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Tsunami of Services Coming Your Way…

It is fast approaching that time of year again where there is usually a flurry of emails selling x,y,z. I will be up front and say you will be getting a few from me…

The purpose of this little article is to explain my approach to advertising other people’s services and my own experience, as well as to highlight some of the issues I should have thought about about before taking the plunge with a new service.


There are a group of people in this game that I trust, and that I have had the pleasure of meeting once or twice. I have also subscribed to a lot of their services at one point or another. As yet I have not promoted anything outside of this circle and in the near future that won’t be changing.

They include Matt Bisogno of Geegeez.co.uk, Gavin Priestley of nag-nag-nag, Kieran Ward, the guys behind Cleeve Racing, Ben Aitken of narrowing-the-field, Darren Power of Betting School/Insiders Club, The Race Advisor- Michael Wilding- I think that may be it – although I dare say I have forgotten someone! 

In the next few weeks, starting tomorrow, I have scheduled promotions for Kieran, Cleeve and Ben. (Kieran is opening up one of his services just for RacingtoProfit readers)

All of their services are different and therefore won’t suit everyone. But, they all have a couple of things in common. Firstly I trust them all. Secondly they have decent customer service and offer no questions asked money back guarantees. They all ‘know their onions’ with each having something different to offer.

The point of this article is not to try and sell those services today, or to try to convince you to give them a try, but to cover some more general points.


My Story…

Well you know by now that 8 years ago I lost about £2600 on a tipster service. It wasn’t recommended by any of those above – indeed I was just sucked in my bold headlines on the internet and was driven by a desire to make a load of money – they did promise I would!! That was a tough and invaluable lesson as an 18 year old, one I have learnt from, but haven’t forgotten. Those bank accounts/overdrafts remained obliterated for a good few years after that. 

From there I joined a few services, read a load of books, and tried to ‘get smart’. As you know, Geegeez Stat of the Day is the only ‘outside’ ‘tip’ I follow now, and I still learn a lot from their daily posts and stats. Of course I still read a few other blogs as well. In the past I have joined Gavin’s Trainer Track Stats – I think the couple of years I spent with that won me over 100 points. I joined Cleeve Racing for over 18 months, and that made quite a bit of money – they are still responsible for my biggest single win on one horse – about £1600 at Royal Ascot. I have been a member of Kieran’s main tipping service before and also Ben’s main winter service.

I am not a member of any of them anymore for the simple reason that I got to the point where I was fortunate to have the time to pick out my own horses/create my own systems and I thought I knew enough to give it a go. I would no doubt be a bit wealthier if I had stayed with them all – although that would have meant backing many horses a day, especially during the jumps season!!

For each one of those services I learnt some valuable lessons. Gavin got me thinking properly about trainer stats, Kieran the importance of value, Cleeve – the approach to big race analysis – I learnt plenty from their write ups for their tips – and from Ben quite a lot – trends, dosage (which was new to me), pace mapping, ‘profiling’ horses, micro angles and plenty more. Indeed all of them have influenced my own personal approach in some way.


So, what service is right for you…

There is a service out there for everyone. 

These have all been profitable services and continue to be so. Yes they may have the odd bad year, but so far, over time, they have all done well.

When deciding whether to give a service a go, there are always a few questions to ask yourself.

  1. What is your approach to betting and what are your comfort levels? Do you want one horse to back a day, or 7? Do you just want to back a handful or horses a week, or have something to help you out for the ‘big races’/Festivals?
  2. Are you patient or impatient? Can you withstand long losing runs? Are you able to look at a set of historical results and commit to giving a service a go? Do you want ‘instant’ success?
  3. What is more important to you? Number of bets? High winning strike rate? Profit? ROI?
  4. Do you just want to be told what horse to back? You don’t really care how/why it has been selected, you just know over time you will make money.
  5. Do you want a service that provides tips but also information that you may be able to use yourself, to help find your own bets? Do you want your ‘tips’ to be explained so you can understand the reasoning? Do you just want to follow a system? 

Now, I didn’t really answer any of those questions myself before joining those services. I learnt by doing I suppose, and came to realise what I liked and what I didn’t. What suited my temperament etc. Given any credible service has a money back guarantee period this allows us all to take that journey.


So, what should be the approach having joined a service?

Firstly you should be committed to giving it a good go, based on the historical results and knowledge of the approach. If you are going to leave after 1 or 2 weeks, I wouldn’t bother – especially for more established services with a decent historical record of success. 

Paper Trading…

You should paper trade….well, you should yes. Do any of us paper trade, properly?? I certainly don’t. I should, but I don’t. Actually, unless you are very disciplined, I found it hard not to bet at all after joining a new service. If I create a micro system now for example, I want to have something on straight away. That fear of missing winners/profit is gripping.  My preferred approach was/is to just reduce my stakes dramatically. If I was committed to £10 per point, I would start off with £2.5 or £5 bets, feel my way in, and build up. 

