.40 Wolv yesterday Josh after your comments on Mr Red Clubs? I was on Matraash at 25s and was gutted to say the least

    1. I would have to watch it again Tony – only had eyes on Mr Red Clubs as I noted him pre race – was glad he didnt win as didnt back him! But, given draw, ran well. Will have to watch again and take a view on Matraash.

  5. I was gutted because of my bet but think he is one to keep in your tracker too.The trouble is even the Racing Post have noted it in there race comments so id guess no 25/1 next time! Now i must let it go…………

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