Pace Wins The Race: Selections 25/11/14


Letemgo led from flag to post with the jockeys in behind giving Tom Cannon far too much rope. Come the end of the race any fears over the trip or ground had proved unfounded and it was a rather easy 3.5 points profit.

Onto tomorrow and the first thing to say is that rarely have I opened up the cards to see some much dross. However every race will have a winner and every race will have at least one front runner…


1.20 Sedgefield

Debt to Society 6/1 1 point win

This is a poor race. A very poor race but one in which we have on our side an out and out front runner (based on his last few runs, has previously been a hold up horse). Race conditions are fine and in fact he has never been out of the places in 3 runs over the 3m3f Sedgefield Chase course, including one win. His last few runs have been in hurdle races but provided he remembers that he needs to jump higher he should be there or thereabouts at the finish. True he may need better ground but in what is a poor race 6/1 is rather generous in my opinion.

The market has been shaped around the unexposed Apache Pilot. He is entitled to go close but he is usually held up and is inexperienced over fences, this being only his second chase run. 7/4 is not be a price I would take in such a race. Quite a few of the others have fitness concerns coming back from breaks including Urban Gale, Heez A Steel, Crafti Bookie and Over And Above. Certainly Debt to Society has no worse a chance than any other horse in this race and given he should get an easy lead if ridden prominently I think a strong case can be made for him.


Running Total: 2/5 +7 points 


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    1. Thanks Martin, a rather good start! I dont think we can keep this up otherwise I will be a able to retire 🙂 Got the pace slightly wrong and they reverted to hold up but demonstrated importance of him being a form selection as well. Favs inexperience told in the end and yes we have the jockey to thank – no idea how he sat tight there!

  1. hi josh,was about to write very unlucky today,but hey,wow another winner,although how harry c. managed to stay on god knows anyway well done again mate,only bet in £5s but very grateful.bill

    1. Hi Bill, racing is about having fun, it is entertainment – whether you bet £2s, £5s, £20s, £50s – you bet what you are happy with. My standard 1 point bet is £20 and if i have more than that i dont find race as much fun to watch as i start worrying about the money! If we continue like this in a few months you can doubt your stakes 🙂

    1. I know, you couldnt make it up could you! who did you bet with? I was with SkyBet for that one and they were first past post, would expect every bookie to pay out and I will be counting it as a win 🙂

  2. a flag muppet at one of the fences held up wrong flag to indicate race void…every jockey ignored it, held up correct flag second round, but the racing in charge morons have voided the race and if you backed on betfair your winnings have been stolen back out of your account

    1. oh bugger, of course, I always forget that about Betfair but I do not use it very much. Do you use BOG accounts because provided you haven’t been banned due to loads of success (very possible no doubt) i would always recommending using them. This situation does not happen very often but also he was 6/1 last night/this morning and went off at 4/1 so if you took BFSP you are throwing away money 🙂 .

  3. did get it at 6.4 and had a green up at 1.4 but bloody annoying, never mind onwards and upwards, still another great pick. the knobs will prob still give him a weight penalty!!

  4. cheers Josh, they paid out and took it back again, have sent them a snotty email stating skybet honoured the bet and that they stole the money back from my account and feel they should follow sky bets lead

  5. hi josh i backed debt on betfair exchange and same as martin got paid out then had it took back back out all because some numpty waved the wrong flag yellow instead of the checked one jockey’s ignored it and went round fence so no arm done. GUTTED but at least your getting winners

    1. Hi Wanty…yes i can imagine that is rather frustrating but it will even itself out…over time you may miss 6 posts in future due to being busy and they will all lose and you will be none the worse 🙂 I think Martin does a lot of trading in play,laying off etc so i can see why he uses Betfair exchange, however if you dont, and you can still get BOG accounts this is another example of why they are sometimes better, at least for this end of the market.

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