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Hello,. A bit of a poor run from today’s bet but there we go,can’t win them all.

Just a quick note that there will not be any bets at least until Saturday. It turns out skiing is rather draining, and while I have the time to look at the odd race I don’t have the energy to look at them properly.

I will write an updatepost on Friday evening, hopefully with a bet or some bets for Saturday.

Have a good week,



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  1. Have a good week yourself Josh, probably a wise decision to leave the racing alone whilst on holiday. Been skiing myself a couple of times many years ago but in my case it was the apres ski I found draining. Enjoy the week mate and look forward to you getting back.

    1. Cheers Karl. Haha, yes well I am a complete novice,spent most of yesterday on my backside, lesson today and much better, all good from here on in. Lots of wine in our chalet which helps! Yes will try have a look at Sat and then will be back all way through to the festivals.

  2. You enjoy your holiday bud, January a good time to go & you’ll be fresher if you give the horses a rest on your return.

    Can I plug Eric Winner again for anyone desperate for a tip? He’s put out 6/1 & 20/1 winners from last 6 horses last two days & today goes for a 40/1 Six Wives 3.25 Southwell. I can see an old Clive Holt Fineform Formula Maximum rated, Extreme Supreme in that race & Southwell is one place where they run well, anything above evens is value? on that one?

  3. hi josh

    if skiing is getting in the way of racing, I’d give it up, try carp fishing, very relaxing & exciting when catch one.


    malc pendrey

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