Members Report: 01/12/15 (COMPLETE)

Another shocker of a day today but there is one that catches my eye for interest… THE SHORTLIST  3.00 Ling – The Informant 11/2 UP 8/1 (general) – Mullins is 3/13, 6 places with his handicap chaser s here since 2010 and 3/10, 6 places when the main man, Andrew Thornton is up in the saddle. […]

My Racing Week: 30/11/15

I have written a results review post so I will not dwell on results here. But, +45 points for the systems this month has been a decent return and, along with the previous haul from the systems since August, gives us plenty of ammo to play with moving forward. You will have seen the new […]

November Review

November Review     MICRO SYSTEMS November Trainers Venetia Williams 28 bets / 9 wins / 11 places / 32.14% SR / +29.5 SP / +31.76 BFSP / AE 1.84 Taking odds available in the morning, around 10am (my rough guide) would have been worth an extra +9 points above SP if backing them all. […]

December Trainers to Follow

December Trainers Donald McCain Handicap Chase Horse Wins In a Handicap Chase: NOT 0 (so, 1 or more!) 14/1 or under (only a guide, small sample above this)   Bets Wins Win% P/L(SP) Places Place% ROI(SP) P/L(BF) ROI(BF) P/L(Plc) A/E   ALL 27 10 37.04 53.76 15 55.56 199.11 64.2 237.76 13.73 1.87   2014 […]

Members Report: 30/11/15 (COMPLETE)

A pretty poor day’s racing and a quiet one for me. Just the micro systems below. My day will be spent in HRB trying to find some ‘December Trainers’, updating results for the month with a post, writing a weekly ‘diary’ and completing my AW Track Profiles report. Most of the above will be up […]