Members Report 09/10/15

I have re-branded the title of these posts – I think ‘members report’ sounds better, and you can think of yourselves as a RacingtoProfit member if you wish. 

I want these daily posts to be a hub of relevant information for you to use as you please. A kind of portfolio. Firstly this will include micro angles/systems. The monthly angles will continue (am aware I need to write a results update post for August/Sept) as well as a few that will tick along in the background. I have 10 trainers to follow in handicap hurdles and chases that I will share next week once I go back through them and double check everything. I also want to create a list of ‘profile’ horses to follow (NH/AW for now) that will be posted up when getting their conditions. That is on the to do list before the month is out. There is the Shortlist. A more focusses list of horses that look good value based on the stats as a way in, combined with some form analysis. Then there is the tipping, which will accelerate from November onwards (a bit too much guesswork this month- will mainly focus on 3m+ handicap chases). I am not going to put pressure on myself and try and find a tip everyday, although that is the aim. Of course there are also the big race previews and trends etc.

In an ideal world every part of the portfolio (systems/profiles/shortlist/tips) should be profitable to 1 point stakes long term. That should give you confidence in how you use them, and which bits you dip in and out of etc. I need to be careful as all together I don’t want to be having loads of bets per day etc. 

So, it is a bit of a work in progress and I am always happy to take suggestions for improvement – these posts are meant to focus my mind,make us all more profitable while adding some value that may help us all enjoy this great game some more. I won’t set a profit target but if all in we could be hitting 100+ points per year that would be a decent start. 


There are no horses I could find of interest today. Yesterday’s were a bit poor and the shortlist is now +4 points for October to date. (1 point level stakes). 

I am off to Newmarket today for the day out and it will be a quiet one on the betting front. 2yo/3yo patters races with many unraced/unexposed horses isn’t my idea of betting heaven. But, the ticket was free and I may well see the next Guinneas/Derby winner. (if this is more your bag, please do point me in the right direction!) 


Micro Systems

6.40 Wolv – Gild Master (9/1 or under)


Good Luck 



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  1. Hello josh racingtoprofit member,sounds good looks like you have a very busy month ahead with your ten trainers to follow and the shortlist etc,really appreciate the work you are putting in for your members looking forward to the things to come thank you.

    1. Cheers Steve. Yep, but the work should pay over rest of season. 10 trainers are nearly there, just need to double check havent missed anything and results are not down to 3-5 of the same horses etc – there are no massive names in the 10. profiles, and finding the right ones, will take the time, but should be worth it. Fingers crossed for a profitable jumps season!

  2. Hi Josh – I have seen an excellent young claimer to be followed over the National Hunt season – just won 4:35 at Newton Abbot its Ciaran Gethings – he will ride plenty more winners like this – put him in your notebook – Cheers Joe

    1. Cheers Joe – yes I always struggle to know what to do with such jockeys in terms of how to follow them/back them. I suppose first thing is not to be put off if he is on one you fancy, esp in a big handicap as trainers will want to use claim purposefully.

    1. Yes I tend to agree although try not to get too hung up on rides. Assume wanted to settle him etc but it was awful,held up far too back and as you say finished well. Maybe needs further but racing closer to pace would help.

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