November Review

November Review  



November Trainers

Venetia Williams

28 bets / 9 wins / 11 places / 32.14% SR / +29.5 SP / +31.76 BFSP / AE 1.84

Taking odds available in the morning, around 10am (my rough guide) would have been worth an extra +9 points above SP if backing them all.

+38. 5 points is quite a haul and I only wish I had more than 1 point on them all! Next year.


Mick Easterby

With one to go this month…

13 bets / 3 wins / 7 places / 23.08% SR / +10.5 SP / +15.56 SP / AE 1.53

Taking earlier odds was worth only +1 additional point as two of the winners drifted.

+11.5 points as I write (could go down to +10.5, or up to +13) is a decent enough effort from big Mick.


Clive Cox

11 bets / 1 win / 4 places / 9.09% SR / -7.5 SP / -7.43 BFSP / AE 0.71

Not a great performance. A couple ran decent races to place but there were no close of unlucky second places. Not much more to say.


David Pipe

7 bets / 0 wins / 0 places / -7 SP / -7 BFSP

As bad months go this could have been worse, -7 points if backing them all is manageable. I avoided 3 of the losers but backed 4 of them, to no avail. It was clear his stable was in poor form going into the month.


Overall Results.

Headline figures of +35.5 points for the month of November is decent enough I would say! That is if you got earlier prices and if you backed everything. I know the more selective among you will have dodged a few and hopefully you backed all of the winners –or, if you did miss a winner, you avoided the same amount of losers, points wise. Backing everything to BFSP after commission would be worth around +31 points I believe.

That, has to go down as a good month for those angles.

Emma Lavelle

She won us +4.5 points in October, and had a fairly quiet November…

6 bets / 1 win / 2 places / +2 SP / +4 BFSP

That is it for this angle, finishing off with the following over October/November

9 bets / 2 wins / 3 places / 22.22% SR / +6.5 SP / +9.87 BFSP / AE 1.18

She has had many more runners in previous seasons – a lack of ammunition or a change in strategy maybe – but solid stats nonetheless and every little helps

Fahey 2yo Handicappers

Fahey only had 1 runner in November, which lost. So, -1 for the month.

This angle won’t return until next flat season now, where I will look to back them from the start, rather than discovering this angle part way through. It pulled in another +38 SP, taking the total to +146.52 SP since start of 2010.

AW Switchers


In November: 3 bets / 1 win / 1 place / +4.5 SP / +5.6 BFSP

Another +4.5 to the pot for the month.



Jumps Handicappers

Anthony Honeyball was the star of the show for November, with figures of 5/10, 8 places, +22 points.

Oliver chipped in with a 7/1 winner, and also a 14/1 winner- he hovered around 12/1 and I know some of you backed him. His odds stats were not conclusive and clearly 12/1 is now a guide, albeit I wont count that winner in the results. Jefferson also had a 7/1 winner, but 6 losers as well.

Reveley (-2); Bailey (-5); Coltherd (-5); Oliver (+7); Suzy Smith (-6); Hawke (-1); Jefferson (+1); Bridgewater (-4)

Collectively they pulled in +4 for the month if backing them all. That does follow a disappointing October when we started following them of -17 points – so, they are on -13 overall to date. Individually the results are not bad, and they are all going to have losing runs. I do use these as a guide and have personally avoided quite a few of those losers that I just could not fancy based on my own approach. But, over time, they should all be profitable to back systematically. If I had been less strict on Oliver’s runners, and included those at 14/1, they would look a bit healthier.


Overall Systems Results November

So, if you had backed everything to 1 point stakes (all micro systems above) when in qualifying range you would be on, approximately…(taking earlier prices at around 10am)

+45 points


That total is added to the +40 points on all system bets (inc jumps handicappers) that the blog has made from August when the micro systems to a step up and I started posting qualifiers.

So, all systems, since the start of August, approximately,

+85 points


Safe to say that on the micro-systems front, it had been a decent 4 months!

Onto December…



A link to the review of my own tipping performance is below. Taking the positives – I managed to make +4.5 points during the month and there were a few decent runs a notable performances. My big race previews and tips in handicap chases are warming up and in general my analysis has been ok. Solid, if not very spectacular. 

It is two months in a row now that I have got up to the mid +20s, only to fall back down again. So, clearly I need to search for some more consistency. I think I did throw a few too many darts at relatively short priced horses again,that all underperformed. Less will be more moving forwards I think. I won’t dwell on that too long. There have been a few close seconds since the start of October and the results could easily be on around +30 odd with a bit more luck. Some fine tuning required. At times there were a few too many bets for my own comfort and I should not be finding bets for the sake of it. 

But, collectively, with my Tips/Shortlist/Big Race Previews and the Systems, a haul of near enough +50 points for the month isn’t too bad 🙂 


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