Members Report: 12/10/15

There are no shortlist horses today – nothing really stands out and certainly nothing worth tipping that I can find. The stats for the 3.50 Newmarket worked as the shortlist of 7 included the winner at 50/1, paying a BFSP of 79/1. Simcock had a 7/1 winner yesterday for the micro systems to keep them ticking along. Hopefully some of you that have the stats guide/free report used it to good effect at Hexham where the likes of Smith (4/1 winner) improved her record with handicap chase debutants at the track, Ellison has another handicap hurdler winner (9/1), Ewart another chase winner (7/1) and Russell another chase winner (4/1). 

Onto today and the micro systems..

A word of caution on Andrew Balding who could be doing a Makin in August. He is now only 1/37, about 5 places, in the last 14 days and seems to have gone a bit cold. His two yesterday did drift and were double figure odds, and ran as such, but still, his form is a concern…

Micro Systems…

October Trainers 

Balding (16/1 or under)

4.30 Wind – Sheer Honesty 

5.00 Wind – St Saviour 

Channon (16/1 or under)

2.30 Wind – Willsy 

4.50 Salis – Fitzwilliam


Good Luck 


Thanks for everyone’s comments on the blog on Saturday. For now these posts will continue in their current form. The information is really there for you to use as you please and to dip in and use the bits you want. That could be all of it or a more select approach. You may of course just want to back my ‘tips’ which will return soon enough which is fine. I am always up front about historical results etc for every aspect of these posts (i am tracking the shortlist properly now as well). I will do some ‘market research’ with you all at some point in the future to see what the readership wants in general and where I can improve. All comments, positive negative, constructive are always welcome – as long as they are polite. Which so far they have always been! 

Some point later today I plan to send out a new report looking at 10 trainers to keep onside in handicap hurdles and handicap chases, so look out for that. Their ‘qualifiers’ will be posted up here as well. 




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