Ouch!…and something different for tomorrow

Well that was frustrating – good ground my ar** was my immediate reaction to today’s poor run. Having looked at the times of the races at Exeter and some of the winners, I am not convinced the ground was ‘good’ – it was possibly soft, with good patches. Sadly, for whatever reason, Goring One was pulled up. That clearly wasnt his running. Maybe it was the ground, maybe the track, maybe returning to the course too quickly (although he has won  twice when turned out quickly, but you never truly know how they came out of their last race,) or maybe he simply got out of bed this morning, looked out of his stable and thought, nah, not today.(unlikely as he is usually a horse that tries!) On Trend had that kind of win in his locker. His mark had plummeted and if the blinkers worked their oracle, a performance like that was not out of the question. Great ride by Tom Cannon as well, who is a good strong jockey. It was a coin toss as to whether On Trend was in the mood, in hindsight maybe 14/1 (backed into 11/2!) was worth a coin toss. Never mind, they cant all win! – the form of the Nick Gifford stable is worth noting, all of his horses are running well and no doubt he may have a few more winners in the next couple of weeks. After a loser I always like to remind myself of how well (or not) i am doing in the grand scheme of things. To my reckoning, since boxing day I am +185 points, not too bad at £10 a point.  

There is not too much tomorrow that interests me really. I will be keeping an eye on the two mentioned below in the 4.30 and I like Dancing Art 4/1 in the 2.10 Haydock, he is worth 1/2 a point.

4.30 – Polly Peachum 13/2 and Dancingatmidnight 7/1 – 1/2 point each. 

But, rather than looking at one race in particular, I want to share with you some system selections of mine. These are for interest only. (although I will be backing them all, but have been for most of the season). I will not be positing the selections every day (not yet anyway), and anything could happen with these selections tomorrow- as these systems do not consider form. But, keep an eye on them and see how they do. In future I will be releasing some of the systems for free, available to download.

System 1 – Donald McCain Blinkers system. In truth I have ‘stolen’ this from Ben Aitkin over at narrowingthefield.co.uk (very informative blog). This simply focuses on Donald McCain runners in handicaps when they are wearing first time blinkers. Now, usually this is just restricted to those horses that stable jockey, Jason Maguire, is riding. However he is out injured at the moment and he would have been riding the two qualifiers tomorrow, so on that basis i will be backing them:-

3.40 Haydock – Dispour 

4.15 Haydock – Real Milan

System 2 – now this one I have created myself and have been testing all season. While not giving too much away it focuses on Jockeys who excel over the marathon trips, 3miles +. 1 qualifier tomorrow, and he has been mentioned already;-

2.10 Dancing Art (yes you guessed it, James Reverley is one of those jockeys)

System 3 – this one focuses on a small elite group of flat jockeys who excel when riding in small fields 8 runners and under. 1 qualifier tomorrow:-

8.10 Kempton Crowdmania  

Now, as I have said, I wouldnt recommend backing these necessarily as backing system selections on just one day is pot luck. But it will hopefully give you some ideas and you can see how they get on.

I will probably not post anything now until the weekend, but will be tweeting away…

Happy Punting






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