Betting Bank…this is important…when I lost all that money aged 18 I think I was meant to have a 100 point bank and be prepared to lose it all. As it happens the service did lose 100 points, but I was never prepared for it – not for one moment did I think I would actually lose that amount. I went straight in at £20 a point, confident the bank wouldn’t be under much threat!

If a service recommends 100 point bank, then set aside 100 points – and be prepared to lose every penny! It sounds obvious but I am not sure how many of us actually do this! This is important. This mental conditioning will help you come through the inevitable losing run. If that means you start off at £2 bets then so be it. You can always bet a small percentage of your bank until you get up to the level you want to be betting, say £10 or £20 a point or more. This way you give yourself the best chance of success.

If you know what a worst case scenario is going to be financially, it should help you give a reputable service the proper time and attention it deserves. And, if it does all go wrong, you can survive it. If I had started off at £2.5 or £5 a point with that first ever service I would be sitting here a good £1500 wealthier I suspect. And beans on toast would not have been my staple diet! 


So, they are a few thoughts, nothing more than that. There are some great services out there that suit all different types of punter and approaches to betting. From systems to tipsters and everything in between. There are plenty that will make you decent profits and give you plenty of entertainment over the next few months. There are of course plenty of review websites too, the likes of Geegeez and there are many others. 

As I said, the few emails you will receive from me in the coming weeks will be advertising services from people I know/have spoken to/trust and actually have tried myself. All three will suit a different approach and will offer different things.  

 If you do decide to give them a go, make sure you know what you are getting into, and that you give them every chance of success. Be prepared to lose the betting bank you start with. It is tempting to want to make big money quickly but that is a quick route to mental and financial anguish, especially if a service hits a losing run (inevitable) just as you join! (which is always the way!)





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  1. Personally I will always double the recommended bank ..I will never back what I cant afford to lose either ..patience is the main factor in betting I have found …If a tipster or system is winning I will increase stakes according to my bank ..I always take every individual system or tipsters bets from a separate bank …with systems if I have a few on the go I will always study them and make sure they all have different criteria..

    1. Good stuff Harold, yes that isn’t a bad way to go. Yes not betting what you can’t afford to lose is a valuable lesson! Great to hear that you have ‘bank discipline’

  2. Many thanks for your latest thoughts about racing in general. I was wondering whether you intend to write
    about the services to avoid..
    One such one is Castle Sporting Services.I keep receiving messages of how marvellous they are .Especially their No 1 tipping
    Service.It seems too good to be true.Do you or any one else have any comments?

    1. Thanks Tony…well bar that first one I ever tried, the name/company of which I have forgotten, I have not been burnt by those that I have tried, then all being linked to those above or recommended by those above. I would always try and check with an independent review site etc, something I never the first time round. Am sure there may be some others that could name a few bad ones!
      In general anything that sounds too good to be true is best to be cautious with. When someone ‘gives away’ something ‘worth’ £40 a month for free etc that makes me sceptical as well.
      But, always best to check out reviews, do a google search, and ensure they have a money back guarantee- although if they are dodgy/crooks – rather than just selling a poor service say – that may not count for much.

  3. In the past, Cleeve Racing have offered subscriptions to the big race meetings in addition to their every day service. In 2014 I tried them out and subscribed to the Goodwood festival, for a profit of £279.88 (betting £10 a point), the Ebor, for a loss of £505 and the St. Leger for a loss of £312.5.

    So overall, on the three festivals, I came out with a loss of £537.62.

    No idea how the daily service performs but losing over £500 for what amounted to 13 days of racing definitely put me off them.

  4. I totally agree with Chris as i subscribed to Cleeve at the same time.They appeared to know less than i did and certainly less than you Josh.
    Another service that has struggled in 2015 is Bet Alchemist.Nicky is a great bloke but is finding it tough at the moment. Trainer Track stats is a service that made profits in the past but it produces selections with a narrow criteria band and its also struggling now. Its very difficult to find a consistent service but surely Stat of the day and double dutch are a good place to start.These are from the Geegeez stable which i am sure everybody knows about.

    1. Chris/Roddo – fair enough… with these types of services it does very much depend when you join in terms of which point on the curve you arrive at (ie a losing run/winning run)- I can remember when I was with them that there were a couple of losing stints as you would expect, but over time I did ok. I believe their historical record stands up to scrutiny. – But, when I promote that etc i expect the results to be there for closer scrutiny so people can make up their own mind.

      You have heard me sing the Geegeez praises enough so I won’t disagree with your final comment!

  5. Hi Josh – Late post but good day for trainer tips etc.. yesterday, well done ! Couple of winners (which was nice) but “bet of the day” surely was Ben Muir @ 66’s with BV – very nice e.w. return.

    Great Stuff – Cheers

    1. Super Bob…yes I missed Ben Muir – well didn’t miss him, but had nothing on – not sure why I decided against a little £5ew bet, and he did well to hang on. A nice EW return indeed, 1/4 odds too!
      Yes they did ok again yesterday, I wont complain. A fun few months ahead with any luck.

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